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Commenting article: Bulgarian Health Fund Found Guilty of Discrimination

Bulgaria's Supreme Administrative Court, VAS, has ruled against the National Health Insurance Fund, NZOK, on charges of discrimination against people suffering from multiple sclerosis.

NZOK is found guilty of discrimination because it provides funding for treatment only to patients who have 65% disability, while the rest are left to deal with the suffering on their own, according to the VAS rule.

VAS' rule was announced after a 3-year-long battle of an employee of the Council of Ministers, Desislava Rayanova, against a NZOK decision to provide the very expensive medication (nearly BGN 2 000 a month per patient) only to those with 65% disability from multiple sclerosis.

Jerry - 25 Nov 2012 // 15:31:59

Time has come for the Government of Bulgaria accept that the Public Health Sector must contribute to DIGNITY and Quality of Life for the sick and disabled.

To play God with human lives in treatment because of costs is dispicable without compassion and the love placed in our hearts by our Creator.