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Sofia apartment rentals

Despite the gloomy state of Europe's economy, parts of Sofia's rental market continue to be vibrant.

Press Corner | April 2, 2013, Tuesday // 16:08 | Viewed: 9058

Zara Consult - Chartered Accountants, Business Advisors, Tax Consultants and Lawyers

We are pleased to present to your attention Zara Consult.

Press Corner | March 29, 2013, Friday // 10:19 | Viewed: 9580

Welcome to Sofia's New Beauty Spot: Michele Hair Salon

Michele Hair Salon

Press Corner | December 28, 2011, Wednesday // 16:41 | Viewed: 12898

Bulgarian Hospital Saves Man's Life, Wins Award at San Francisco Medical Conference

Earlier this month, the Specialized Cardiac Hospital Yambol, a part of the renowned in Europe Bulgarian Cardiac Institute, won the first "Most Challenging Case Award" a Bulgarian hospital has ever received at the world's largest conference on interven

Press Corner | December 2, 2011, Friday // 14:36 | Viewed: 27302

Bulgaria Set for a Massive Tourism Growth for 2011

The black sea coast is predicted to have a very successful summer season in 2011.

Press Corner | December 9, 2010, Thursday // 15:58 | Viewed: 14226

Bulgaria's Value for Money Driving Tourist Demand

Bulgaria in recent years has expanded its attraction to European travellers as a beach resort rivalling the traditional beach resorts of the Mediterranean.

Press Corner | November 18, 2010, Thursday // 15:49 | Viewed: 13820

Sofia: Fast Becoming Top City Break Destination

Sofia's popularity is rising with European City Break travellers with over 40 airlines expanding their European destinations to include Sofia and competing heavily on price.

Press Corner | October 28, 2010, Thursday // 12:22 | Viewed: 14710

Staying Away from Online Casino Fraud

The online casino industry is one of the largest sectors in what concerns the amount of money that are being processed online.

Press Corner | October 25, 2010, Monday // 16:11 | Viewed: 13209

Major UK Travel Companies Putting Bulgaria on the Map

With its beautiful beach resorts, beautiful mountains and romantic cities, Bulgaria has been on the holiday radar for those in the know for years.

Press Corner | October 19, 2010, Tuesday // 17:35 | Viewed: 13711

Wide Fan Base for Online Casinos

Even if nobody could have guessed in the beginning, the development of the internet was exactly what the gambling industry needed.

Press Corner | September 29, 2010, Wednesday // 18:18 | Viewed: 14307

Environ Arrives In Golden Sands

Beautiful skin for a lifetime exclusively available at Aphrodite Beauty Spa & Health Clinic

Press Corner | July 19, 2010, Monday // 15:13 | Viewed: 14317

Avren Golf Resort - the Legend Lives

After a long delay and a fierce legal battle, a new golf and leisure park is to be built at the Bulgarian town of Avren.

Press Corner | February 10, 2010, Wednesday // 14:30 | Viewed: 16576

Nobel Prize for Optical Fibres

This year's Nobel Prize for Physics has paid a due tribute to the new era in the development of the Internet.

Press Corner | October 9, 2009, Friday // 13:16 | Viewed: 16037

Helios Spa & Resort in Bulgaria's Golden Sands Hosts Stars for 'Tastes of Varna' Fest

The luxury hotel complex Helios Spa & Resort in the top Bulgarian Black Sea resort Golden Sands has hosted a number of Bulgarian music and show biz stars who took part in the "Tastes of Varna" Culinary festival over the week.

Press Corner | September 13, 2009, Sunday // 17:33 | Viewed: 16930

Ten Lucky Subscribers of PON by Spectrum Net Watched Formula 1 Live in Istanbul

Ten subscribers for the newest Internet service PON by Spectrum Net had the opportunity to head for Istanbul, accompanied by a friend or relative, and watch live Formula 1, the spectacular race of the world's fastest pilots.

Press Corner | June 15, 2009, Monday // 14:20 | Viewed: 16810

Golden Pages, Greek Yellow Pages SA Extend Services in Bulgaria, Greece

Рўhe two most comprehensive classified directories in Bulgaria and Greece signed a partnership agreement and are committed to launch a service showing the adverts of Bulgarian companies to Greek users, and of Greek companies to Bulgarian users.

Press Corner | June 5, 2009, Friday // 15:29 | Viewed: 15335

Colliers International Launches New Website on Sofia Real Estate Market

Colliers International Bulgaria has launched a new website containing full information about the Sofia real estate market, www.

Press Corner | May 29, 2009, Friday // 17:39 | Viewed: 13856

Bulgaria’s Wine-maker Domaine Boyar Wins Medals at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2009

The Bulgarian wine producer Domaine Boyar International has won three medals at the prestigious Belgian competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

Press Corner | May 15, 2009, Friday // 17:02 | Viewed: 13257

Watch Formula 1 Live in Istanbul with PON by Spectrum Net

Watch Formula 1 Live in Istanbul

Press Corner | May 14, 2009, Thursday // 14:32 | Viewed: 15256

Go Easter Egg Hunting with Malev Hungarian Airlines

We wish you a very happy Easter... and to celebrate, we have a little surprise for you.

Press Corner | April 9, 2009, Thursday // 18:27 | Viewed: 8738

Hungarian Culinary Week Brings World Famous Chef to Sofia

The Hungarian Culinary Week, which took place at the Hilton Sofia hotel, featured meals prepared by the world famous Hungarian Chef, Tamas Toth.

Press Corner | April 3, 2009, Friday // 15:43 | Viewed: 9644