Bulgaria Threatens to Terminate Contract for Struma Motorway Lot 4 with Greece’s Aktor

Bulgaria will terminate the contract with Greek company Aktor for Lot 4 of the Struma motorway unless it makes a commitment to complete it in 3-4 months, according to caretaker Transport Minister Nikolina Angelkova.

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Russia to Evacuate 300 Tourists Stranded in Bulgaria on Friday

Russia’s Turpomosch will evacuate on Friday more than 300 clients of Solvex-Tourne and Versa who have been stranded in Bulgarian resorts since the two Russian tour firms suspended operations.

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10% of Fruit, Vegetables Consumed in Bulgaria Are Produced Locally

Only 10% of the fruit and vegetables consumed in Bulgaria are locally produced, with the remainder being imported, according to Slavi Trifonov, Chair of the National Union of Gardeners.

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Striking Bulgarian Miners Refuse to Leave Pit

Workers of the Burgas-based Mina Cherno More Burgas EAD (Cherno More Mine EAD) are staging an underground strike over unpaid salaries for two months.

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EBRD Lowers Bulgaria 2014 Economic Growth Forecast to 1.5%

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has lowered its growth forecast for Bulgaria to 1.5% of the GDP.

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EC Threatens Punitive Measures against Bulgaria, Serbia over South Stream

The European Commission has called on Bulgaria to suspend the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline, warning that it may take punitive measures against Sofia and Belgrade over the matter.

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Finance Ministry Meets with EPIC to Discuss KTB Recovery

Interim Finance Minister Rumen Porozhanov has announced his institution is to meet representatives of Vienna-based fund EPIC in the coming days.

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Bulgaria Braces for Possible Disruption in Russian Gas Supplies

Fearing a price dispute between Moscow and Kiev may lead to disruptions in Russian gas deliveries via Ukraine, Bulgaria is preparing to avert a gas crisis in winter months.

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Bulgaria’s Caretaker Govt OKs Financial Corrections of BGN 152 M under OP Environment

Bulgaria’s caretaker government has approved financial corrections worth BGN 152 M under operational program “Environment.

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Bulgaria Air to Fly to China, Belarus

Flag carrier Bulgaria Air is the designated Bulgarian airline to fly to China and Belarus, the Council of Ministers has announced after its regular meeting, Wednesday.

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Power Rates in Bulgaria to Go Up by up to 10% as of October - Watchdog

Power prices will go up by up to 10% as of October 1, according to a media statement of Bulgaria’s State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR).

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Amway to Invest USD 0.5M in Launching Bulgarian Business

Multi-level marketing company Amway is to invest USD 0.5 M into launching a business in Bulgaria.

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Total Hourly Labor Cost Posts 3.6% Increase in Q2 2014 Y/Y

Preliminary data of the Bulgaria's Statistical Institute for Q2 2014 indicates that the total hourly labor cost has risen by 3.6% compared to the second quarter of 2013.

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Bulgarian Hoteliers Stage Protest to Demand Separate Tourism Ministry

Bulgarian hoteliers will stage a protest Wednesday at a section of the Burgas- Sunny Beach near Aheloy to demand a separate ministry of tourism and a solution to a number of other problems.

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EU New Car Registrations Up by 2.1% in August

New passenger car registrations were up by 5.6% in July and by 2.1% in August, pursuing the upward trend commenced twelve months ago.

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Bulgarian Business Wants Minimum Insurable Earnings Based on Regions

Bulgarian business representatives have proposed changes to the methods for setting the minimum amount of insurable earnings.

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Every Third Bulgarian Tourist to Spend September Holidays in Greece

Many Bulgarians will spend the long weekend including September 22, Bulgarian Independence Day, in one of the neighboring countries.

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Eleven Candidates Vie for Position on Average

About 11 people contend to get a single job seat, data from Bulgaria's Employment Agency shows.

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Foreign Direct Investments Increase by EUR 825.3M in Jan-July

Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria for January - July 2014 increased by EUR 825.3M (2% of GDP), compared to an increase of EUR 1070.8M (2.7% of GDP) for January – July 2013.

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Workers at Burgas-Based Mine Stage Protest over Unpaid Salaries

Workers at Mina Cherno More Burgas EAD (Cherno More Mine EAD) are staging a 1-hour protest on Tuesday over unpaid salaries for the months of July and August.

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Migrant Remittances to Bulgaria Reach EUR 75.5M in July 2014

Remittances - money sent by Bulgarian migrants to family members back home reached EUR 75.5M in July 2014.

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