Bulgarian Parliament Adopts Changes to IntMin Act at First Reading

Bulgarian Members of Parliament (MPs) adopted on Thursday at first reading the amendments proposed by the main ruling party GERB to the Interior Ministry Act.

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No Talks Yet On Gas Hub At Border with Bulgaria, Turkey’s Ambassador Says   

No discussions have been held with Turkey about the potential construction of a gas distribution hub on its border with Bulgaria, Turkey’s Ambassador in Sofia Suleyman Gokce said on Thursday.

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Bulgaria Is Blameless For South Stream – MP

Bulgaria is not guilty for what happened to the South Stream project, Delyan Dobrev – former energy minister and current GERB MP told the BNT public broadcaster breakfast show.

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Energy Ministers of Bulgaria, Russia to Discuss South Stream over Phone

Bulgaria and Russia's energy ministers are to discuss South Stream over the telephone on Friday, Bulgarian officials say.

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Minimum Wage in Bulgaria Increases to BGN 380 by Mid-2015

The Bulgarian government approved the two-step increase of the minimum wage in 2015 at its meeting on Wednesday.

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BG Online Media Companies File Complaint Against Google

The Bulgarian online media companies Net Info and V Box filed a complaint with the Competition Protection Commission (CPC) against Google and its video portal YouTube.

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Bulgaria, Serbia to Speed Up Work on Gas Interconnection Grid

Sofia and Belgrade will step up efforts to build the interconnector pipeline linking the two gas grids, ministers from the two countries have announced.

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Russian Companies Still Deliver Pipes for South Stream to Bulgaria – Vedomosti

Pipe companies still deliver pipes for the halted South Stream pipeline project to Bulgaria, reports the Russian business daily Vedomosti.

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Government to Discuss New Bank Law

Bulgaria's Government will discuss on Wednesday new bank law, which will provide better guarantees for the bank deposits, reports the bTV national channel.

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Bulgaria to Send Delegation to Russia on South Stream – Minister

A Bulgarian delegation will visit Moscow end of this week to discuss the South Stream gas pipeline project, Bulgaria's Economy Minister Bozhidar Lukarski told journalists in Belgrade.

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Bulgaria State Railway Co Mulls Laying Off 1500 People in 2015

As many as 1500 people could be left jobless and 140 trains could be sold off if the government moves to slash the subsidy granted to Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ), the national carrier, the company's CEO has warned.

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140 M Packs of Illicit Cigarettes Are Sold in Bulgaria Each Year

An average of 140 M packs of contraband cigarettes are being sold each year in Bulgaria, shows a survey of the Centre for Studying of Democracy, quoted by News.

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USD 25 B in Illicit Flows Syphoned Off from Bulgaria in 10 Years

A total USD 25 B were illicitly syphoned off from Bulgaria in the past 10 years, shows the report Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries 2003-2012 of the Global Financial Integrity (GFI) NGO.

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Bulgaria Court Delays Hearings on Appeal of KTB Licence Withdrawal Until Feb 9

Bulgaria’s Supreme Administrative Court has delayed until February 9 hearings on the lawsuit launched by shareholders of collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank against the revocation of the bank’s licence.

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Drilling at Bulgaria’s Khan Asparuh Block Delayed Until 2016

Hydrocarbon drilling at Bulgaria’s Khan Asparuh  Black Sea block will be delayed by up to a year due to the slump in global oil prices, the international consortium holding the exploration licence has decided.

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Drop in Fuel Prices Results in Deflation in Bulgaria

Inflation has returned to its negative values in November, when the index of consumer prices decreased with 0.4 % compared to October.

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Sofia Airport Marks Increase in Number of Passengers in November

Sofia Airport marks an increase of 4.7 % on an yearly basis on the number of passengers during the month of November.

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FinMin Repays Municipalities' Funds Blocked in Corpbank

Bulgaria's Finance Ministry restored the remaining BGN 36.8 million due to 15 municipalities that had their accounts blocked in Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB).

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Bulgaria Records Drop of Direct Investments in 2014

The direct investments in Bulgaria have decreased with 38.6 % for the ten-month period from January to October 2014, compared to the same period last year.

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Ecological Crisis Looms Ahead as Bulgaria’s 2 Rendering Plants Face Closure

Bulgaria faces ecological crisis as the only two rendering plants in the country are about to stop functioning.

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Energy Sector Has Been in Critical Condition for 10-12 Years - Minister

Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova has suggested that the energy sector has been in critical condition for the past 10-12 years.

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