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Dutch Survey


Novinite.com makes your dream to see your business site at the top of Google searches a reality.
By publishing a great variety of information that puts the origin of your business in Bulgaria in the spotlight.
Coming next week: The Dutch Survey at Novinite.com
For the first time in Bulgaria, a Survey of businesses with Dutch participation in Bulgaria. Cultural, political, historic aspects, interviews, and fascinating stories - all dedicated to the Dutch and their relations with Bulgaria. The Dutch Ambassador in Sofia H.E. Karel van Kesteren will open the Survey with an exclusive interview for Novinite.com (Sofia News Agency).
The Dutch Survey will be one of many International Surveys to be published as a Special Edition of Novinite.com. It will stay permanently at www.novinite, and also will be published as a Special Edition of Sofia Morning New and will reach more than 30 000 readers, who will receive it straight in their mailboxes.
We are pretty sure that your promotion in the special Dutch Survey at www.novinite.com will bring you search engine optimization, excellent exposure, and will make your business number one.

Besides, reading about the Dutch and Bulgaria is FUN!