Serbia Calls on EU to Define Clear Policy on Migrants

Serbia expects the European Union to clearly define its policy towards migrants, the country’s  Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Wednesday.

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EU Ambassadors Agree to Extend Sanctions Against Russia over Ukraine Crisis

The European Union will extend sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian individuals and companies accused of backing pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine by six months, AFP and Interfax reported on Wednesday, citing diplomats.

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Passportless Migrants Protest in Budapest at Hungary’s Travel Ban

Hundreds of migrants protested in Budapest on Wednesday at Hungary's decision to prevent them from travelling to Germany and other EU member states, the BBC reported.

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Clashes Near Ukraine’s Parliament Deepen Rifts in Ruling Coalition

A protest rally outside Ukraine’s parliament against amendments to the constitution that give greater autonomy to the eastern regions controlled by pro-Russian rebels turned violent earlier this week.

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EU to Extend Sanctions Against Russian, Ukrainian Individuals, Companies

The European Union (UN) is expected to extend on Wednesday the sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian individuals and companies by six months.

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Greek Authorities Detain Bulgarian Human Trafficker in Thessaloniki

The police in the Greek city of Thessaloniki detained a Bulgarian citizen for illegal trafficking of immigrants with a truck carrying 103 people, 19 of whom children.

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Austrian Policemen Investigating Death of Migrants in Truck to Arrive in Bulgaria

Representatives of the Austrian police investigating the death of the 71 migrants, who were found in an abandoned truck in the state of Burgenland last week, are expected to arrive in Bulgaria on Wednesday.

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Islamic State Battling Syrian Rebel Groups 10 km from Central Damascus  

Islamic State forces are battling Syrian rebel groups within 10 kilometers from the centre of Damascus, the closest the jihadist militants have ever come to the Syrian capital, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency reported on Tuesday.

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Bulgaria Hosting International Southeast European Studies Conference

Bulgaria's capital Sofia is hosting an international Southeast European studies congress from August 31 to September 4.

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Clashes, Grenade Explosion Take Place Outside Ukraine’s Parliament

About a hundred policemen were wounded in protests outside Ukraine’s parliament building on Monday as lawmakers approved on first reading amendments to the constitution that will give greater autonomy to the eastern regions controlled by Russian-backed re

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Bulgaria Police Helping Patrol along Hungary-Serbia Border

Bulgarian and Hungarian police officers are performing joint patrols along Hungary's borders with Serbia as Budapest is seeking to stem the rising influx of migrants.

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Authorities Detain Fourth Bulgarian over Dead Migrants Found in Truck in Austria

Hungarian police detained a fourth Bulgarian suspected in the trafficking of the 71 migrants, who were found dead in an abandoned truck on an Austrian motorway near the border with Hungary on Thursday.

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Hungary Completes Fence at Border with Serbia Earlier Than Planned

In an attempt to limit the influx of refugees trying to cross into the country, Hungary completed the construction of the 175-kilometre-long fence at its border with Serbia.

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Russia, Germany, France Call for Full Ceasefire in Ukraine Starting on September 1

Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande called for a complete ceasefire in eastern Ukraine beginning on September 1 due to the start of the school year.

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Hundreds of Migrants Feared Dead as Boat Sinks off Libya

Hundreds of people are feared dead as a boat packed with migrants sank off the Libyan coast on Thursday.

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Greek President Appoints Caretaker Prime Minister Ahead of Early Elections

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos appointed on Thursday the head of the country's Supreme Court, Vassiliki Thanou, as the caretaker prime minister ahead of the early general elections.

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Austrian Authorities Find At Least Twenty Dead Migrants in Truck

Austrian authorities found at least twenty dead bodies of migrants in a truck in the eastern province of Burgenland on Thursday.

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Don’t Take Hitchhikers in Greece, Bulgaria Tells Its Motorists

The Foreign Ministry in Sofia has advised motorists visiting Greece to avoid taking hitchhikers in their vehicles in view of increased migrant influx into Bulgaria’s southern neighbor.

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Hungary Fires Tear Gas to Prevent Migrants to Leave Reception Centre

Hungarian police used tear gas to prevent some 200 migrants to leave a reception center near the border with Serbia on Wednesday, AFP reported.

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Serbia, Kosovo Mark Progress in Relations After Signing Four Key Agreements

At a meeting of the EU-facilitated high level dialogue on the normalisation of relations between Belgrade and Pristina on Tuesday, Serbia and Kosovo marked a progress in their relations after signing four key agreements

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Turkey to Hold Early General Elections on November 1

The Supreme Election Board officially announced on Tuesday that the early general elections in Turkey will be held on November 1.

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