Hungary Mulls Unprecedented Internet Tax

Hungary could become the world's first country to levy usage of the Internet after its Economy Minister Mihály Varga proposed the move on Wednesday.

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European Union to Boost Ebola Research with EUR 24.4M

The European Commission has announced EUR 24.4M from the EU budget for urgently needed Ebola research.

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Sweden Ends Search for Suspected Submarine

Sweden on Friday called off its search for a suspected foreign submarine in the sea south of Stockholm.

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Doctor Back from Africa Tests Positive for Ebola at New York Hospital

A doctor who had worked in West Africa has tested positive for Ebola at New York City hospital on 23 October.

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Ottawa Shooting Suspect Identified as Canadian Islamic Convert Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Canadian police have identified the suspected gunman who killed a soldier at the National War Memorial in Ottawa before being shot dead by a security guard on Wednesday.

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US Air Strikes Help Iraq Repel IS Offensive on Mosul Dam

Iraqi forces backed by US air strikes have repelled an offensive of Islamic State (IS) militants against key Mosul dam in northern Iraq, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

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European Parliament Approves Jean-Claude Juncker Commission


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New European Commission To Be Voted Wednesday In Strasbourg

Jean-Claude Juncker's team of European Commissioners is to be voted on Wednesday in Strasbourg.

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UK to Send Spy Drones Over Syria in Broadening of Anti-IS Campaign

The UK on Tuesday said it is sending Reaper spy drones to fly intelligence-gathering missions over Syria in an extension of British operations against Islamic State (IS) militants.

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Turkey Adopts Tough Measures Against Violation of Public Order

Protesters covering their faces in Turkey will be arrested, and using Molotov cocktails will be considered equal to bombing, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has announced.

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Russian State Telecom To Launch Counterpart of Skype

The Russian State Telecom Rostelecom is planning to launch a Russian mobile application, more or less analogous to Skype and Viber, reports ITAR-TASS.

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Russia 'Offered Poland Part of Ukraine' - Former FM

Russia has sought to involve Poland in the partition of Ukraine, former Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told a US media outlet.

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Russia to Ban Import of Animal Fat, Meat Byproducts from EU

Russia will impose a temporary ban on imports of animal fat and meat byproduct from the European Union.

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First Albanian PM Visit to Serbia in 70 Years Postponed

A trip of Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama to Serbian capital Belgrade was put off for November after Rama spoke to Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic, officials say.

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Cooling of US-Russia Relations to Last Long Time - Russian FM

A long period of severing ties between Washington and Moscow should be expected amid attempts to solve the Ukraine crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned.

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Turkey to Allow Iraqi Kurdish Fighters to Enter Syria To Defend Kobane

Turkey will allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross into Syria to fight Islamic State militants, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday.

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Chinese Corporation to Build Romanian Nuclear Reactors

China Cheneral Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) has been selected as the investor to develop two units at the Cernavoda NPP, the Romanian state-owned energy utility Nuclearelectrica has said.

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US Drops Arms to Kurds Fighting IS Despite Turkish Warnings

Kurds fighting Islamic State (IS) in the Syrian town of Kobane have received US weapons and medical aid, the Pentagon says.

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Lufthansa Pilots to Start 8th Strike Since April

Pilots of German Lufthansa airlines have announced their plans on Sunday to start a 35-hour strike, Monday in their continuing dispute over retirement benefits.

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Russia, Ukraine Reach Tentative Agreement On Gas Deliveries

Russia and Ukraine made a progress in reaching an agreement on the gas supplies row, reports Reuters.

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Patient with Ebola Symptoms Hospitalized in Kosovo's Capital

A patient showing symptoms of Ebola was taken to a hospital in Kosovo's capital Pristina, a local TV channel says.

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