FIFA Officials Arrested in Zurich Specialized Operation, NYT

Several top officials of FIFA were arrested early morning Wednesday in Zurich on account of corruption accusations.

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Macedonia Leaders' 4-Hour Talks End with No Results

A third meeting of Macedonian political leaders has failed to produce any tangible results, local media outlets say.

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Bulgaria Voices Support for Macedonia’s Territorial Integrity

Bulgaria is backing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of neighbouring Macedonia, President Rosen Plevneliev said on Tuesday.

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Monument of Turkmen President Now Erected in Ashgabat

A grandiose statue of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow was erected in the center of the capital Ashgabat, as reported by the AFP.

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Russia Starts Snap Drills of Central District Air Force, Air Defence Group

Russian Air Force will redeploy more than 100 aircraft to operational air fields over the next 24 hours as part of snap drills, the Defence Ministry announced on Tuesday

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ESM Head Klaus Regling Emphasizes Need for Prompt Action in Greece

European Stability Mechanism head, Klaus Regling has stated that Greece has little time to convince its creditors of the necessity for additional funding.

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Turkey President Says NY Times Should 'Know Its Place'

An editorial of US daily New York Times sparked a fervent response from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during an Istanbul event he attended on Monday.

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Bulgarian Vessel Taking Part in Romanian Naval Drill

Romania has started a massive military drill in the Black Sea involving a sea dredger from Bulgaria and a US destroyer, local media outlets report.

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Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey Move to Jointly Tackle Migration

Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, facing a surge in illegal migration, have signed an agreement to set up a joint contact centre for border and customs control, the Interior Ministry in Sofia announced on Monday.

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Italy Finds 75 Migrants on Bulgarian-Flagged Yacht, Arrests Three Ukrainian Smugglers

The Italian authorities have intercepted a Bulgarian-flagged yacht carrying 75 migrants four miles off the town of Tricase, Salento region, the Italian newspaper La Pepubblica has reported.

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Turkey, US Agree “in Principle” to Give Air Support to Syrian Rebels

Turkey and the US have agreed “in principle” to provide air cover to Syrian rebels being trained and equipped to fight against Islamic State once they return to Syria, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said.

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Greece Warns of Possible Default on IMF Debt Repayment in June

Greece will honour its debt repayment obligations to international lenders “to the extent” that it is able to pay, a government official said on Monday.

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EU, US Issue Statements Regarding Russian Ban on 'Undesirable' NGOs

Both EU and US representatives showed reactions of concern over the newly passed bill allowing foreign NGOs to be banned in Russia.

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Poland Votes Duda in Presidential Elections

Leader of the Polish Conservative party Andrzej Duda has won the Presidential elections in the country, held Sunday.

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Ukrainian Rebel Leader Alexey Mozgovy Reportedly Murdered Near Luhansk

Commander of the battalion of the Luhansk national rebel movement Aleksey Mozgovoy has allegedly been murdered after an attack was performed on his car.

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Britain’s Labour Party to Back Cameron’s Referendum on EU Membership

Britain’s Labour Party will be supporting the proposed referendum on the country’s EU membership.

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Sweden Wins 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

Sweden's Måns Zelmerlöw has collected most votes of viewers at the final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest.

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Gunfight Between Security Forces, Armed Group Kills at Least 43 in Mexico

A gunfight between security forces and an armed group claimed the lives of at least 43 people in the state of Michoacan in southwestern Mexico on Friday.

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IS Claims Responsibility for Suicide Attack on Shiite Mosque in Saudi Arabia

The Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack on a Shiite mosque in eastern Saudi Arabia.

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Russia Warns Google, Twitter, Facebook of Possible Blocking of Services

Russia has warned Google, Twitter and Facebook to comply with laws requiring internet companies to transmit data on Russian bloggers who have more than 3,000 readers a day, Reuters has reported.

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At Least 30 Casualties as Suicide Bomber Targets Shia Mosque in Saudi Arabia

There were at least thirty casualties as a suicide bomber targeted a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

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