BGN 8M Drained by Credit Card Skimmers in 2013

A total of BGN 7,93M was stolen in Bulgaria last year as a result of credit card frauds, namely skimming, according to data provided by financial analysts, cited by 24 Chasa Daily.

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Court Halts 'Lost Files' Trial Against Bulgarian ex-Socialist Leader

Former socialist party leader and current MEP Sergey Stanishev will not be tried over the seven secret documents he allegedly lost while he was Prime Minister, magistrates say.

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US to Extradite to Bulgaria Convicted Human Smuggler

The US government will extradite to Bulgaria Plamen Vladimirov Trifonov on September 27 on the request of the Bulgarian authorities.

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Four Bulgarians Busted in Greece for Fake Money Distribution

The police in the Greek city of Thessaloniki nabbed four Bulgarians in an attempt to put EUR 6 thousand fake banknotes in circulation.

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44-Year-Old Bulgarian Faces 10 Years in Jail in Austria for Drug Trafficking

A 44-year-old Bulgarian national has been sentenced to ten years of imprisonment in Austria for attempting to smuggle heroin through the country.

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Police Bust 2 Meth Labs, Cannabis Greenhouse in Sofia

Two methamphetamine labs and a greenhouse for cannabis have been uncovered in an operation of Bulgaria’s State Agency for National Security (DANS) in Sofia.

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Bulgarian Interior Ministry Working to Nab New Contract Killing Group

Bulgaria's Ministry of Interior is investigating a new group of contract killers in the country, the Ministry Chief Secretary Svetlozar Lazarov said, Thursday.

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Bulgaria's Banking System Faces No Criminal Threats

Bulgaria's banking system faces no criminal and cyber threats, said the head of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) Vladimir Pisanchev.

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Greek Police Busts Bulgarian Baby Trafficking Ring

The Greek police busted a ring for trafficking babies from Bulgaria, reports the bTV national channel.

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Nearly 200 People Arrested in Bulgaria in Large-Scale International Operation

During a large-scale international operation Archimedes a total of 187 people have been arrested on the territory of Bulgaria, and 127 criminal proceedings have been opened.

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Bulgarian Prosecuting Authority Presses Charges against Racketeering Group

Bulgaria’s Specialized Prosecutor’s Office has pressed charges against seven alleged participants in an organized crime group engaged in racketeering and an accomplice.

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Buzovgrad Shooting 'Caused by Brawl' - Mayor

A row between retired gunsmith Ibryam Ilmi and his neighbors prompted him to open fire in the village of Buzovtsi in Bulgaria's south, officials say.

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Police Arrests Retired Gunsmith Shooting near Children's Hospital

Bulgarian police forces have detained a man who opened random fire in the Southern Bulgarian village of Buzovgrad.

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Police Detain 78 Illegal Immigrants at Sofia-based Hostel

Police have detained 78 illegal immigrants in an operation at a hostel in downtown Sofia.

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Bulgaria's Interim PM Appears in Court as Applicant

In an unprecedented move, caretaker Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki has appeared before the Supreme Administrative Court over his litigation against former Parliament Speaker Mihail Mikov.

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Bulgaria's Customs Agency Seizes 8,000 L of Dyed Fuel

Bulgaria's Customs office in Sofia has seized 8,000 liters of dyed fuel used for other purposes.

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Trafficking of 30 Endangered Jaco Parrots Prevented at Bulgarian Border

Bulgaria's customs officers have prevented the trafficking of 30 parrots with false documents on Sunday, the Customs Agency announced.

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Bulgarians Sentenced in France over Gas Pump Skimming Attempt

A French court has sentenced two Bulgarian citizens to 2 years of imprisonment over having sought to install skimming devices in the city of Reims.

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Police Destroys Almost 10 T Of Cannabis Near Petrich

Police has destroyed almost 10 tonnes of cannabis near southern Bulgarian town of Petrich, said the Blagoevgrad directorate of the Interior Ministry.

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Sofia Court Delays Ruling on Anti-Putin Activist’s Extradition

Sofia City Court on Wednesday postponed until October 21 its decision on Russia’s request for the extradition of anti-Putin activist Nikolai Kobliakov.

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Crime Rates in Bulgaria's Sofia on the Rise

Sofia District Interior Ministry Directorate has reported an increase in frauds, drug related crimes, petty theft and vandalism, Wednesday.

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