Bulgarians Arrested in UK over Drug Trafficking

UK Border Force staff has arrested two Bulgarians at the Port of Dover over attempting to smuggle a shipment of heroin worth GBP 7 M.

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Over 500 Bulgarians Become Trafficking Victims A Year

Some 500-550 Bulgarians a year become victims of human trafficking, according to official statistics, as cited by Kamelia Dimitrova, Secretary of Bulgaria’s National Commission for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings.

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120 Syrian Refugees Arrested upon Entering Sofia

A total of 120 Syrian nationals hiding in a TIR truck were arrested upon entering Sofia in a police operation held early on Monday.

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Bulgaria Police Launch Manhunt for Killers of Road Repairs Employee

Police in Bulgaria are now working around the clock to hunt down the men suspected of having beaten a 47-year-old employee at a road construction site to death has handed himself over to police.

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20 Arrested in Anti-Roma Protest in Sofia’s Orlandovtsi

20 people were arrested Monday evening during a protest in Sofia’s Orlandovtsi district.

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Bulgarian Customs Officials Prevent Smuggling of Ancient Coin Treasure

Bulgarian customs official at Sofia Airport prevented on Thursday an attempt to smuggle an ancient coin treasure out of the country.

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Bulgarian Authorities Detain Macedonian Human Trafficker Wanted By Interpol

Bulgarian authorities detained a Macedonian human trafficker, who had been declared wanted by Interpol.

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Six Cars Get Stolen in Sofia Every Day – Police Statistics

Six cars on average get stolen in Sofia every day, according to statistics of Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry.

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Bulgarian Truck Driver Found Dead in France

A Bulgarian driver has been found dead behind the wheel of his truck on the A7 motorway in the department of Isere in southeastern France, AFP reported on Wednesday.

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Europol Arrests 49 in Crackdown on Cybercriminals

Europol has dismantled a group of cybercriminals active in Italy, Spain, Poland, the UK, Belgium and Georgia.

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Bulgarian Charged with Large-Scale Financial Fraud on Wall Street

Bulgarian Nedko Nedev, aged 37 has been accused of conducting a speculation scheme.

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Police Action Takes Place in Varna's Ignatievo

The town of Ignatievo located near Varna is currently under police investigation.

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Dead Teenager in Sofia Identified as Banking High School Student

The teenager who was found dead in Borisova Garden in central Sofia on Tuesday, is a 16-year-old student at the National Trade and Banking High School, the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) reported.

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Teenager Found Dead in Downtown Sofia

The body of a 16-year-old teenager has been found in the Borisova garden in downtown Sofia, police say.

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Store Robbers Issue Statement Following Public Scandal

''We are very sorry for what we did, we don't know what happened to us.

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Bulgarian Police Arrests Sofia Store Armed Robbers

The armed robbers of the Sofia store have now been arrested.

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Armed Robbers of Sofia Store Now Established

The identitites of the armed robbers who stole money and goods from a store in Sofia have now been established.

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Bulgaria Police Detain 2 Endangered Turtle Eaters

Two Bulgarian citizens who cooked 17 endangered turtles and ate them have been arrested in the country's southern town of Krumovgrad, police say.

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New Armed Robbery Taped in Sofia, Released on Facebook

A new video has been released through social networks that has taped an armed robbery of a small convenience store in Sofia.

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Bulgarian Customs Seize Estimated BGN 15 M Worth of Smuggled Anabolic Steroids  

Customs officials at Bulgaria’s Danube Bridge 2 checkpoint in Vidin, at the border with Romania, have seized nearly 15,000 vials marked as containing anabolic steroids being smuggled in a Slovak-registered van.

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Police Dismantle Criminal Group Stealing Luxury Cars in Bulgaria

An organized crime group stealing luxury vehicles in Bulgaria has been intercepted.

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