Bulgaria Govt Confirms Arrest of French National en Route to Turkey

A 20-year-old French national was detained at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey over suspected terror links, Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova has said.

Crime | September 29, 2016, Thursday // 12:51 | Viewed: 1456

French National Detained in Bulgaria

A French national supposely linked to jihadist groups has been detained on the Bulgarian-Serbian border, media report.

Crime | September 29, 2016, Thursday // 07:28 | Viewed: 1273

Bulgarian Interior Ministry Reports Successful Operation Against Cigarette Smugglers

The Interior Ministry reported a successful operation against cigarette smuggling in which it did not participate but provided information about the criminal group to partner institutions.

Crime | September 28, 2016, Wednesday // 15:48 | Viewed: 1169

Sarafovo Attack: Bulgarian Court Fails to Launch Trial

Four years after the attack at Sarafovo airport in the Black Sea city of Burgas, the trial for the death of five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver is expected to begin at the Specialized Criminal Court on Monday.

Crime | September 26, 2016, Monday // 11:20 | Viewed: 2349

Bulgarian-Australian National Detained over Terrorism 'Sympathized with IS'

A dual national arrested in Bulgaria on terrorism charges earlier this week wanted to join extremists fighting in Syria, the Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor's Office says.

Crime | September 23, 2016, Friday // 09:21 | Viewed: 2174

Syrian Man Shot Near Central Sofia 'Involved in People Smuggling'

The Syrian national wounded in a shooting on Monday was involved in a people smuggling affair, Interior Ministry sources say, cited by daily 24 Chasa.

Crime | September 21, 2016, Wednesday // 12:25 | Viewed: 1448

Plovdiv Chief Architect Removed over 'Numerous Violations'

A court has removed from office the chief architect of Bulgaria's second-largest city Plovdiv, as a probe relating to the demolition of an old building has found a number of irregularities.

Crime | September 20, 2016, Tuesday // 09:28 | Viewed: 1520

Bulgaria Launches Terrorism Trial against 3 Syrians

The first terrorism trial against migrants in Bulgaria began on Monday, with the Specialized Criminal Court launching a case against three Syrian nationals aged between 22 and 25.

Crime | September 20, 2016, Tuesday // 07:30 | Viewed: 2144

Foreign National Wounded in Shooting in Sofia

A Syrian national has been injured in a shooting in the capital Sofia, police say.

Crime | September 19, 2016, Monday // 22:49 | Viewed: 2249

Eighteen Migrants Detained in Bulgaria at Serbia Border

Bulgarian police have arrested 18 migrants trying to cross into Serbia, authorities say.

Crime | September 19, 2016, Monday // 12:29 | Viewed: 2207

Spanish Police Detains Bulgarian Man With 15 Tons of Hashish

Spanish police have confiscated 15 tons of hashish on a ship.

Crime | September 14, 2016, Wednesday // 20:31 | Viewed: 2306

Mayor of Bulgaria's Perushtitsa Arrested in Corruption Probe

Radi Minchev, the mayor of the southern Bulgarian town of Perushtitsa, were detained in an ongoing corruption investigation on Tuesday, authorities said.

Crime | September 14, 2016, Wednesday // 09:17 | Viewed: 1646

Migrants 'Drowned in Danube River' - Bulgarian Police

The bodies of two migrants have been found in the Danube River, near the village of Archar, northwestern Bulgaria, police say.

Crime | September 13, 2016, Tuesday // 13:19 | Viewed: 3185

Turkish National Arrested with 0.5 Kg of Heroin in Sofia

Police in Bulgaria's capital Sofia have detained a man of Turkish nationality carrying half a kilogram of heroin, daily 24 Chasa reports.

Crime | September 1, 2016, Thursday // 12:03 | Viewed: 3066

Irish Revenue Seize over 18,000 Smuggled Cigarettes Originating from Bulgaria, Ukraine

The Irish authorities have seized more than 18,800 smuggled cigarettes which originated from Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Crime | August 26, 2016, Friday // 10:09 | Viewed: 4449

Homeless Person Accused for Fire in Plovdiv's Tobacco Warehouse

Plovdiv Regional court has left the accused of the fire in the tobacco warehouse homeless person in custody.

Crime | August 25, 2016, Thursday // 19:55 | Viewed: 2289

Bulgaria Charges Four Afghans with Attempted Smuggling of 29 Syrian Migrants from Turkey

Bulgarian prosecutors have pressed charges of people smuggling against four Afghan citizens who attempted to smuggle 29 Syrian nationals into Bulgaria from Turkey.

Crime | August 23, 2016, Tuesday // 11:13 | Viewed: 3826

Bulgarian Police Detain 13 Irregular Migrants on Trakia Motorway

Thirteen irregular migrants were detained in a BMW station wagon on Trakia Motorway near the city of Pazardzhik on Wednesday, the Ministry of the Interior said.

Crime | August 19, 2016, Friday // 09:52 | Viewed: 4184

Former Road Infrastructure Agency Chief found innocent in scandalous court case

Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Cessation has finally come up with a sentence on the scandalous "Batko and Bratko" case against the former Road Infrastructure Agency chief Veselin Georgiev.

Crime | August 17, 2016, Wednesday // 19:11 | Viewed: 3957

Bulgaria to Turn over Mourad Hamyd to France

French citizen Murad Hamid will be submitted to French authorities in accordance with the European arrest warrant issued on 29 July 2016.

Crime | August 16, 2016, Tuesday // 16:28 | Viewed: 4373

Serbia Finds Seven Irregular Migrants in Bulgarian-registered Truck

The Serbian authorities have found seven irregular migrants in the back of a Bulgarian-registered truck en route to Germany, Serbian broadcaster RTS has reported.

Crime | August 15, 2016, Monday // 17:05 | Viewed: 4386