Bulgarian Parliament to Choose from Three Dates for 2016 Presidential Elections

Bulgaria’s Parliament is expected to consider three dates for presidential elections this week before going into summer recess on 1 August, Darik Radio reported on Tuesday.

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Bulgaria's ABV: Leader, ex-President Should Run Again

Left-wing Alternative for Bulgarian Revival (ABV) has endorsed former head of state Georgi Parvanov as its proposal for a joint presidential candidate with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

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Bulgaria Took Back 400 Migrants from EU in A Year

Less than 10 percent of requests to send back migrants from EU member states were granted by Bulgaria between July 2015 and June 2016.

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Russia Refutes Bulgaria's Airspace Violation Claims

The Russian Defense Ministry has downplayed claims that its military aircraft have been involved in "provocations" in Bulgaria's airspace over the past month.

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Bulgaria Accuses Russia of Airspace 'Provocations'

Bulgarian Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev said on Sunday an increased number of violations of the country's airspace by Russian military aircraft had been observed over the past weeks.

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Ansbach Attacker Was to Be Deported to Bulgaria - German Officials

The Syrian man who blew himself up in Germany wounding 12 people was supposed to be sent back to Bulgaria after his protection request had been rejected, German officials say.

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Bulgaria's Last King 'among Presidential Nominees' of Socialist Party

Bulgaria's last King and former Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is among those who received nominations to become presidential candidates of the socialist opposition, news website Dnevnik.

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Court to Sit on Bulgarian DOST Party's Denied Registration

A high-instance court is to hold a sitting on Monday on the appeal submitted by DOST leader Lyutvi Mestan after his party's registration request was turned down.

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Bulgarian Foreign Minister Discussing Energy Projects, Sanctions Policy on Washington Visit

The implementation of priority energy projects in Bulgaria and the region of southeastern Europe have been in the focus of a meeting of Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov with Amos Hochstein, U.S. Special Coordinator for International Energy Affairs

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EC Takes Bulgaria to Court over Insufficient Protection of Endangered Birds

The European Commission is taking Bulgaria to the Court of Justice of the EU over the country’s failure to protect unique habitats and important bird species in the Rila Mountains.

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Bulgarian Army Ready to Boost Assistance to Police in Border Protection, Def Min Says

The Bulgarian Army has deployed enough personnel and equipment to assist police forces in protecting the country’s border with Turkey against a potential increase in migration pressure, Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev has said.

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Bulgarians Expect Situation in Turkey to Worsen after Failed Coup Attempt - Poll

Bulgarians fear that the situation in Turkey will deteriorate after the failed coup attempt in Turkey on 15 July, a survey conducted by Gallup International shows.

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EU Asks Bulgaria to Comply with Rules for Energy Consumption of Buildings

The European Commission has sent a reasoned opinion to Bulgaria to request the correct transposition of all the requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive into national legislation.

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Bulgarian Foreign Minister Starts U.S. Visit with Meetings on Energy, Trade

Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov has welcomed the US' consistent support for key projects for the diversification of sources and routes for the supply of energy resources in Bulgaria and the region.

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No Bulgarian Citizens Hurt in Munich Shooting, Consul General Tells PM

No Bulgarian citizens were killed or wounded in Friday’s shooting near a shopping mall in Munich according to information available so far, the country’s consul general in the German city, Antoaneta Baycheva, has said.

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EC Requests Bulgaria to Ensure Level Playing Field for Groundhandling Service Providers at Sofia Airport  

The European Commission has requested Bulgaria to ensure the separation of accounts of Sofia Airport's managing body to comply with a directive on groundhandling services at EU airports.

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Bulgaria Meets Canada’s Conditions for Visa Waiver – PM Borisov

Bulgaria’s government expects Canada to draw a schedule for lifting visa requirements for Bulgarian citizens as quickly as possible, Prime Minister Boyko Boyko Borisov has said.

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Bulgaria, U.S. Discuss Exchange of Information on Organised Crime, Terrorism

The implementation of agreements on the exchange of information relating to security and law enforcement has been in the focus of a meeting between Bulgaria’s Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova and Alan Bersin, assistant secretary for international affa

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Bulgarian Parliament Committee Rejects Motion to Reintroduce Military Draft

The defence committee in Bulgaria’s parliament has turned down a proposal to reinstate the universal military conscription.

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Bulgarian PM Warns of Rising Migration Pressure along Southern Border

Bulgaria is bracing for a possible surge in migration pressure on its southern borders, the country’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has said.

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Bulgaria’s Irina Bokova Ranks 3rd in First Vote for Next UN Chief

Bulgaria’s Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General, came in third in the first-round secret vote at the UN Security Council to select the next UN Secretary-General, newswires reported on Thursday.

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