Bulgarian Government Establishes National Anti-Corruption Council

The Bulgarian government announced on Wednesday the establishment of a National council on anti-corruption policies with advisory, coordinating and control functions to the Ministerial Council.

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Bulgarian Socialist Opposition Refuses Heading Constitutional Changes Committee

The opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) refused to head the parliamentary committee on constitutional amendments.

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Cabinet Proposes Former Foreign Minister as New Bulgarian Ambassador to Turkey

The government proposed the former Foreign Minister Nadezhda Neynsky to be appointed as the Bulgarian ambassador to Turkey.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 27, 2015, Wednesday // 14:35 | Viewed: 650

Bulgaria’s Chief of Defence Staff to Attend Annual Balkan Countries CHODs Conference

Vice Admiral Rumen Nikolov, Chief of Defence Staff of Bulgaria, will participate in the Annual Meeting of the Chiefs of Defence/General Staffs of the Balkan Countries on May 27-28 in Budva, Montenegro.

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Preventing Ethnic Tensions in Macedonia Essential to Bulgaria – Еx Foreign Minister

Former Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin has argued that it is essential for Bulgaria that the conflict in Macedonia does not escalate into ethnic tensions.

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Bulgaria Customs Head to Manage Kapitan Andreevo Border Crossing

Customs agency chief Vanyo Tanov will personally be in charge of organization at the Kapital Andreevo border crossing point  at Bulgaria's border with Turkey.

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Bulgaria Might Have to Print Local Vote Ballot Papers in Romania

Bulgaria is facing a shortage of ballots for this autumn's local vote to be held across the country, officials have warned.

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Citizens of Bulgaria's Garmen Hold Peaceful Protest Against Illegal Buildings, Thefts

The residents of the Bulgarian village of Garmen held a peaceful protest on Tuesday against the illegal buildings in the Roma neighbourhood.

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MPs Meet First Nominee for Governor of Bulgarian National Bank

MPs met on Tuesday the first nominee for governor of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) – Dimitar Radev.

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MPs from Bulgaria's Ruling Coalition Table Constitutional Amendments

Bulgarian MPs, coming from parties participating in the coalition government or supporting it, tabled on Tuesday the amendments to the constitution concerning the judicial reform.

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EU Commission Approves Bulgaria's Rural Development Programme

The European Commission approved on Tuesday the Rural Development Programme of Bulgaria, which is worth nearly EUR 2.4 B.

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Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office Requests Restart of Trial against Ex PM Stanishev

The Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office has submitted to the Sofia City Court a motion for restarting the suspended administrative-criminal proceedings against Sergei Stanishev, former Bulgarian Prime Minister and current MEP and leader of the Party of Europea

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Bulgaria President to Take Over SE European Cooperation Process

Bulgaria's head of state is due to take over from Albania the presidency of the Southeastern European Cooperation Process (SEECP) while on a visit to Tirana on Tuesday, his press office has said.

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Eurostars Representatives to Present to Bulgarian SMEs Opportunities for Accessing Grants

Representatives of Bulgarian businesses are invited to examine opportunities for applying for EU funding directly under the Eurostars program during a series of presentations on May 26.

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Bulgaria's Interior Ministry to Try to Defuse Tensions in Garmen Village

The Bulgarian Interior Ministry will try to defuse the tensions in the village of Garmen, which escalated over the weekend.

Politics » Domestic | May 25, 2015, Monday // 17:52 | Viewed: 2103

Bulgaria, Croatia Unanimous on Need of Western Balkans' Integration into EU

Croatia’s Foreign Minister Minister Vesna Pusic and her Bulgarian counterpart Daniel Mitov have agreed that the EU integration of the Western Balkans and the preservation of the territorial integrity of the region are issues of absolute necessity.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | May 25, 2015, Monday // 16:13 | Viewed: 2183

Bulgaria's Main Ruling Party GERB Proposes Referendum alongside Elections

Bulgaria's main ruling party GERB tabled to parliament amendments to the Referendum Act, which are aimed at facilitating the holding of a referendum with the local elections.

Politics » Domestic | May 25, 2015, Monday // 13:58 | Viewed: 1479

Bulgarian Border Police Officer Detained for Trafficking of Immigrants

A Bulgarian border police officer from the Lesovo border checkpoint was detained for the trafficking of immigrants over the border with Turkey.

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Croatia’s Foreign Minister Arrives in Bulgaria for Official Visit

Croatia’s Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic arrives Monday in Sofia for an official visit at the invitation of her Bulgarian counterpart Daniel Mitov.

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Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece to Ink Agreement on Joint Contact Center, Border Patrols

Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece are to sign Monday an agreement on a common contact center and joint border patrols.

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Romania's Monica Macovei to Discuss Anti-Corruption Practices in Bulgaria

The architect of the Romanian judicial reform, Monica Macovei is visiting Bulgaria to participate in a discussion forum on anti-corruption policies, as reported by the Bulgarian National Radio.

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