Bulgarian PM Discusses Energy Projects at EU Council

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov discussed several energy projects as substitutes to the cancelled South Stream pipeline during the first day of the European Council on Thursday.

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EU Provides Financial Aid for Integration of Immigrants in Bulgaria

The European Union (EU) grants BGN 1.4 million to Bulgaria for the integration of immigrants from non-EU countries.

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Bulgarian MPs to Discuss Controversial Changes to Pension Insurance

The Bulgarian Parliament is to discuss the proposed controversial changes to pension insurance on Friday.

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Bulgaria Gets Nod for EUR 2 B in EU Funding for Transport Projects

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said on Thursday the European Commission has approved EUR 2 B in financing under the 2014-2020 Operational Programme Transport for Bulgaria.

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RB Warns Proposed Change to Pension Law Might Destabilise Coalition

The government coalition partner the Reformist Bloc (RB) warned that the planned amendments to pension insurance law might destabilise the coalition.

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More Than Half of Bulgarians Have Positive Image of EU – Eurobarometer

The latest Eurobarometer shows that 51 % of Bulgarians have a positive image of the European Union (EU).

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Bulgaria's Socialist Party Demands Cancellation of Sanctions against Russia

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) demands that Bulgaria initiates the cancellation of the EU sanctions against Russia, said the party press office.

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Tsvetan Tsvetanov Blames 'Russian Interests' for Fall of Previous Borisov Government

Tsvetan Tsvetanov, former interior minister and deputy PM in the first government of Boyko Borisov (2009-2013) claimed the events from the beginning of 2013 that led to the fall of the government were provoked by “certain Russian interests”.

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Bulgarian MPS to Deliberate Amendments to IntMin Act

The Bulgarian Parliament is to discuss at first reading the amendments to the Interior Ministry Act, which were tabled by the main ruling GERB last month.

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Bulgaria's Govt Approves Updated Judicial Reform Strategy

Bulgaria's government on Wednesday approved an updated strategy for judicial reform that aims to increase the accountability of judges and make the justice system more transparent and predictable.

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Striking Bulgarian Coal Miners End Protest over Delayed Pay

Striking Bulgarian coal miners at the Cherno More mine have ended their protest on Wednesday afternoon after receiving assurance they will get their delayed salaries.

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Jonathan Allen to Become Director of National Security at UK Foreign Office

His Excellency Jonathan Allen, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Bulgaria, who is to leave the country in January 2015, will assume the position Director for National Security at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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Striking Burgas Miners 'to Get Salaries'

Workers at the Cherno More mine, based in the Bulgarian city of Burgas, will get their October salaries as well as advanced payment for November, a major trade union says.

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Bulgarian Government to Decide on Minimum Wage, Judicial Reform

The increase of the minimum wage to BGN 380 is expected to be approved at the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

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Bulgaria to Get EUR 10.5 M Disaster Aid from EU

Bulgaria would get from the EU EUR 10.

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US 'Gives Ukraine Weapons via Bulgaria'

A Bulgarian company is helping the United States to export arms to Ukraine, Russian-language media outlets claim.

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Bulgarian MPs Adopt Heavy Penalties for Social Insurance Infringers

Members of the Budget Committee in Bulgaria's Parliament voted in favour of amendments to the Penal Code which provide for heavy penalties for concealed evasion of social insurance contributions.

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Bulgaria's Opposition Nibbles at Demands of Mass Resignation in Judiciary

Calls on the Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) to step down will not solve problems in the judiciary, the leader of Bulgaria's biggest opposition party has warned.

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President Plevneliev Says Judicial Reform 'Top Priority' Next Year

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has stressed the need of various reforms in 2015, that in the judiciary being "the most important, the most pressing".

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Bulgarian FM Responds to Medvedev, Points to Struggling Russian Economy

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov responded on Monday to an earlier comment of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the negative consequences of Bulgaria's membership to the European Union (EU).

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German Chancellor Promises Help, to Send Experts to Bulgaria

Germany is to send experts who are going to advise Bulgaria on issues such as judicial reform, energy projects and absorption of European Union (EU) funds.

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