Bulgarian Project Wins Natura 2000 Award

The Bulgarian project “For the Balkans and the people: Nature Protection and Sustainable Rural Development” has won the Socio-Economic Benefits Award in this year’s edition of the Natura 2000 Awards.

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New Deputy Agriculture Minister to Oversee EU's Fisheries Policy in Bulgaria

The number of deputy ministers in Bulgaria's agriculture ministry will be increased from three to four.

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Bulgaria IntMin Reports 30 % Drop in Number of Illegal Migrants in 2016

Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova said on Wednesday that the number of illegal migrants detained in Bulgaria this year has decreased by nearly 30 % compared to 2015.

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Bulgaria’s Garmen Braces for New Protest against Illegal Roma Dwellings

A year after clashes between ethnic Bulgarians and Roma people living in Garmen new protest action has been scheduled for Monday against illegal dwellings built by Roma people in this village in southwestern Bulgaria.

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Bulgarian Socialists to Decide at Referendum on Left-wing Alliance for Presidential Vote

Bulgarian main opposition Socialists will decide at a party referendum with which political parties to join forces for the forthcoming presidential elections, the party’s new leader, Korneliya Ninova, has said.

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Bulgaria to Have 146-km Wire Fence along Border with Turkey in 2 Months

In about two months Bulgaria will have a wire fence built along 146 km of the country's border with Turkey, preventing illegal migration flow, Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova has said.

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UNESCO Head Bokova Denies Speculation She Might Run for Bulgarian President

UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova has denied speculation that she intended to run for President of Bulgaria in the forthcoming elections.

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Bulgaria Socialists Name Legendary Film Actor as Deputy Chair

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has elected Stefan Danailov, a cinema actor who rose to fame in iconic Bulgarian productions and some foreign titles, as a deputy to newly elected leader Korneliya Ninova.

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Bulgaria's Socialist Party Undergoes Reshuffles

The recently elected head of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the biggest opposition party in the country, is to make changes at the top, reshuffling her deputies, news website Dnevnik reports.

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Bulgaria MPs Turn Down Medical Cannabis Legalization

Bulgarian lawmakers on Friday rejected the legalization of medical marijuana, with only three backing the proposal in a 240-seat Parliament.

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Bulgaria 'More Prepared Than Germany' to Tackle Migrant Inflow, FM Says

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov on Friday said his country was more ready to meet the inflow of migrants to a bigger extent than Germany "in a particular moment".

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Bulgaria Discussing Joint NATO Maritime Group with Romania, Turkey

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov has said Bulgaria is exploring options to take part in a joint standing maritime group of NATO in the Black Sea.

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Bulgaria IntMin Downplays 'Lax Border Control' Claims in German Report

Bulgaria's Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova has dismissed suggestions in a Bild article, which quoted a secret German intelligence report as saying there were weaknesses in the counry's effort to crack down on people smuggling.

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Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev Won’t Seek Second Term in 2016 Elections

Bulgaria’s President Rosen Plevneliev said on Friday that he wouldn’t run for a second term of office in this year’s elections, citing personal reasons.

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Bulgaria Ranks among Top 5 in EU by Number of Victims of Trafficking in People

Bulgaria is among the EU countries with the greatest number of registered victims of trafficking in human beings, according to a new report by the European Commisson.

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Bulgarians Abroad to Protest until Election Code Changes Reversed

A representative of Bulgarian nationals living abroad said on Tuesday protests will be held until MPs agree to rescind amendments to election rules restricting the number of polling stations outside the country.

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Four EU Experts to Analyze Bulgaria's Prosecution

Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov has announced that four magistrates from different countries are expected to arrive in Bulgaria on May 30 to conduct an analysis of the national prosecuting authority.

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Bulgarian President Hits back at MPs over Rejection of Veto on Election Rules

Bulgaria’s President Rosen Plevneliev will refer to the Constitutional Court the Parliament’s “hugely regrettable” decision to override his veto on changes to election rules that could hamper voting by Bulgarian citizens residing abroad.

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Bulgaria Completes 'Successful' Chairmanship of CoE's Committee of Ministers

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjorn Jagland, praised the Bulgarian chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers, the organisation’s decision-making body, in a speech at the 126th Session of the Committee in Sofia on Wednesday.

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EC: Bulgaria Needs to Improve Labour Policies, Insolvency Proceedings

The European Commission recommended on Wednesday that Bulgaria take action to address several areas of macroeconomic imbalances in 2016 and 2017.

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Partners in Bulgaria’s Government Plan to Cap Polling Stations in a Foreign Country at 35

The partners in Bulgaria’s governing coalition plan to propose further amendments to election rules in an effort to address some of the deficiencies of recently adopted changes to the Electoral Code.

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