No Risk for Bulgaria from Forest Fires Around Ukraine’s Chernobyl

Forest fires in the exclusion zone around Ukraine’s closed Chernobyl nuclear power plant haven’t led to a rise in radioactivity levels in Bulgaria, the Interior Ministry in Sofia said on Thursday.

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Bulgarian Ambassador to US Says Was Subject to Hack Attack

Bulgaria's Ambassador to the US Elena Poptodorova has said her mail address has been "hacked" as part of a scam.

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NGO Threatens to Sue Bulgaria over Forced Demolition of Homes in Roma District of Garmen

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) has opposed the forced demolition of buildings and homes in the Roma neighborhood of the southwestern Bulgarian village of Garmen.

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Two Bulgarian Ad Agencies Nominated in Cannes Lions Festival

The ad campaign Yoga Hangers by Noble Graphics that was dedicated to the yoga clothing brand Omnitom has been the first Bulgarian project nominated to compete in what is considered to be the biggest advertising festival in the world – Cannes Lions, Capita

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Bulgaria, US to Create Commission on Safeguarding Cultural Heritage

The Bulgarian branch of ICOMOS and the US Embassy to Sofia announced their plans for the establishment of bilateral Bulgarian-US commission on safeguarding the cultural heritage of the country.

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Three Houses Collapsed in Pernik Following Illegal Mining Activities

Three houses fell through the illegal coal mining sites in the Pernik neighborhood Rudnichar Wednesday.

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Bulgaria’s PM: Hospitals Will Remain On No-Privatization List

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has vowed that Health Minister Petar Moskov will withdraw a set of legal amendments paving the way for the privatization of hospitals.

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Three-Day Jazz Festival to Take Over Sofia

The A to JazZ Fest will gather the audience across Sofia for the fifth time.

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Bulgaria’s Troyan Suffers Damages Following Floods

A house was demolished on account of the prolific rain in Troyan Tuesday.

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Bulgaria's Minimum Wage Goes Up

The national minimum wage in Bulgaria is BGN 380 as of July 1, up from BGN 360.

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Bulgaria’s Health Ministry Mulls 3-10% Tax on Junk Food

Bulgaria’s Health Ministry plans to introduce a new tax of 3-10% on unhealthy food products and energy drinks.

Society » Health | June 29, 2015, Monday // 10:00 | Viewed: 1786

Rally Driver Dies, Co-Driver Injured after Heavy Crash Near Bulgaria's Tvarditsa

Driver Todor Slavov died after suffering a heavy car crash at a rally racing, which was taking place near the Bulgarian town of Tvarditsa over the weekend.

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Austria Embassy Suspicious Package 'False Alarm'

A suspicious piece of luggage found in the yard of the Austrian Embassy in downtown Sofia turned out to be full of clothes.

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Suspicious Package Found at Austrian Embassy in Sofia

A suspicious package has been found in the yard of the Austrian Embassy in Sofia, the Bulgarian National Television has said.

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Sofia Pride to Take Place Saturday

With a moving stage and a sea of rainbow flags, the pro-LGBTI Sofia Pride event due on Saturday is to draw attention of discrimination in Bulgarian schools.

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Bulgarian Movie "Losers" Claims Main Prize at Moscow International Film Festival

The Bulgarian movie “Losers” was awarded on Friday the main prize at the 37th edition of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF).

Society » Culture | June 26, 2015, Friday // 21:07 | Viewed: 4593

Former Russian Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Primakov Dies Aged 85

Former Russian Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov died at the age of 85 on Friday.

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Twisted Sister, Within Temptation to Headline Tenth Anniversary of Kavarna Rock

The tenth edition of the largest rock festival in Bulgaria - Kavarna Rock will take place between June 26 and 28 with Twisted Sister and Within Temptation being the headliners of the music event.

Society » Culture | June 25, 2015, Thursday // 21:05 | Viewed: 4805

Tool Workshop Dated 4800 BC Discovered in NE Bulgaria

A flint tools workshop was unearthed in near the village of Kamenovo in the region of Razgrad, Northeastern Bulgaria, specialized outlets say.

Society » Archaeology | June 25, 2015, Thursday // 10:47 | Viewed: 1723

Democracy in Bulgaria in Decline for 8th Consecutive Year – Freedom House

Democracy in Bulgaria has been in decline for the past 8 years, according to an annual report of US-based NGO Freedom House.

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