Bulgaria Enforces Restrictions to Truck Movement for Holiday Returns

Heavy trucks (over 12 tons) cannot move across Bulgaria between 14:00 and 20:00 local time (EEST) on Monday, authorities have said.

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral to Remain Open All Night on Sunday

The landmark St Alexander Nevsky cathedral in central Sofia will remain open throughout the night on Sunday into Monday, Focus News Agency quotes clerical officials as saying.

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Bulgarian Police Estimate 20 000 Drivers Have No Licenses

As many as 20 000 people in Bulgaria drive without having a valid license, police say.

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Bulgaria Celebrates 140 Years Since April Uprising

Bulgaria marks the 140th anniversary of the 1876 April Uprising for the liberation of Bulgaria.

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Bulgarians Celebrate Orthodox Easter

Millions of Orthodox Christians around the world, including in Bulgaria, are celebrating the greatest Christian holiday, Easter, the resurrection of Christ.

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Heavy Traffic Across Bulgaria Set to Continue on Good Friday

Heavy traffic and heightened police presence are expected across Bulgaria on Friday as people continue their trips on the first day from the Easter holiday - Good Friday.

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Heavy Traffic Across Bulgaria as People Embark on Trips for Easter

There will be heavy traffic and heightened police presence on Bulgaria's motorways and main roads on Thursday afternoon as most people are embarking on their trips for the forthcoming Easter holiday, which will last between April 29 and May 2.

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Bulgarian Media 'Partly Free' - Freedom House Report

Media outlets in Bulgaria are partly free along with most countries in Southern and Southeast Europe, the 2016 Freedom of the Press report shows.

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Bulgaria MPs Revoke Beach Camping Ban in 2nd Reading

Lawmakers have reversed a ban on beach camping out of specially designated place which was voted earlier this spring, but sparked protests.

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Soilwork Also Joins Kavarna Rock Fest 2016

Swedish melodic death metal band Soilwork is also joining Kavarna Rock music festival this year, organizers have said.

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Kavarna Rock Fest 2016: First 3 Bands Confirmed

The annual rock & metal festival in the seaside town of Kavarna will take place despite fears Kavarna's new administration was considering an end to a decade-old tradition.

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Al Di Meola to Play at Sofia Guitar Festival in May

Legendary jazz musician Al Di Meola is to perform in Bulgaria for another time at the end of May.

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Bulgaria's Weather Service Warns of Strong Wind Throughout Bulgaria

A Code Yellow warning has been declared over gale-force winds in Bulgaria for April 26, Tuesday, the national weather service has said.

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Sofia's Renovated Central Railway Station to Be Unveiled Tuesday

An official ceremony is due at the Sofia Central Station to mark the end of a two-year renovation process, the Transport Ministry says.

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Incident at Arms Manufacturing Plant Kills Two in Bulgaria's Kazanlak

Incident at the Arsenal arms manufacturing plant in the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak claimed the lives of two workers on Monday.

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Protesters in Sofia Demand Legalisation of Cannabis

The participants in a procession held in the centre of the Bulgarian capital on Sunday demanded the legalisation of cannabis.

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Bulgaria's Varna Sets Guinness World Record for Largest Human DNA Helix

A total of 4000 people gathered on the southern beach in the Bulgarian city of Varna on Saturday, setting a Guinness World Record for the largest human DNA helix.

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Orthodox Christians Celebrate Palm Sunday

Orthodox Christians are celebrating Palm Sunday this Sunday, marking a week before the celebration of Orthodox Easter.

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Bulgaria Celebrates St Lazar's Day on Saturday

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church marks Saturday the traditional St.

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Fire Engulfs Petrol Station on Bulgaria’s Trakia Motorway

Fire has broken out at a petrol station on Bulgaria’s Trakia Motorway near the city of Plovdiv after a truck hit one of the pumps, the Ministry of the Interior said on Friday.

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Fingerprint Identification to be Introduced in Bulgarian Hospitals by September 25

Fingerprint identification in Bulgarian hospitals will be introduced by September 25 at the latest.

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