Rumsfeld Doubts Iraq Terror Link

American Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has admitted he has not seen seen ‘strong, hard evidence' linking ousted Iraqi leader Saddam and Osama Bin Laden's al Qaida. Asked to describe the connection between Hussein and al Qaida, the Pentagon chief decli

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Senior Iraqi Official Gunned Down

A top official at Iraq's science and technology ministry has been shot dead along with a female civil servant by unknown attackers in Baghdad, the interior ministry said. Thamer Abdellatif, one the general directors of the ministry, and a civil servant, I

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Nobel Prize Winners to be Announced

The 2004 Nobel Prize winners will be announced this week.The first announcement comes Monday with the physiology or medicine prize, followed by a week of announcements of winners for physics, chemistry, economics, peace and possibly literature.

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At Least 8 Killed in Baghdad Blast

At least 8 people have been killed and more than 50 were wounded when a car bomb exploded near the Green Zone in Baghdad. Witnesses claim that a car raced towards the entrance, where the US military has a checkpoint, but blew up before reaching it, detona

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New Falluja Raids

US warplanes have carried out pre-dawn raids on the rebel-held Iraqi city of Falluja, killing at least seven people, hospital officials say. The US military confirmed that it had launched two air strikes, saying it had hit a building where "anti-Iraqi for

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Poll: Kerry Ahead of Bush

The first nationwide opinion poll in the US since Thursday's debate between President George W Bush and his Democratic challenger John Kerry then suggests that Senator Kerry might have significantly improved his standing. The two men hold their second TV

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Italy Sends Back Island Migrants

Italy has begun airlifting migrants back to their point of departure after facilities on its southern outpost were swamped by hundreds of new arrivals. Three planeloads of illegal immigrants were sent back to Libya from the tiny Italian island of Lampedus

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3 Killed in Gaza Raid

Israel has continued its military offensive in the Gaza Strip, with an air strike in the north that killed at least three Palestinians. An earlier helicopter attack in Gaza City seriously wounded two members of the militant Palestinian group, Hamas.

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Dimapur Death Toll Up

Thirty six people, including women and children, were killed and over a 100 injured in two powerful bomb blasts which rocked the railway station and a nearby market in quick succession in Dimapur. The first improvised explosive device occurred on the rail

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Lennon's Killer May Be Released

Mark Chapman, the man who gunned down John Lennon in New York, could be released from jail this week. Chapman, now 49, was sentenced to 20 years to life after shooting Lennon five times in the back outside the singer's Manhattan apartment building on Dece

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Nationalists Lead Bosnia Poll

Nationalist parties from the three ethnic groups are leading in Saturday's local elections in Bosnia-Hercegovina, according to early results. Turnout was poor with only 45% of voters cast their ballot.

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28 Killed in Indian Twin Blasts

At least 28 people were killed and 100 injured as two bombs exploded in Dimapur town, the main commercial centre of India's north-eastern state of Nagaland. The largest explosion occurred at the railway station, the other bomb went off in the local Hong K

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Palestinians Declare State of Emergency

The Palestinian cabinet declared a state of emergency in the Palestinian territories as Israeli troops killed another seven Palestinians. The Cabinet called for international intervention, humanitarian help for the people of Gaza and denounced what it cal

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30 Dead in Mosque Blast in Pakistan

At least 30 people were killed and dozens injured as a suspected suicide bomb blast ripped through a Shiite Muslim mosque during Friday prayers in the eastern Pakistani city of Sialkot. Hundreds of worshippers were packed into the Mistri Abdullah Imambarg

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Blair Undergoes Minor Heart Surgery

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has had surgery to correct an irregular heartbeat, a day after saying he intended to serve a third term if re-elected next year. On Thursday, in an interview, Blair had said the operation, called a catheter ablation, was

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Abandoned Bag Messes Up Paris Airport

Abandoned passenger luggage caused bustle at the Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport Friday evening. Security officials had to blow bag up.

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100 Die in Samarra's US Offensive

One US soldier and over 90 militants were killed and some 180 - wounded in air strikes and street-to-street combat during a major American offensive in the Iraqi town Samarra, 125 km North of Baghdad. The offensive began shortly after midnight with air st

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Ex-Minister Injured in Beirut Blast

A former Lebanese minister has been injured in a bomb blast that went off in the capital Beirut. The driver has been killed in the explosion, which took place on a side street of Beirut's seafront, near the American community school and the American Unive

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Kerry Scourges Bush on TV

Democratic presidential candidate Kerry has lashed George Bush in a TV debate on how to handle the war in Iraq and homeland security. The two rivals were taking part in the first one of three television-broadcasted debates in the race before November's vo

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SpaceShipOne Rolls to 1st Mark

SpaceShipOne, the rocket plane aiming to win the USD 10 M Ansari X-Prize, has completed the first of two qualifying flights above the Californian desert.

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British Airways Plane Diverted by Terror Alert

A plane of British Airways has made an emergency landing in Amsterdam after a terror threat. Flight BA 983 was heading from Berlin to London.

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