Turkey Backed EU-Inspired Reforms

Turkey's parliament passed a sixth package of democratisation laws designed to smooth its way to eventual European Union membership. The latest package which coincides with the EU summit in Greece includes scrapping a controversial part of the anti-terror

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EU Chiefs Urged not to Unpick Constitutional Draft

EU leaders were to hold their first formal talks on a draft constitution for the enlarged bloc, the top item on the agenda of a summit held amid high security in northern Greece. And they were warned not to unpick the blueprint, the work of 16 months of

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Bush Challenged over Iraq Weapons

US President George W Bush is facing fresh charges that he exaggerated the threat of Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction to win support for the war. In a strong attack on Bush's administration, Democratic Senator John Kerry accused the president mi

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EU Leaders Face Controversial Issues in Greece

European Union (EU) leaders gather near the Greek town of Thessaloniki Thursday for a summit which focuses on two of Europe's most controversial issues - the EU's proposed constitution and UK proposals to toughen up European asylum policy. Other areas on

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Suicide Bomber Killed One in Israel

A suicide bomber killed himself and an Israeli man in northern Israel Thursday, reports say. The attack happened at a grocery shop in a small village a few kilometres from the Palestinian-run West Bank.

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Italian Parliament Lets Berlusconi off Corruption Trial Hook

The Italian parliament approved a controversial immunity bill that would allow Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to avoid an embarrassing corruption trial just days before Italy takes over the presidency of the European Union. Members of lower house, where

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Woman Sets Self on Fire over Paris Crackdown on Iran Opposition, Dies

An Iranian woman who set herself on fire in Paris in protest at a French crackdown on the Iranian armed opposition group, the People's Mujahedeen, has died of her injuries, AFP reported. Marzieh Babakhani, a political refugee living in Paris, had suffered

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US Captures "Ace of Diamonds"


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Greece Launched Massive Security Operation Before the European Summit

A massive security operation on land, air and sea began in Greece ahead of Thursday's European summit in the country's second largest city of Thessaloniki. More than 15,000 police and soldiers are deployed to guard the Chalkidiki peninsula where 30 Europe

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US Troops Shot Two Iraqi Demonstrators

Two men were shot dead and several casualties are reported after US troops opened fire on a demonstration in Baghdad. The demonstration of sacked soldiers from the Iraqi army took place outside the main entrance to the former presidential compound that n

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US Soldier Shot Dead in Baghdad

An American soldier was killed by a sniper's bullet while on patrol in Iraqi capital Baghdad, according to the US military. The soldier was part of 1st Armoured Division in northern Baghdad when he was shot in the chest and collapsed.

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World Health Organization Lifted Travel Warning Against Taiwan

The World Health Organization (WHO) lifted Tuesday its travel warning against Taiwan which has the world's third-highest number of SARS-infections and fatalities. The statement came as more than 1,000 scientists, doctors and government officials gathered

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Jordan Opened Long-Awaited Elections

Jordanians are to vote in the first elections held since King Abdullah dissolved parliament June 2001. More than 760 candidates are competing for the 110 seats in an expanded legislature.

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US Soldiers Arrested 400 in Iraq

US soldiers arrested some 400 people in Iraqi capital Baghdad and near the cities of Tikrit and Kirkuk as part of an operation to "defeat remaining pockets of resistance". The raids follow a series of attacks on US forces.

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Sharon to Continue Offensive against Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said he would continue his offensive against Hamas. The announcement came after a suicide bombing in Jerusalem and helicopters strikes in Gaza over the past week caused dozens of casualties on both sides and endangered

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Palestinian ?ilitants ?eet Egyptian ?ediators in Gaza

Meeting between Palestinian militant groups and Egyptian mediators is underway in Gaza to try salvage the Middle East road map to peace. Hamas spokesman Mahmoud Zahar said they don't trust the Americans or the Israelis but they do trust the Egyptians and

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US Urges India to Send Troops to Iraq

Senior US defence officials arrived in Delhi to try persuade India to send peacekeepers to Iraq. The Pentagon team hopes to dispel concerns about the role that Indian forces would play in supporting US-led troops in post-war Iraq.

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China to Lift Ban on Foreign Travel Agencies

China will lift the longstanding ban on foreign-owned travel agencies early to help its tourism recover after the outbreak of SARS. The opening up of China's tourism business was originally expected to come into effect at the beginning of 2007.

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Iran Rebuffs Foreign Pressure

Iran is reported to have made a "vigorous protest" over what it calls American "interference" in its internal affairs. Student protests have been continuing for almost a week, and US President George W Bush said they were "the beginnings of people express

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Middle East Peace Talks Set to Begin

A day of intense negotiations is due to get under way in an attempt to move forward the Middle East peace initiative- the roadmap. US special envoy to the region John Wolf is due to meet Israeli leaders in Jerusalem while Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmou

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US "Will not Waver" on Mid-East

The United States "will not waver" in its efforts to implement the so-called roadmap to peace in the Middle East, Secretary of State Colin Powell has said. He urged Israel and the Palestinians to halt the tit-for-tat attacks that have strained efforts for

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