Adzharia Calms Down

After six days of high tension, the confrontation between the authorities in Tbilisi and the autonomous republic of Adzharia ended. The tensions calmed down after face-to-face talks in Batumi between Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and Adzharian le

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Microsoft Faces USD 600 M Fine

European regulators plan to levy a record fine of more than USD 600 M against Microsoft as part of what is expected to be a strongly worded rebuke of the company's business practices. The ruling, which is set to be announced on Wednesday, is expected to i

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Lindh Killer Set to be Sentenced

The man convicted of killing Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh is set to be sentenced in Stockholm. Mijailo Mijailovic admitted knifing the minister in a department store, but claimed he did not intend to kill her.

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US Officials to be Questioned over Sept 11

Top US officials are due to appear at a public hearing of the independent commission looking into the 11 September attacks on America. US Secretary of State Colin Powell and Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld are due to testify on Tuesday.

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Israel on Alert for Hamas Attacks

Israel's security services are on high alert for revenge attacks after the assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, founder of the Hamas militant group. Palestinian towns and villages in the West Bank were sealed off, while Israeli forces moved into the Gaza

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Russia Nuclear Ship Could Blow Up

The head of the Russian navy ordered the Northern Fleet's nuclear-powered flagship, "Peter the Great," into dock, saying it was in such a poor state it could blow up at any time."The ship is in such a condition that it may blow up any minute," the Interfa

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Aznar: Iraq Pullout to Benefit Terrorists

Spanish Prime Minister, who unexpectedly suffered defeat in last week's general elections, defended his Iraq position. Jose Maria Aznar said the decision of the incoming Socialist government to pull Spanish troops out of Iraq would benefit only the terror

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Hezbollah Strikes Israeli Positions

Lebanon's guerrilla movement Hezbollah fired rockets on Israeli positions in the disputed Shebaa Farm area on Monday in retaliation for the assassination of Palestinian Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. More than 65 rockets and mortar rounds wer

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4 Terror Suspects Arrested in Poland

Polish police officials have launched an investigation into whether three Pakistanis and a Ukranian detained in Warsaw have terrorist links after finding marked-up maps in one of the men's apartments. Poland's government, an important US ally in Iraq has

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2 Finns Killed Near Baghdad

Two Finnish businessmen were shot and killed in Baghdad on Monday, Finnish Foreign Ministry said. The two were part of a Finnish technological delegation visiting the Iraqi capital.

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New Case of Bird Flu Confirmed

South Korea has confirmed its first cases of bird flu in poultry for six weeks. The Agriculture Ministry said that the latest infections were found on a farm in Yangju just north of Seoul.

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Explosion at Gaza Crossing

An explosion was heard at the Erez border crossing with Israel several hours after an Israeli air strike killed Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Hamas sources said they fired four home-made rockets at the crossing.

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French Voters Dissatisfied with Chirac

Voters dealt a blow to France's governing conservatives in Sunday's first round of regional elections, giving the leftist opposition about 40 percent of the vote and boosting hard-line conservatives, according to unofficial results. Exit polls showed the

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Hamas Leader Killed in Gaza

In a massive gun ship attack by helicopters Israeli army killed Shaikh Ahmad Yasin, prominent Hamas leader, as he left a mosque after dawn. Three loud explosions were heard early Monday morning leaving the Hamas leader soaked with blood in his wheelchair.

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Schroeder Resigns as SPD Chairman

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has handed over the leadership of his Social Democrats to Franz Muentefering. He stepped down on Sunday in the hope of restoring confidence in his government.

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Former Dutch Queen Dies at 94

Former Dutch Queen Juliana died on Saturday at the age of 94. Juliana oversaw the dismantling of the centuries-old Dutch empire and witnessed the birth of a social revolution during her 31-year reign of the Netherlands.

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New Vicious Worm Creeps in Internet

A handful of Bagle worm variants are attacking Windows users with an insidious new twist. They can infect computers without tricking them into opening a file attachment - opening e-mail is all it takes.

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Another Row of Explosions in Baghdad

Explosions were reported near the US-coalition building in Baghdad with Friday night coming on. At least two blasts were heard, followed by the sound of mortars or rockets being fired.

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Bin Laden Deputy Cornered

Pakistani forces believe they have cornered and perhaps wounded Osama bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, Aljazeera reported. It occurred in a battle near the Afghan border, three senior Pakistani officials said Thursday.

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Powell Lands in Iraq

The US Secretary of State has arrived in Baghdad, on a previously unannounced visit. Colin Powell's trip comes on the eve of the first Anniversary of the US-led invasion in Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein.

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Georgia's President: Adzhara's Crisis Over

Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili claimed he had successfully prevented a rebellion by the country's autonomous Black Sea region of Adzhara. Following three-hour crisis talks with Adzhara's leader Aslan Abashidze, Saakashvili said he was ordering th

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