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fishbrain - 12 Mar 2009 // 10:20:27

About the stockmarket- there was a great comedy show on CNN a few days back about using the stockmarket as a prediction tool, search for it. Basically if we use the stockmarket as a prediction tool you might as well use tarot cards also. So don't use the stockmarket as any guide to anything really, yeah I know some people love it but the reality is that it is volatile and can go up and down- the last few days its started to pick up again.

I don't think many people understand a simple fact. There is not many greta choices currently available to stimulate the economy. Ok they can give me the cash perhaps and I can do something nice and give something in return but beyond that I am sure most you can only "guess-predict" what is the right prediction.

I don't like anyone dipping into my pocket, specially the tax man but sometimes we must make sacrifices for the greater good. Yeah it sounds strange to be saying this when I believe in capitalism but I personally don't see what else can be done. Give the money to big companies again? Lower taxes at the high end and hope they will put the money willingly into society and stimulate growth?

DP, I have my own business and had 30% gain so far ;) I am not a money lender, selling chocolate or alcohol ;) I don't depend on other people firing me, I fire myself when I wish.

fishbrain - 11 Mar 2009 // 17:08:41

Technically speaking baba-Nellie is correct- he is Bulgarian origin who migrated to Israel. So technically speaking he is Bulgarian.

Then again CJB is correct, he is also Jewish so he is allowed to pat anyone on the back.

fishbrain - 11 Mar 2009 // 08:31:32

You guys have no clue about me and don't try to guess. I am a capatilist and believe firmly in profit and making money. I do believe that paying 40% in taxes is over the top.

Now, you hit the point. The economy right now is screwed. There is no cash. The working class has no money and no work. So the question then is- if the higher ends of society don't get taxed higher who will be taxed?

I really believe its pointless to blame Obama for a huge problem that was created by the Bush family and its Republican friends. Perhaps Obama's cabinet is not squeeqy clean but I suspect you people must have some level of intelligence to know that these people are the same as you. They are at the 40% level of taxation and they will do almost anything possible to avoid paying such high taxes, same you would. Some of the taxation exemptions sometimes border on whether they are legal or not. Now lets not be stupidly naive or pretend otherwise, Obama is not an angel, his cabinet is the 12 apostles, the fact is that that is all we have now. If you could possibly tell me who could get us out of this mess than I would be happy to hear.

All I know is that right now its too early for childish critisism. All I say is give the new Government a chance after all the morons from Texas got 8 years and his father another 4 years, do't you think giving Obama a little bit more time would be a bit more logical.

You guys act so childishly, to expect the new coach of the team to turn a losing team around in the first game is just plain lunatic. We have a long way to go yet, plenty of time for negativity for those of you who love "doom predictions".

fishbrain - 9 Mar 2009 // 00:44:14

Shopping on the internet for dummies..

Use UPS to Bulgaria.
Make sure the package is insured.

I have never lost a package but then again I am not so stupid to get something sent anywhere without taking some basic measures such as secure-post.

If sending anything within Bulgaria then use:


cheapest services and reliable... they speak English

NEVER USE ..BG POST internally!

BG-POST works for sending packages out of Bulgaria but way too expensive so don't bother except for letters and postcards.

fishbrain - 9 Mar 2009 // 00:37:28

Hey PhilS

Don't take granny-Nellie seriously. She is just a granny that came from AOL chat rooms and basically since most chat rooms are history she has ended here. Her statements are over the top and ridiculous. To have a discussion with her is to feed her ego for seeking attention. She is just one of many individuals on the internet who lack real social lives and to get attention throw wild and crazy staments here and there to gain attention. Haven't you noticed thats all she does? She tries to get attention on the net- sure signs of a bored and sad lonely person.

We all know the Republicans f** up the economy and everything else .. what else is there to say? Whatever Obama does is better than the whole group of clowns that were running the USA for last 8 years.

fishbrain - 9 Mar 2009 // 00:28:39

Jesus not the same boring I believe in God crap... get over it and move on. One believes in God and the other believes in teasing the idiot who believes in God.

About superiority- as far as I read the article nobody is saying USA, UK, UAE or any U.. is superior to Bulgaria- all I read is the level of corruption is high and nobody has done anything about it. End of story. If you can read somehing else in between the lines well thats your inferiority complex coming out.

Yes there is crime and corruption everywhere but according to international corruption scales and organised scaled Bulgaria is on the top. What does it say? It says just that. It does not say an Italian, a Brit, a Pakistani, Portuguese or an Eskimo is better than a Bulgarian. So all those people with inferiority complexes please go to a self help group or something.

fishbrain - 7 Mar 2009 // 22:14:51

Seems everyone with power or money in Bulgaria has a murky pass, it does not take a great genious to figure this out. Anyone here who has made a nice buck or has risen in some way or another up the power ladder has had to have support from "important " people.

Bulgaria is a small nation and basically almost everyone ruling the nation has some dark secrets and because everyone has some secrets nobody bothers to really find them out. When secrets are found nobody does anything because they all know they could be next.

It took over a week to kick out a paedohile(?) MP from parliament. In almost any other nation having been convicted of such a crime it means you are out of Parliament but not in Bulgaria. A special session had to be taken and voting to kick him out. What does this say?

All you need in Bulgaria to have power or money is a pad on the back from others who have it.

fishbrain - 6 Mar 2009 // 19:57:25

I can't believe it, I agree with everything said. Ditto.

fishbrain - 5 Mar 2009 // 13:17:45


First, please learn to spell.

Second, make proper sentences, its so dull trying to read the writings of 5year old kids around here.

Thirds, it does not say much about you when you made a few hundred mistakes in what I think are 2 perhaps 3 paragraphs. Basically an insult from a donkey is still an insult from a donkey.

Fourth, I got no idea where you are really from and I dare say you are not Russian. If you were Russian you would not be writing in English. I guess all your writings are coming from jealousy and hatred for something you wish you had. Well you don't. Bulgaria has plenty to offer and obviously you wish you could get some of it. Well, you cannot, so get over it.

Fifth, all the negative things you mention about Bulgaria I will say are common traits of humanity. You can find thieves and idiots everywhere (feel free to choose which one). So telling people these things about Bulgaria to a person in Paris( for example) may get no surprise looks indeed they may say "so? isn't it like this everywhere in the world?".

Anyway I have given you too much of my time but I felt pity for you. Please take a course in English writing, you really need it. Also try to calm your obvious resentment and jealousy towards Bulgaria. I am sure one day they might let you back in if you are nice and can spell properly.

fishbrain - 3 Mar 2009 // 23:02:22

I think she is a ghoul or perhaps a zombie.

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