Russia: US Allowed Georgia to Attack

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Georgia's attack on South Ossetia was likely approved by the United States, says Russian Ambassador to the UN, Vitaly Churkin.

"It is hard to imagine that (Georgian President Mikheil) Saakashvili embarked on this risky venture without some sort of approval from the side of the United States," Churkin told Russian NTV television on Wednesday.

Meanwhile former Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze said that Georgia made a "grave mistake" by advancing into the pro Russian breakaway province of South Ossetia.

Shevardnadze, who is a former Soviet foreign minister, also said the issue of Georgia in itself would not cause a new Cold War, as "the new Cold War has long since been instigated by the USA, through the Americans' so-called missile defence shield in the Czech Republic and Poland."
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resipsaloquitur - 18 Aug 2008 // 00:26:33


Some nights ago there was a documental filmabout the circumstances around

Kennedy's death on CNN.

Oswald was on the 4th floor of the building.

Kennedy was shot in his neck...

How could possibly a bullet fired fromthe 4th Floor of abulding,which was at least 500 yards from the limousine,

hits himinthe lower neck?!

It should hit his scul...if at all coud hit him from such a far distance.

In the same time when Oswald shot,two shots were fired from a buchsfence close

to the colone with Kennedy.

Either the Cuban exiles or his oponents in Washington killed him.

iamsoobored - 17 Aug 2008 // 23:30:34

G Man,

And who are the neo-communists who are pulling Medvedev's strings? Putin and the neo-KGB?

Papa Bush never said any such thing, you are lying, you dumb prick!

And in case you missed Bill's post on NATO, here it is again:

<<Even today, Russia fears its neighbors, and continues to try to build a "buffer zone" around it. Why else is Russia so upset about Poland and Bulgaria allowing NATO forces to move the defensive position farther east as the European Union expands? It just doesn't make sense to have the defense force thousands of kilometers behind the borders, does it?

The western countries have no evil intentions towards Russia at all. The danger is coming from the fanatics in the Arab world, and the EU is moving to defend against it. You don't have to be a military genius to see that.>>

And stop twisting all world events to appear like the US is responsible or it is the fault of the US. Own your own inadequacies - prestani da si izbivash complexite at the expense of the US!!!

G Man - 17 Aug 2008 // 21:44:05

There is absolutely no doubt the neocons that pull Bush's strings are behind most the wars, internal strife, murder and torture going on in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Interesting is it not that we nearly went to war in the sixties when the former USSR tried to put a Missile system into Cuba and President Kennedy quite rightly stood up to them.

Now Bush is trying the same stunt around Europe putting these Nations at risk if he causes a major war which is likely given how banal he is and suddenly when Russia objects it is held up as the bogey man instead of the little sneak who is really responsible.

Russia is no saint, but compared to Bush, they are positively Boy Scouts!

The American people used the last election to put in Democrats with a purpose to control this maniac and what have they done,? Aided and abetted more human misery throughout the world.

George Bush senior is on record as sayimg, "If the American people ever find out what the Bush family have done to the Country, they will chase us down the road and lynch us". Anybody need a rope?

One thing it proves, Kennedy wasn't assassinated by Oswald but by the then Neocons because he wouldn't betray the American people as the Bush administration is doing.

CJB - 15 Aug 2008 // 13:27:29

"Georgia made its choice. Bulgaria is still ruled by commies and KGB agents. "

Any yet BG is a member of NATO (since 2004), and the EU (since 2007). BG does not have restive provinces who have effectively seceded that it wishes to "re-integrate" (ie. invade). BG tried that already in 1912-13 and in WW2, and lost both times.

Georgia is still in a very early stage of independence, and currently in thrall to crazed nationalists like it was in the early 1990s, when S. Ossetia and Abkhazia decided they did not want to be part of a country where the slogan was "Georgia for the Georgians".

iamsoobored - 15 Aug 2008 // 03:58:48

Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia’s president, was told firmly by the Bush administration that he must not start a war.

proud_to_be_american - 15 Aug 2008 // 02:42:26

I can somewhat agree with your assertion but when it emanates from a person whose country was not once but twice "liberated" by a foreign country, it speaks volumes about who can and who can not afford to be neutral in this day and age of only one world super power. What do you need NATO for , if you can maintain your own defense? Your country, like Georgia is a small fish in the ocean of global politics and one way or the other you need somebody to protect you.
Georgia made its choice. Bulgaria is still ruled by commies and KGB agents.

As for the UN- I also want them out - out of New York, out of the world arena out of every conflict, because it is not part of the solution, it is part of the problem. See Sudan, remember Rwanda, recall Somalia, invoke Ethiopia, do not forget Haiti...

proud_to_be_american - 15 Aug 2008 // 01:47:08

While Bulgaria is sending body bags and its deputy Foreign Minister to Georgia, the leaders of
Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania,Estonia and Latvia travelled to Tbilisi in a show of support for the people of Georgia. How about that, huh?

Their presence in Tbilisi is not only a sign of solidarity with the democratic choices of the Georgian people, but also a clear message to Russia that the US and some EU countries firmly opposed the russian use of disproportional force against Georgia. And to leave no doubt about its security concern Poland agreed to allow US to establish an American missile interceptor shield in Poland.

Who said that the Russian policy of "near abroad" can go unpunished? This is only the beginning. The West would not allow the Finlandization of Georgia. While it is true that there is nothing to be done militarily, there are a range of measures to be deployed against Russia:

--Suspend the NATO-Russia Coincil established to bring Russia closer to the West.
--Bar Russian entry to the World Trade Organization
--Expel Russia from the G-8, because Putin's dictatorship has turned its presence in this prestigious Club a farce, and last but not least,
--A US-EU boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi.

It is yet to be seen how and when the Bulgarian government will show support for the Saakashvili government as other former Soviet satellites stood up to Russia.

resipsaloquitur - 15 Aug 2008 // 01:43:19


what job had had to be done in Iraq?


ewen your WARMONGER,IDIOT president had to admit it.

And he was laughing...SUCH STUPIDITY!

What is sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny that USA did not find weapons in Iraq?

Nor had Iraq nuclear missles!

The agressiwe foreign politics of USA caused the death of 4000 JOUNG men and women...

not to speak about the misery in wich the Iraqi people liwe since 2003.

Kolegialen - 15 Aug 2008 // 01:42:35

"The Georgians, like the Serbs in the case of Kosovo, should recognise reality and formally recognise the independence of these territories.."

That's the key - here in the States everyone is casting the Russians in the Serb role, not the Georgians. It mazes me how anti-Russian the US still is to the core.

Some brainwashes die hard.

I worry about the US - between geriatric Johnny and Hussein Osama, excuse me, Obama, their next 4 years look like a slow motion disaster....

But the article is basically right - Ukraine can thank Georgia for kissing her NATO/EU dream goodbye....

Rollingstoned - 15 Aug 2008 // 01:33:44

It's true and it's "scary" because this can easily escolate....
It was nice, knowing all of you. Just don't bend over and kiss your ass!
Because some of you, would never leave home, if you could!

resipsaloquitur - 15 Aug 2008 // 01:29:23

My dearest Kollegian,

do you realy reside in Frisko?

Please,be precautios because the Homeland Security will trow you out of USA for

saying:"GO RUSSIA!"
I do not bother as I do not hawe any intents to reside there.

I am MORE thanhappy to stay inEurope!

CJB - 15 Aug 2008 // 01:23:16

The west shares the blame for Georgia
By Anatol Lieven
Financial Times
Published: August 13 2008 19:50 | Last updated: August 13 2008 19:50

The bloody conflict over South Ossetia will have been good for something at least if it teaches two lessons. The first is that Georgia will never now get South Ossetia and Abkhazia back. The second is for the west: it is not to make promises that it neither can, nor will, fulfil when push comes to shove.

Who got Georgia into this?
Actions by Bush and McCain misled the country into thinking the U.S. would come to its aid.
Rosa Brooks
Los Angeles Times
August 14, 2008,0,4988958.column

resipsaloquitur - 15 Aug 2008 // 00:48:27

Hey iamsobored,



When I was inLA in 2004 the Mexicans were speaking that California ONCE

belonged to Mexico and it is time USA giwes it back.

The Anglo-Saxon americans do not realize how many Mexican nationalists liwe in New Mexico,Arizona or CA.

iamsoobored - 14 Aug 2008 // 16:36:32


Who has brainwashed you very professionally into thinking that the US is taking over the world? The Russian commie pigs or the Muslim jihadists?

CJB - 14 Aug 2008 // 16:24:13

Yeah, yeah... Funny how so many Americans believe all this sh1t about USA being a force for good in the world, no empire, etc. They must really brainwash you very professionally!

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