Billionaire to Repopulate Bulgarian Villages with Syrian Refugees

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Bulgaria: Billionaire to Repopulate Bulgarian Villages with Syrian Refugees Canadian billionaire philanthropist Yank Barry (l) during the visit of the refugee camp in Bulgaria’s Harmanli, November. Photo by DarikNews.

The Canadian billionaire Yank Barry will search for sparsely populated towns and villages in Bulgaria to house Syrian refugees willing to reside in the country.

The Canadian philanthropist intends to purchase houses and land in north-west Bulgaria for immigrant families, Bulgarian private TV station BTV reported.

"There are many deserted villages in Bulgaria which I can repeople," Barry told Bulgarian Pressa Daily.

The project will be developed in the next 6-7 months, Barry announced.

In November 2013, the four-time world boxing champion Evander Holyfield and Yank Barry have started a campaign for support of refugees in Bulgaria.

They have rented a 4 star hotel in the outskirts of the capital Sofia as well as two houses, where Syrian families will be accommodated.

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St Dimityr Basarbovski - 14 Feb 2014 // 14:04:20

Of course nothing will be done and Bg will end up being split among Turkey, Ro and FYROM
Increase 1000-fold the fees for Turkish trucks crossing Bg and Greek territory so that the Turksih trade with the West, Albania, FYROM and so one become iunprofitable. Of course that means reciprocal actions of the Turks, meaning the Bg and Greek companies crossing Turkey will go bankrupt but Bg and Gr trade through Turkey is nothing compared to the one with the West, Ukraine, Russia.
But who has the guts in Bg or Greece to do should a thing?
Looks like the BULGARIA TURK Sunaj Karaasan tried to break the Bg truck barrier a few days ago. This is the perfect example why the Bg Turks are NOT loyal towards Bg, just like the Serbs in Croatian Krajna. Why haven't they been expelled until now (the same percentage as the Croatia Serbs)??? Well because Bg as an Eastern Orthodox country doesn't enjoy the same tolerance from the Western Powers as Croatia, it is being discriminated against

St Dimityr Basarbovski - 14 Feb 2014 // 14:03:46

Bulgarian authorities should inform their NATO allies (especially the US) about Turkey's territorial claims towards most of the Balkan countries but also towards Georgia (the former directly uttered by Erdogan last year, the latter in one map published by the Turkish Education Ministry in 2012 as auxiliary material for history classes, Education Ministry being a public, official institution, that means OFFICIAL territorial claims). Georgia is a future member of NATO but Turkey has territorial claims towards it, as well as towards Bg, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, FYROM, Bosnia).
Also Bg lobby for the recognition of the Armenian genocide and territorial autonomy of Turkish Kurdistan.
It seems that there is a plan for splitting Bg among Turkey, FYROM and Romania devised by Bilderberg group and other like them, freemasons or whatever, Soros. The Muslim refugees from Syria but also from Afghanistan, Algeria and black Muslim countries flooding Bg is part of such a plan. Why are Algerians coming to Bg from Turkey since there is no war in Algeria and no direct route from Algeria to Bulgaria through Turkey??? I recommend hiring contract killers to kill Etienne Davignon, George Soros and the others with such intention towards Bulgaria.
Unloyal ethnic minorities in Bulgaria (Turks, Gypsy-speaking and Turkish-speaking Muslim Roma with Turkish national awareness) should be treated by Croatian standards. The Western 'Powers' should not discriminated Bulgaria against Croatia and let it expell the same percentage of the above-mentioned non-loyal ethnic communities' members as the percentage of Croatia Serbs expelled and currently still not returned. Muslim Gypsies with non-Turkish ethnic identification cannot be expelled unfortunately but they are few. How can we prove the former are un-loyal? Well there are the OFFICIAL territorial claims by Erdogan towards Ludogorieto and Kyrdzalijsko. This is enough. A interesting is that the part of Ludogorieto having belonged to Greater Romania is claimed by both Romania and its former Muslims masters currently allies the Turks. Check Romania presidents (Traian Basescu) very recent declaration in Turkey in favor of speeding up Turkey's EU accession. Also check Ljutvi Mestan's interview for Romanian news agency Agerpres with anti-Bg statements.

St Dimityr Basarbovski - 14 Feb 2014 // 14:02:59

We will have huge issues with the already many fast-breeding Christian Romanian-speaking Gypsies (vlaski cigani): koritari, kopanari, vretenari. Romanian propagandists from North Dobrudza have visited Dobrich and Silistra districts and begged them to declare themselves Romanians at the last two censuses. The biggest success however is not in South Dobrudza, but in Varnensko. It is a known fact that Romanian and FYROMian governments have repeatedly asked Bulgaria for the recognition of their "national minorities", despite the fact that in Bg, just like in France and Greece there are no such minorities. The Turks can't do that since that would mean giving ethnic rights to the numerous Kurds and they are not that stupid. Recognizing a national minorities would result in ethnic parties which means that national minorities would be granted the collective right to collectively be represented by their respective parties (individual ethnic rights would mean 1 party for every Romanian, FYROMian, Turk and so on). There is no way of solving the Gypsification of Bulgarian by Christian Romanian-speaking Roma + Muslim Roma with Turkish ethnic identification (regardless of the fact that they speak Turkish or Gypsy most of the Muslim Gypsies have Turkish ethnic identification).

jingoistic Sentimental - 14 Feb 2014 // 00:25:55

"Just because Bulgaria isn't doing well, doesn't mean it's for sale. "

LOL. And who the fuck would want to buy this mud infested country? There are no natural resources, it's 90% gypsy, women are either money hungry sluts or have a bigger mustache than Erdogan, there are more dirty rabid stary dogs than anywhere else on earth (oh sorry, forgot that Kyrgyzstan has more LOL), no industry to speak of and the ugliest (and dumbest) and most entitled people in Europe...........It's not for sale? Thanks! You can keep it gypsy boy....enjoy rolling in the mud!

Yane - 13 Feb 2014 // 23:07:49

These people fought a civil war, and if they aren't careful they will get a new war here. Just because Bulgaria isn't doing well, doesn't mean it's for sale. Opportunist mofos!

I can imagine that Saudi-Arabia n Turkey would throw money at this otherwise, to flood Bulgaria with every muslim refugee they could get their hands on, to turn Bulgaria into a muslim country.

sa-sha - 13 Feb 2014 // 13:21:31

Not objection, but a remark: "Asked how many refugees the UK should take, Ms Cooper said the government should "look at how many places we can provide":

I mean: when in BG those poor refugees have at least a roof over their heads ("a house in an abandoned village"), UK - as well as other "democracies", btw, - "should look", right? A "look" (utmost wise and democratic, indeed) vs a real roof? And plus the permanent paranoya "President Bashar al-Assad must stand down", which inevitably increases the flow of refugees.... SUCH A GIFT! - And "how can we thank for it"?

Latina - 12 Feb 2014 // 21:06:14

By the way my regards to all the foreigners which have chosen to live in Bulgaria just because they love it, thank you for your support and understanding!!

Latina - 12 Feb 2014 // 19:49:37

Who the f..k is this f..ker Musala Tombola - who named himself like one of our mountains and dare insulting our national Shkembe chorba and our way of living, cant someone find him and kick his looser lazy ass (which cant make living in his own country but has come here to live on our land) out of our country and brake all of his fingers so he cant never again "speak" with them about what the people of bulgaria should want or disagree on!!???!!!

Mat - 12 Feb 2014 // 16:58:09

Perhaps you can inform us what these 'special privileges' are that are being showered on the refugees. A house in an abandoned village? Oh... ohh... how can we thank you for SUCH A GIFT!

Brannik - 12 Feb 2014 // 16:33:51

What investment are you talking about?
Haven't the 1.5 million Bulgarians working outside of the country invested enough by injecting months worth of salaries into the Bulgarian "economy"?
What's going to happen is that the Syrian refugees (who are predominantly Muslim) will be given land, houses and a lot of free time.
What's going to happen?
There are Islamic organizations in Bulgaria that are paying 200 Euro to each person (adult or child) who would convert (or already is part of) to Islam.
These refugees will have all day to pray, eat like Sultans and practice the religion of "peace".
It's not as if we don't have enough problems with the gypsies and the pomaks trying to make an Islamic republic out of Bulgaria - now you want us to accept more people who are like them?

Bulgaria has enough problems with its own people.
Once we're able to take care of our own, then we can think of aiding others.
Until we are able to get it together, no special privileges should be given to refugees !

Contemporary - 12 Feb 2014 // 10:20:44

"Vesela already misses Ottoman times."

No wonder this country is in the pits, morons like this one spend all day talking about something that happened 200 yrs ago like if it was the issue of the day............

Yane - 12 Feb 2014 // 03:12:44

Vesela already misses Ottoman times.

civis - 12 Feb 2014 // 01:34:10

Well, I thoroughly support Mr. Barry initiative but with a certain "upgrade" . We all agree that refugies should be treated in the best possible way and should live in the best conditions possilble. And we all agree that our poor poor country is hardly the best place for that. Alas, Bulgaria is an underdeveloped, xenophobic, post-socialist country in crisis, as some of my compatriots were so polite to state bellow.
So, in order not to expose the Syrians to the harsh reality of Bulgarian life, we should do whatever it takes to help Mr. Barry safely and soundly carry as much refugees as he can to his native Canada, which is btw one of the most sparcely populated countries on the globe. There, amidst much more positive cultural environment ( not to mention a generous welfare system ) the Syrian refugees will heal the scars left by the war and hopefully will make sure more and more of their compatriots learn about the Canadian hospitality.
So, Mr. Barry please, inform us Bulgarians how should we help you and your Syrian friends to reach Canada as soon as possible! Kind regards.

Vesela_86 - 12 Feb 2014 // 00:09:00

I am a bulgarian and I think that is good somebody to invest in Bulgaria. Our country is getting every year more poor and this will open jobs for bulgarians as well . Most of our villages are with very old population or with no population at all. It is good if there is new life in the villages and the people start to work there.

Musala Tombola - 11 Feb 2014 // 22:20:26

"Just who the hell does this foreign bastard think he is to buy OUR LAND and give it to FOREIGN MUSLIMS!?"

YES!! Let's keep our land and our villages like they are: decrepit ghost towns populated by 80 something year old toothless illiterates who are half starved. Let's keep our prosperity, our rabid stray dogs and booming economy and villages to our poor, disgusting, parasitic and filthy selves.............

Long live L'garia!!!!!!!!!!!!

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