Sofia Marks 70th Anniversary of Fiercest Allied Bombing

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Bulgaria: Sofia Marks 70th Anniversary of Fiercest Allied Bombing Archive photo by

Bulgarian capital Sofia marks Friday the 70th anniversary from the most destructive Second World bombing sustained by the allied US and British air force.

During WW II, Bulgaria was allied with the Axis, and on December 13, 1941, it declared war on the USA and the United Kingdom.

From November 14, 1943, to April 17, 1944, Allied forces undertook some 11 air raids over Sofia, part of the Tidal Wave Operation.

The US-UK bombing on January 10, 1944, has been recorded as the most damaging in terms of casualties and destruction caused.

The attack started around noon on January 10, and lasted into the night leading to January 11, when all hell broke loose on the Bulgarian capital.

Some 950 people were killed and hundreds on ground. Hundreds of buildings were completely demolished or severely damaged.

Allied forces targeted civilian sites too, including hospitals. 1,800 bombs, equvalent to 450 tonnes, were dropped over Sofia.

The attack was carried by some 200 bombers and fighter jets, with the Allied air force sustaining heavier damages than the Bulgarian air force.

For the whole bombing campaign, over 2000 people have been killed on ground in Sofia, with 1/4 of the Bulgarian capital's buildings demolished.

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joppy - 19 Jan 2014 // 20:36:21

Come to think, nothing sounds stupider than claiming the recent flooding, which the UK experienced, is God's punishment for legalizing gay marriage as David Silvester, a UKIP councilor recently did.

"The scriptures make it abundantly clear that a Christian nation that abandons its faith and acts contrary to the Gospel (and in naked breach of a coronation oath) will be beset by natural disasters such as storms, disease, pestilence and war."

Problem is that if homosexuality is a sin it would be a sin regardless of whether it is legal or not. It seems people still haven't figured out that societies which have their order, moral and civility maintained by threats of punishment do not work as people, instead of being scared of the punishment, find ways to evade it. A better society is one where people are not threatened with punishment but they uphold their moral regardless. That is a society which will last.

Seedy - 19 Jan 2014 // 14:16:46

Thanks for the wishes for peace and happiness - can we assume that means you'll be taking your childish theories and pontification somewhere else? Sadly, I doubt that we'll be so lucky but perhaps you'll take the time to add English to the languages that you speak so fluently - and also to learn that your ridiculously simplistic and half-baked theories don't reflect the realities in this neck of the woods....

countryhick1 - 19 Jan 2014 // 10:57:19

Apologies my PC went ape.
people into soap. I believe it was your former prime minister that said Bulgarians need to stop saying it. Never would a western or civilised country have a prime minister that would have the need to say that.
It is not about me saying this that or the other. I have done my best to stay on topic unlike most posters here.
The US airmen deserved the monument and it is on their behalf I have in a very humble way tried to defend their right to have it.
Every nation gets the government they deserve and Bulgaria is a prime example of this for about the last 600 years
I wish you all real peace and happiness

countryhick1 - 19 Jan 2014 // 10:49:27

I give respect to those that deserve. Seedy is just what his name says
I have lived in several countries and speak three languages fluently. Never have I been in company that openly says it would turn

sa-sha - 18 Jan 2014 // 18:38:20

Не ожидал. Respect to Seedy.

joppy - 18 Jan 2014 // 11:49:59

@countryhick Nobody is going to turn Roma into soap, that's why there's so many of them here in the first place and not the equivalent number in other European countries where they do get turned to soap along with other minorities.

Meanwhile stop focussing on Bulgaria, focus on your own criminals which you didn't arrest, cough .. Tony Blair .. cough, and caused way more irreversible damage than some Bulgaria MP ever will. Now I know you will probably dismiss this as "deflecting guilt", "oh but he does it as well", but that's not the reason I'm telling you this, I'm telling you this so you stop being a hypocrite.

But of course you will never arrest them because the British from a very young age are told to serve there masters, without asking questions or resisting. That's why Britain is still a monarchy, whereas Eastern European countries are not. In every British novel (both for children and adults), and British film production it is all ultimately about serving the Queen and helping the Queen get here "stolen jewels back" and no one asks why does the Queen have the jewels in the first place. That's where you comment about saying "that they were right to bomb us, if you were us" came from, a display of the brainwashing which you have faced since birth. Admittedly when I was in my younger years, I enjoyed reading such books as Treasure Island, Robbin Hood, … etc. but still I don't think of the Queen as a deserving figure.

Seedy - 18 Jan 2014 // 11:39:33

CH1 - why don't you do us all a favour: go and buy some radio-controlled helicopters and stop spouting your puerile nonsense....

countryhick1 - 18 Jan 2014 // 09:18:05

Arrest your current fascist MP'S before they turn Bulgarian Roma into soap

joppy - 15 Jan 2014 // 00:20:38

@countryhick The funny thing is that the same thing is happening today, as in WW2. We have troops in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting a war which is not ours. I can tell you very few Bulgarians if any at all agree, with Bulgaria's involvement or want Bulgarian troops involved. Even though they are minuscule in numbers compared to the USA and UK, we will probably still take the heat from the middle eastern nations in the future, when in reality we didn't have a choice. If we didn't become member of NATO we would have been annihilated either by Turkey, or a Kosovo scenario would have played out to bring us under their control anyway. Same situation with the axis, of course we took the lighter damage, had we sided with the allies it would have been much larger.

Of course when it comes to Serbia and Bosnia you didn't prevent anything, in-fact you let another genocide and ethnic cleansing take place under your watch, whilst the UN was on a peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. Not only did you punish civilians who probably had nothing to do with the war, nor did they agree with it, you punished the planet by poisoning it with depleted uranium, something which is an even bigger crime.

countryhick1 - 14 Jan 2014 // 21:03:31

Death camps you say, has it ever occurred to you that the soldiers were conscripts, i.e. they had no choice

There is always a choice and that is a pathetic argument on your part it means we should not have arrested anyone after the war and put them on trial for war crimes

You still haven't answered what makes you the "Good Guys", why are you avoiding my question.

We were fighting against the fascists who started all the killing in the 1st place
If you are the ones that start evil the ones that fight against you are the good ones, simple isn't it.

Same with the Balkans, Serbia and Bosnia
Yes. More ethnic cleansing that we needed to stop

Morally superior to all? Yes we are (I was only referring to the second world war) In many cases I am also ashamed of things that the British have done (slavery etc). However I admit when asked about those things, and if the shoe was on the other foot and we were like Bulgaria was in the war I would hang my head in shame and say yes it was OK that you bombed us .I would say I hope we have learned from that.
Bulgaria in my experience here has not learned anything about its fascist past
I constantly here Bulgarians say Roma should be turned into soap.
I have had enough of this thread now. Seriously move on from the war. The monument is there because those brave men deserve it
The end

joppy - 14 Jan 2014 // 20:53:48

@hick Typical Westerner "We are never wrong, we are always victims, when others commit atrocities we have no problem playing the policeman, but when we commit even greater atrocities we are morally superior.", "We have no problem promising freedom to others but have a problem when it comes to living up to those promises, and whine and bitch as if we were drunk while we signed the agreement". Hypocrisy is in Western blood, your 1000 euro is rich, all I asked was for a penny every time you people display appalling hypocrisy, I'd get one from you right now, and also I should ask for 1000 Euro every time a Brit a wishes death to all muslims.

Again with the baseless Nazi accusations. Maybe you should take a look at how many minorities live in Bulgaria, the we have one of the highest Roma and Turk populations, Bulgarians are only around 68% yet we are Nazis. Take a look at the rest of Europe, how many Turkish, Pomak, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Roma minorities live in Greece, oh right there aren't any its 99% Greek, how many Bulgarian, Greek and Armenian minorities live in Turkey, oh that's right 0 because they were killed off, how many minorities does the genocide victims "Croatia" have, oh that's right none because it is 99.9% Croatian. Why don't we take a look at how Hungary or the Czech Republic treats its Roma, oh that's right there families get murdered on a daily basis. Travel to the West, France, Germany and the UK are quick to criticize Bulgaria and Romania on how they treat Jews yet when they leave to the West not only are they even poorer than they are in BG and RO, but they get deported from the West to BG and RO even if they are not Bulgarian or Romanian nationals. I'd say we are the most tolerant.

We don't care about our army, like I said we don't like war and we will side with the strongest to avoid the most loses, since all sides are evil, we don't care who we fight for, we won't be loyal to anyone, as long as we avoid any major damage. If it is up to me, next time something similar happens, I would just let the Western Imperialists kill each other. They criticize us of being Nazi scum yet we don't even have even a quarter of their criminal history.

You people will never learn and will remain hated by the rest of the world, it's your fault that Europe is the most hated continent and people have no problem wishing genocide on all whites. Sometimes when I look at Western Europe's history particularly WW2 and colonialism it makes me ashamed to be associated with the continent.

May Karma seve to you what you deserve.

joppy - 14 Jan 2014 // 20:30:42

@hick You still haven't answered what makes you the "Good Guys", why are you avoiding my question. I also see you are resorting more and more to childlike argument tactics "you started it, you started it, you started it, you started it".

Now lets apply your logic: the British civilians are fathers/mothers/family of those who killed and continuously killing civilians in the middle east, not even mentioning all those dying from cancer due to depleted uranium which you used for your imperialist goals. Why do you complain about subway bombings then, that is the equivalent of the 1944 Sofia bombings except. WTF is that your example of being "morally superior", destroying the planet we live on, the planet you share with billions of other people and other animals which have just as much a right to live as humans do, in-fact more considering the horrific crimes the human race has committed against everyone else. Iraq will forever be contaminated and even if the sectarian violence is over, there are no more bombings, the infrastructure is rebuilt, the DU will remain emitting deadly radiation, and thus it will never be a suitable place to live again, this is once again your legacy. Same with the Balkans, Serbia and Bosnia will forever be contaminated with DU which you used during a war which you declared, the radiation is emitted all over the Balkans, even here in Bulgaria we have had an increase in radiation readings and the number of cancer patients since 1999, remember that damage cannot be repaired no matter what you do, no matter how much you apologize, how much money you pay as compensation to us, the hole will remain in the wall even if the nail is removed. How does that make you one of the good guys. How does the French and American (your buddies) Pacific nuclear tests make them the good guys, if anything it makes you the greatest criminals around, even greater than the German Nazis.

Death camps you say, has it ever occurred to you that the soldiers were conscripts, i.e. they had no choice whether they fight or not, they had no choice as to what they do. However it was wrong of us to send civilians to death camps but you really shouldn't be criticizing us (nor the Germans for that matter) since it was your grandparents which were responsible for wiping out 90% of the native North American, and Australian Aboriginal population, that's GENOCIDE on TWO whole continents. I don't see any remorse or apology or "admitting we were wrong" from Britain, no in-fact Australia and Canada are still British colonies with the Queen as head of state.

joppy - 14 Jan 2014 // 20:03:16

@TimuzH We have got over it, this is the first time I'm hearing about. It was 70 years during a war so its no surprise that we suffered damage, lets hope that we do not have a repeat of that dreadful war. What I do have a problem with however is people glorifying the bombings, using arguments "Bulgarians are scum which deserved to be bombed" which is ironic since they were supposed to be the good guys fighting against the evil Nazis, yet they themselves act like Nazis. At least have a little remorse say it was wrong but it was a time of war and those things happen, instead of saying the civilians were Nazi's. Nobody would like it if muslims glorify terrorists attacks and use Britain's foreign policy as a justification for killing civilians.

countryhick1 - 14 Jan 2014 // 12:49:21

You people will never learn and have no place in a decent society until you admit you were guilty of declaring war and accept the fact you brought the bombing raids upon yourself. Now go back to your rakia and singing songs of how brave and wonderful your army is (shame your soldiers have to wake up in the morning and ask their officers what side are we on today)

countryhick1 - 14 Jan 2014 // 12:28:57

The people in Sofia were the fathers/mothers/family of the soldiers who were sending civilians to death camps. You started it and we finished it. It was not much of a bombing raid anyway. You were all Nazi scum and thus a legit target. Typical Bulgarian, never your fault always someone else’s . Wish I had 1000 euro for every time I have heard some Nazi Bulg say he would like to see roma turned into soap..

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