Mr Farage, Don’t Come to Bulgaria Again

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Dear Mr Farage,

(Continuing - Open Letter to UKIP's Nigel Farage on Insulting Bulgarians. March 14, 2013)

It has been many weeks since I first wrote the above letter to you, published online and also sent to you twice - in person via your UKIP press office. I am still awaiting your reply.

I further note that you have again secretly returned to Bulgaria, but this time with a channel Four (UK) film crew. A documentary report now filmed in the very same impoverished area of Sofia – the very same district that you visited before.

The conclusion I draw is that you are quite incapable of learning from your mistakes and that you still insist on portraying Bulgaria and its people in the most negative of light.

You wish to further your own political objectives by portraying this wonderful nation as nothing more than a ‘desperate shanty-land.’ Do you not think that given your continual misrepresentation of the Bulgarian people that you could at least now be honest with them?

Anyone watching this latest broadcast will soon realize that it is the Roma community that you find so objectionable and not the generic population as a whole.

I congratulate the Bulgarian parliamentary leadership for refusing to meet with you.
I also admire the genuine hospitality shown toward you, this evident in the latest broadcast from the members of the Roma community. Though I suspect many have failed to understand the true purpose of your latest trip, this was nothing less than an ‘anti-Gypsy’ propaganda exercise.

Disengaged communities across the European Union all need our help as a unified Europe, decent housing, education and jobs. The destructive cycle of Roma poverty must be broken but you seem committed to only one end. You will ‘play the race-card’ at any opportunity to ensure you gain political votes. I personally welcome the Roma into the wider E.U to find work, if all member states committed themselves to bettering Roma living conditions instead of pandering to the delusions of the new right wing populist  movements - we will all soon find that politicians like you will find their real place in the system– this lost in the past.

When you were welcomed so warmly by this community, with all your smiles and handshakes present for the camera, you seem to have forgotten to tell them something. This, that your new political candidate for Ramsgate (Kent), Mr Martyn Heale is a former National Front activist. In fact a former ‘branch-organiser’ of the ultra right-wing British fascist party. He stood as an NF candidate in Hamersmith (London.) Surely you must be aware of My Heale’s past, Mr Farage? This very same man was your own personal election agent during 2005. The same man that after having left the National Front’s service then became Chairman of the West London (de-registered in 2008) ‘Anti-Immigration New Britain Party.’ His second choice of extreme far-right positioning.

Whilst you may publically portray UKIP as a legitimate petitioner acting on ‘British interests,’ the racist and xenophobic truth of what you and UKIP stand for is quite obvious to all. When you accepted the hospitality of the Roma community in Sofia did you not think to tell them that your friend and new candidate for Kent was a member of a political party that comprised of Holocaust deniers? The same Holocaust in which millions of Roma perished.

There was only one ‘highlight’ in your new broadcast that pleased me. The young Bulgarian woman (I believe to be a university student) whom most assertively stated to you, “If I wanted to come to Britain not you or anyone else would stop me.”

Mr Farage, I’d be delighted to pay her air-fare. And I recommend that she moves to your constituency!

There seems to be some concern from you that I did not write the original letter – I confirm that I did. These are the genuine concerns of a British expatriate’s in Bulgaria. I find it very funny indeed that the letter has been dismissed as a ‘Bulgarian plot’ on several websites. I chose not to state my profession on the original letter only as a means of preventing you from claiming it to be ‘a cheap self-promotion exercise.’ So I stuck to the point, to vent the anger of a British man that lives in Bulgaria who is outraged by British hypocrisy. A man that finds you to be more irritating than an arm-pit infested with the fleas of one thousand camels. But just to be sure that you do now truly believe that the original letter was written by ‘yours truly,’ and not a part of a ‘wider foreign conspiracy,’ I’ve also written you a new song.

I’ve written many works to celebrate the wonders of Bulgaria, Baba Marta, Vseki den, Sofia City of Love and others, but this one is just for you. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. I’d be delighted if you would put a copy of it on the UKIP office answering machine, or indeed keep it as a personal ring tone for your mobile-phone. This might help in reminding you to reply.

You’ll find the song here:

Please don’t come here again, it’s very embarrassing.

Jonathan Taylor

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Library - 12 May 2013 // 09:56:29

Dear Jonathan Taylor.

I think your songs are a more powerful way of protesting...

Like the spirit of the revolution with the likes of Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg

Continue to write and sing and make your point that way

Uchak - 12 May 2013 // 09:54:38

farage is a coward, he bashes Bulgarians because it is acceptable to do so when everyone in UK knows the problems with immigration is caused from Muslims and Africans abusing the welfare system
of course if he said Pakis are the problem they would yell racist at him

Seedy - 12 May 2013 // 07:43:08

And then sell out Eastern Europe to the Russians - "just like we did"?

Maybe the Yanks won't rescue you this time round either.......

Library - 11 May 2013 // 16:37:40

Stop giving Farage free publicity!

Laugh at the twat like we did with Hitler...

Yane - 11 May 2013 // 13:31:28

Can't blame the Brits for not wanting a bunch of gypsies, but I doubt it's really about them. Look at all the 3rd world peoples of the world they have already in the UK, who not all, but many, come with lots of problems.

The real issue is that UK doesn't want immigration from real Europeans because they want the good jobs for themselves, but if you are some non-European immigrant, then the gates are wide open for you to enter lowest wage job market. The Brits can keep non-white immigrants at arms length n feel cozy n secure, but with other Europeans coming in, suddenly there's competition for jobs Brits expect to get.

Seedy - 5 May 2013 // 14:08:21

Doesn't it strike you as bizarre to oppose The Odious Farage's views but seek to deny him the right to free travel within the EU that he wishes to deny others? Also, I'm sure that you can’t be surprised that he hasn't troubled to reply to your previous laughable letter.

His last visit wasn’t "secret", accompanied as he was by a foreign TV crew, and hosted by chalga-loving tsigani who are hardly noted for being close-lipped, but why spoil a good story with the truth? You clearly don’t know Fakulteta or other gipsy neighbourhoods of Sofia since "desperate shanty-land" describes them very well - and Farage, despite his half-baked populism, is bang on the money in not wanting the Roma population of Bulgaria heading to the UK, even though there are already plenty pickpocketing their way around the Tube and streets of the West End. As this activity, and the other criminality they indulge in, presumably qualifies as "self employment" they are there quite legally, of course.

Most Bulgarians know just who Farage's amateur demagoguery is aimed at and are hoping that it won’t be successful until as many tsigani as possible have headed over in their quest for as much cash and benefits as London and the rest of the country will hand them. The hospitality of Roma "Mr Bigs" is hardly the result of ignorance or poverty, since they are not short of a lev or two, but they have no intention of combatting the conditions most of their community live under since it suits them just fine to be The Man sitting at the top of the pile and profiting from the efforts of their foot-soldiers.

If you have the slightest knowledge of the country you live in you'll be well aware that the "destructive cycle of Roma poverty" is largely self-inflicted and is repeated whenever local authorities rehouse them, only to reduce their new surroundings to the same disgusting state as their previous ones. Why should EU tax-payers be required to better the social conditions of people who insist on living by criminality, in squalor, and by their own often illegal "ethnic standards"?

Since you seem to make much of Farage fudging facts, you might note that in "The Holocaust in which millions of Roma perished" the very highest estimates are half a million, a horrendous number indeed but nowhere near the scale your imagination has conjured up. I also doubt that Farage would notice an extra Bulgarian or two in his constituency of South-East England.

As a Brit you have no lack of things to embarrass you but I can't see why a half-assed populist pseudo-politician should be one of them: perhaps you ought to save your shame for the semi-literate Little Englanders who support an airy-fairy "party" with no real policies apart from xenophobia dressed up as patriotism. However, the REAL shame is that there is no party in the UK that anyone with even half a brain could seriously support - and precious few British voters who do have even half a brain.

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