9 Missing, 33 in Hospital in Terrorist Attack on Israelis in Bulgaria - Mayor

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Bulgaria: 9 Missing, 33 in Hospital in Terrorist Attack on Israelis in Bulgaria - Mayor

Nine Israelis are deemed missing, and 33 have been hospitalized after the terrorist attack on a bus with Israeli tourists at Bulgaria's Burgas Airport Wednesday, reports say.

Initial reports said a number of Israelis were dead and wounded in the explosion which hit their bus at the Sarafovo Airport near Bulgaria's Black Sea city of Burgas at about 5:30 pm EET.

The Bulgarian authorities have confirmed there are casualties but have not confirmed their number. The site of the Burgas Airport says the Israeli tourists arrived on a flight of Air Via from Tel Aviv at 4:50 pm. After that, they got on a bus to reach Bulgaria's largest Black Sea resort Sunny Beach.

According to reports, there were about 40 Israeli tourists on the bus. A total of three buses caught fire on the Burgas Airport parking lot, a local news site.

A total of 33 people were hospitalized after the blast, three of them critical, and one of those three dying shortly after that, Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov told bTV Wednesday night, about 2.5 hours after the explosion.

The bus driver, who is Bulgarian, is also in a critical condition, he said.

According to the bTV correspondent, nine Israeli tourists are deemed missing, with reports stating the death toll at 3, 5, or 7.

All flights from the Burgas Airport have been redirected north to the Varna Airport after the explosion.

According to Mayor Nikolov, there was "a very strong explosive that was deliberately placed or brought into the baggage compartment of the bus".

He said the Israelis arrived to Burgas on a flight from Tel Aviv with 151 people on boad, including one American and one Slovenian citizen. He said also that the Bulgarian authorities have managed to create an organization to investigate "a very severe incident."

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KK1988 - 23 Jul 2012 // 14:42:50

Hari said " I tried. goodbye"
hahaha, oh you hope for humanity you. you new found jesus you. you 'the good die young' you. you pure love for the ages in the form of a blogger you.

Iman al hams man, give an answer to that or else ur bullshitting. case closed.

hari - 22 Jul 2012 // 20:41:31

you will not hear so I will put it plainly it is Hama, the PA and all the political extremists groups along with a circus pro pal propaganda group that makes up stories. You will never see the truth because in your mind you are conditioned to condemn Israel again look at the pmw site. look at the fact that even Hamas said they lied during the Gaza war and the civilians deaths were terrorists. You will not hear the truth because you want Israel to be guilty. I can only hope that there are those out there who will reflect on the truth. Like Mohammad Dura, the Pr machine against Israel is lying and the only one guilty of killing Pal children is their own regime and the ideology that tells parents its ok to put there children in harms way. More children die from their own regimes and an ideology that worships death than anything Israel does. You and I will never agree but I hope the world wakes up to the truth. with all due regret I leave you and this site. For the sake of all the children of the world lets hope that more people become intuitive. Israel is saving all the children of the world and as the world sits by as Syrian children die and women and children suffer all over the world because of an interpretation which is detrimental to humanity it is unbelievable that you would insist on going back to the propaganda which any intuitive person can see through. I tried goodbye

KK1988 - 22 Jul 2012 // 19:29:29

let me narrow it down to you. so you can maybe come up with a more intelligent answer, well narrow it down to only Iman al Hams. ill take baby steps with you since i know somewhere u fell behind in evolution. are you saying it was not the IDF who shot her down?? wasnt it he commanding officer on duty who walked up to her and shot 15 bullets into her body to 'confirm the kill'?? wasnt it then that this guy was icharged for illegal use of his weapon and obstruction of justice when he should be charged for murder? wasnt it then that he was acquited and the verdict was that he was actually being shot at from somewhere in the vicinity, only no explanation given to why he was shooting to the ground and not to the source of shooting. is this a respecatable legal system? what are you man? did your mom not breastfeed you enough?

hari - 22 Jul 2012 // 18:20:52

read this site and learn something


hari - 22 Jul 2012 // 18:18:56

israel did not kill those 4 kids their own parents and their regime killed them just like Islamic regimes do their own people all over the world. Call my sites laughable but it is you who are stuck in mindless rhetoric. Israel is not responsible for those 4 kids but the Palestinian Authority and Hamas is. I will not say anything futher on this because you are will never change your mind. no matter what I show you about each case you will dismiss it because you are an Israel basher and an anti semite. so I will let history show you again. israel did not kill any children those who put their children in harms way kill them. Here is another site that you will probably laugh at but in the end you will be the one not laughing

Gleeky - 22 Jul 2012 // 16:17:54

I think you mean to say"my father saw someone do it once, so I am a meister”.

SuOcrack - 22 Jul 2012 // 13:09:02

This is all about some nutcase killing innocents.

It is abhorrent, detestable and, regardless of what your politics or religion is, can never be justified in any way whatsoever.

How can it advance anyone’s interests in doing such a stupid thing? The bastard who did it is dead, his backers are now despised even more.

And, the incident and the reasons for it all boil down to jealousy, ignorance and greed.

On the lighter side, not interested in trawling through all the rhetoric on here, I jumped to page 4 and saw…

“It is no wonder some people are anti semitic because of people like you”

...which has to be one of the most ludicrous comments ever made and…

“just because you married a Bulgarian, that does not make you an authority on everything Bulgarian.”

Which is, clearly, totally against the Bulgarian philosophy of “I saw my father do it once, so I am a meister”.

KK1988 - 22 Jul 2012 // 12:15:06

oh, and ur websites... laughable.

KK1988 - 22 Jul 2012 // 12:08:35

you didnt give me an answer to my question, your answer was that ' you will not answer because its disrespectful to the children in syria'.

tell you what, im syrian. very opposed to the syrian regime, and still see no logic whatsoever in your comment about that.

admit it, you have no answer, and your method of argument is to write long posts to bore the other side to death b4 they get to the end of your post to answer.

i mean have you no shame, jewish societies and bedouins?? nobody lived there? they left their home willingly, do you understand what you speak?? you think its so easy?? for someone to leave their house??? even if the houses were abandoned, didnt your protectors of children fathom the fact that someone owns these houses? no, jews were given houses to live in. these houses were owned by locals. if it was as you say, that these people locked up their houses and went away, the israelis wouldnt have broken in, i mean it would still be someones house who might come back. but this disregard for right of ownership which your protector of children has is what prompted them to EVACUATE (yes it did happen. one more post about u not admitting it n i shall leave u to your land of pink unicorns and negative IQ, i see no use in bothering about this anymore) the palestinians so to make living space for the influx of jews coming in. go on with your alternative history, and your holier than thou attitude, im sure it will get you very far in the world. still, i give u another chance to find an answer to the 4 kids killed by ur protector of children. if you can muster one i figure you would have answered by now. these are only the documented ones you know, many more went undocumented.

hari - 21 Jul 2012 // 22:44:29

kk1988 asjed for an answer so I gave it to him. not Crazy with truth better than crazy with lies

Gleeky - 21 Jul 2012 // 21:02:27

What a pity that such a sad and serious topic has been hijacked by an interminably boring waffler who doesn't know when to stop boring everyone. I guess it goes to prove that there are crazies on both sides in the Middle East debate.... :(

hari - 21 Jul 2012 // 20:44:01

kk1988 part2
Jews never left the Holy land and when Mark Twain visited Israel in 1867 he saw desolation no Arab country just communities of Jews building the Swamps and beduoin tribes.

Israel told the Arabs who were there to stay and they left and now they want to come back with the entire Middle East. Sorry but your history is the lie that wants to destroy humanity.

I won't address the 4 because it is an insult to the thousands of Arab children dying all over the middle East at the hands of their own regimes. It is also continuing the lie. the wall is defenseive and has stopped suicide bombers less Pals less israeli deaths. Israel is not occupying anything but the Arabs want to take the land that King David united under the Jews long before Islam existed long before Arab tribes. Israeli hospitals save Pal Arab lives along with other people.

The arabs gave the world alegebra and few other things, the Israeli gives the world continuous progress too numerous to mention affecting and helping everyone everywhere. Israel is saving the children of the world. Iran Shia and MB Sunni both polical ideology that is using religion to hurt the whole world all the children of the world including muslim. Iran is setting up cells all over the world and thru hizbollah hurting innocents. Israel targets military sites and terror and scientists who want to develop nukes and weapons who they will use irresponsibly on the children of the world, Hizbollah, Hamas, the MB the Islamic regimes target innocent people tourists children people who deserve to live their life.

You are indoctrinated but no matter Israel will help you too in spite of yourself I won't give you all the true history sites cause you won't believe them but here





hari - 21 Jul 2012 // 20:43:10

kk1988 part 1
It is inconceivable that you can write this at a time when the Syrian regime is killing thousands of its own people alot of them children cutting their finger off so they won't grow up to protest. Iran sent thousands of its children to fight against Iraq, children and women are abused all over the Islamic and arab world by their own leaders and you have the "mind" to point out 4 Pal kid incidents in which their own govt the corrupt PA and Hamas placed them in harms way and either set Israel up to look like they did it or these kids got caught in the crossfire,Either way it is not the same. Just like Gaza where Hamas admitted to the UN that 700 civilians casualties in Gaza were not civilians at all but Hamas terror operatives dressed in civilian clothes.

golda Meir said at the time of Israel's modern rebirth that there will be peace when the Arabs love their children more than they hate Israel. I am sorry but your hatred is indoctrinated revisionist history. Israel replaced no one. There was no Pal Arab state there and the Bedouin tribes that existed there along with the flourish Jewish communites were all asked to stay and build modern Israel.

the bedouin tribes which still exist in Jordan know the truth. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire Arab immigrated into the land because the Jews were making the swamps prosperous. They came from all over the remnants of the Arab world to seek better economic conditions urged on by the Mufti Husseni a friend of Hitler did not let those Arabs who settled in Israel make peace. They and the Arab countries told the new immigrants Arab and the existing bedouins to leave until they destroy Israel and drive the Jews into the sea. It didn't happen it won't happen because the spirit world stands with Israel and the moderate muslims are the victims of their own regimes not Israel. At Israel's rebirth over 900,000 Jews who were living persecuted in Islamic countries were thrown out of Arab lands without possessions and ran to Israel. They couldn't stay in the apartheid Arab world and had to return to the land of Israel

KK1988 - 21 Jul 2012 // 10:08:00

Hari, i gave you names of 4 other children who were killed by your 'protector of children'. either acknowledge you have no answer and bless this forum with your silence. or tell me what nonsensical excuse you can find for this. and as for Israel being the source of all technological and scientific advances in the world. and how that if it wasnt for Israel we wouldnt have had computers ( even though there really isnt a link) I would like to use your same logic and state that since the Arabs invented the zero, and then Algebra, you probably would have been still living in a cave. meditating your way through life wise man. and hoping the dinosaurs outside wont find you.

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