Scholars Claim Bulgarians Descended from Iran

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Bulgaria: Scholars Claim Bulgarians Descended from Iran Victorious Bulgar warrior with captive, featured on a ewer from the Treasure of Nagyszentmiklos. Photo from Wikipedia

The place of origin of the Ancient Bulgarians is most likely Eastern Iran, a group of anthropologists and scientists have claimed after an exploratory trip to the Persian lands.

The team of six scientists led by anthropology professor Alexander Iliev presented Wednesday their findings after touring Iran for 20 days, traveling 1100 km inside the country.

“We have found impressive evidence about the Iranian origin of the ancient Bulgarians,” Iliev stated.

The findings include several prototypes of the bronze eagle of the legendary founder of Danube Bulgaria, Khan Asparuh, found in his grave in today’s Ukraine. The Bulgarian team has also researched several graves in Iran bearing similarities to the funerals of the ancient Bulgarians – as well as to those of the ancient Thracians.

The ancient stoneworks and bricks that the expedition studied in Iran are also said to be very similar to the ones employed by the Bulgarians in the late Antiquity and early Middle Ages.

“Even though the Iranians are darker-skinned, they look very much like the Bulgarians anthropologically. Some of the words in today’s Persian language sound the same as words in Bulgarian. Their traditional musical instruments such as whistles, bagpipes, and tambourine fully correspond our folklore tradition. Over half of the carpers in the Caspian areas of Iran coincide with the ornaments, symbols, and colors of the Bulgarian carpets,” Iliev said.

“We should finally forget the thesis that the Bulgarians are Huns of Turkic origin, and should understand that we are from the Indo-European family. We are less than 20% Slavic. The Slavs are not the major element of the Bulgarian ethnicity,” stated in turn historian Georgi Bakalov.

The interdisciplinary expedition to Iran was sponsored by the Foreign Ministry, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Sofia University, and the Tangra TanNakRa foundation.

The Ancient Bulgarians are known to have settled into today’s Ukraine in the 6th-7th century AD, and to have advanced to the lower Danube around 680 AD, as well as to other parts of Europe.

Long-established theories about the making up of the Bulgarian ethnicity state that the Bulgarian nation was formed through the mixing of the Bulgarians with the local population made up of Slavs and some Thracians. Before 1989 the Bulgarians were believed to have been a minor tribe of tribe of Turkic origin; new research have led scholars to believe that they were in fact more numerous and originated in Central Asia, somewhere in Iran and Afghanistan.

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hnedrtuyr6s - 11 Oct 2015 // 09:49:07

Addon: ...the dominating ethnos in First Bulgarian Tsardom BOTH POLITICS- AND MILITARYWISE

fgjsdkfklfli - 9 Oct 2015 // 09:30:35


I mean they were much more numerous so that they were able to impose their language on their non-Slavic Bulgar masters.

fiydkuketiketik - 9 Oct 2015 // 09:29:22

Bulgarians are not Iranic nor Turkic nor..
Bg are Slavs, that's why they were able to impose their Slavic language unto the Bulgars who were the dominating ethnos in First Bulgarian Tsardom

Ivanov3 - 9 Oct 2015 // 00:16:20

According to Yury Zuev and Edwin G. Pulleyblank the Utigurs of Menandr are Uti, and the word Uti was a real proto-type of a transcription Yuezhi < Uechji < ngiwat-tie < uti.[25] The Huns and proto-Bulgarians practiced circular type of artificial cranial deformation[26] and it can be used to trace the route that the Huns took from north China to the Central Asian steppes and subsequently to the southern Russian steppes.[27][28] The people who practiced annular artificial cranial deformation in Central Asia were Yuezhi/Kushans.[29] [30][31] The recurve bow was brought to Bactria by Yuezhi around 130 BC [32] and according to Maenchen-Helfen some of their groups migrated far to the west and were present in the steppes north of the Caucasus and on the shores of the Black Sea as early as 1st century BC.[33] The taxonomic analysis of the artificially deformed crania from 5th–6th Century AD (Hun-Germanic Period) found in Northeastern Hungary showed that none of them have any Mongoloid features and all the skulls belong to the Europid "great race" but further identification was impossible. These skulls may have belonged to Germanic or other subject groups whose parents wished to elevate their status by following a custom introduced by the Huns.[34][35] The Huns, Bulgars and part of the Yuezhi share some common burial practices as the narrow burial pits, pits with a niche and the northern orientation of the burials.[36]The clothes of the Yuezhi depicted on Bactrian Embroidery[37] are almost identical to the traditional Bulgarian costumes made nowadays.[38]

GrueFsk - 9 Sep 2015 // 09:15:57

Bulgarians are probably either Slavs or non-Iranian/non-Iranic pre-Slavs (Thracian), definitely not Turkic or very probably not Iranian either. Bulgars, also called "proto-Bulgarians" were/are not the same as Bulgarians.
It is really a pity that the ethnicity that gave the Apostles of the Slavs, Cyrill and Methodius (in case they were not totally Greeks, only partly or not Greeks at all), that gave Old Bulgarian to most of the other Slavonic ethnicities (the so-called "Old Church Slavonic") is now denying its Slavicness.
Bulgarians also have a lot of Greek blood since both Bg and Greeks are of Eastern Orthodox denomination. It is very likely that Greek genes (in case they do exist) are the second most frequent genes in Bulgarians, regardless of whose genes are number 1: Slavs', Thracians' or others'.

rubrecht - 29 Jan 2015 // 18:14:26

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rubrecht - 29 Jan 2015 // 17:55:03

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shadowprince1 - 28 Jan 2015 // 15:52:32

My disagreement was with Turkishboy!

shadowprince1 - 28 Jan 2015 // 15:43:05

I beg to disagree! Asparuh was the leader of the Bulgars and it happens to be old persian name like Farouh. Asparuh''s father Kubehr also has persian name like Manukehr. Bulgar cities like Astrahan, Kuban and Kazan sound very familiar to Tehran...On the other hand, there were people in Thrace when the Bulgars came to the Balkans and they were descendants of the Thracians, Greeks, Romans and Slavs! In fact the population other than Bulgars was far greater than the 100,000 thousand tribe of Bulgars led by Asparoukh. Recent DNA exams showed that present day Bulgarians are close to Polish, Hungars, Greeks and Italians and have nothing to do with Turks or RUssians...Sorry to disapoint you!

Fr Jack Hackett - 28 Jan 2015 // 14:10:03

Northern Iranians regard themselves as part of the Aryan race so this may be the branch Bulgarians descended from

rubrecht - 28 Jan 2015 // 03:41:34

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rather what I am saying .
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Nikola GrueFski - 28 Jan 2015 // 01:58:52

Muslims and Christians didn't use to mix much
I suppose FYROMians have got a "sperm injection" from Serbs and Vlachs only, Greeks used to stick with (the other) Bulgarians, they didn't like "Macedonians". Now guess who's getting a "sperm injection" from Albanians in FYROM? Answer: Muslim Slavs, the Torbeshi. In the near future however all Slavs in FYROM will get those "sperm injections". No more discrimination!!!

rubrecht - 28 Jan 2015 // 01:34:23

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rubrecht - 28 Jan 2015 // 01:10:48


rubrecht - 28 Jan 2015 // 01:04:47

I think you have all missed the point . Bulgarians might have had a sperm injection from Turks or Arabs for at least 500 years .
But if you know anything . All humans we know come from Africa.
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