Shocking Ritual Murder in Village near Bulgaria Capital Sofia

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Bulgaria: Shocking Ritual Murder in Village near Bulgaria Capital Sofia The bed where Elena Tomova was discovered brutally murdered in her own villa. Photo by bTV

An extremely horrific ritual murder has terrified the residents of the village of Vlado Trichkov, near the town of Svoge, northeast of Sofia.

The 59-year-old Elena Tomova living in a faraway villa in the village was found dead by her son-in-law. The murderer choked her to death, cut a cross with a knife on her body, cut off her left breast, wrapped her in her bed as if she was sleeping, and finally drew a cross on her head with blood.

The murderer left without taking anything but did draw crosses all around the woman's house.

The woman was discovered in this condition by her son-in-law Saturday night but the case was reported two days later. On Wednesday, Elena told her daughter that she was going to see some "pleasant" man on Thursday

According to the investigators, no one has seen the man in question but apparently the woman trusted him.

Tomova is known to have been a devoted follower of Jehovah's Witnesses; she last attended one of their meetings on August 23, the bTV channel reported based on the notes that the woman took in a notebook, discovered by the police, who also found a number of Jehovah's Witnesses' brochures that Tomova must have studied carefully as she underlined certain passages.

No suspects for the murder have been identified yet. The residents of the village are convinced that the murder has to do with Tomova's involvement with the religious sect of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Tomova's villa is at the very end of the mountain village of Vlado Trichkov, and it can be reached only by a jeep or on foot. The neighbors describe her as a modest and peaceful woman.

One more mysterious detail of the case is that on the last page of her notebook, Tomova wrote, "It seems like I will have to die so that mine (i.e. my people/relatives) would start."


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Bill - 22 Sep 2009 // 18:45:05


I'm not sure I like the word, "flogged", but you're welcome to your opinion. But the reason I came back to the net is because I want to send an interesting statistic elsewhere.

It's on the German news tonight that the Bishops' Conference is going to tackle what has been called a "theological challenge", because last year 121,155 people left the church.

Religiou or lack of it may well be a partial cause, but in the case of Germany, I think a more forceful reason is the church tax.

percy - 22 Sep 2009 // 18:39:13

" child molestation cover-ups" has anyone ever heard of catholic priests?
Don't all go off as though its an insult, it's a fact and you know it, Catholic Priests have the worlds worst reputation for child molestation and brutality cover ups. And these are 'men of God'.
Never punished by the law or the church, they still have their jobs and are still allowed to mix with children even though your 'average' paediphile would have been kept well away from kids and rightly so.
So don't go on about who worships God and what they deserve. We all have our own God, whoever/whatever that may be. No one has the right to force you to follow their God nor do you me or anyone have the right to condemn others for beleiving in something just because we don't.
From my point of view I don't have much faith in a religion that gets 'flogged' door to door the way salesmen sell dish clothes.
But I wouldn't criticise anyone if that's their choice, I might not understand it but I wouldn't criticise it.

MDnCali - 21 Sep 2009 // 23:52:54

It's good to see that you do not slam the door in JW's face and promote discussion. It's good to see people who can carry on religious discussions without going overboard. I commend all that ask thought provoking religious questions since it builds my faith more since I DONT know everything (none of us do) so have to research certain questions which increases my bible knowledge.

As far as Bible education, I am still fairly new however I have heard certain JW discussions on the resurrection spoken of at Matt 22:24-33. Yes I have heard some feel like the brother you talked to and some with other "opinions" however thats all it is... opinions. If it is NOT based off Bible facts then we can only guess but shoudl realize Jehovah knows whats best for us and what would make all us happy in the future so we can be sure whatever it is we will be 110% happier than we can imagine.

As JW's we are taught to base our door to door ministry on the Bible NOT OUR OPINION so when asked about what he thought he cannot state FACT what's going to be the condition, physically, of resurrected ones since God has not provided us ANY answer on that subject as of yet. You bring up an excellent point since the Bible says the earth was not made for nothing so it will not be destroyed by humans so as a person thinking about it we would think that apply also to human "parts" as well since that is how Jehovah created us as male and female as well as MANY more scenarios that one can make however... I will patiently wait for the OFFICIAL word when the time comes.

Remember, in ANY RELIGION there are those who do not reflect the WHOLE, prove false to its teachings, or do not study as well and JW's are no different hence why we are taught to keep examining the BIBLE and NOT JUST FOLLOW MAN. I hope you understand I REALLY DID MEAN WHAT I SAID EARLIER that I am happy you welcome discussion with JW's and while some questions you have had were not answered to your liking you can always google the OFFICIAL Watchtower Bible Association website for more information on the resurrection or your local hall and ask to talk with one of the elders. Just because someone is older doesn't always equate to wiser so talking to SPIRITUALLY MATURE individuals is what I recommend. I hope this helps and wish you well.

Hosea - 14 Sep 2009 // 11:22:50

Jehovah's Witnesses are considered a dangerous cult in many European countries and definitely under investigation because governments are concerned by the mind manipulation, child molestation cover-ups, breaking up of families due to shunning, as well as other atrocities taking place within the religion.

Victims of Watchtower hard-line organizational policies are speaking up to government officials about their experiences and they are responding with assistance.

TomJinks - 2 Sep 2009 // 23:45:50

I can't believe what I am reading! This poor woman was brutally murdered by an UNKNOWN ASSAILANT and because SHE was one of Jehovah's Witnesses all that the people who loved her and cared about her, Witness and nonWitness alike will read in the comments is not an outpouring of sadness, shock, empathy or concern but that she deserved it somehow because of the way she chose to worship God!
Let me ask, if YOU were killed in such a horrible fashion, no matter what your faith, is this what you would want YOUR family and friends to read? Do you really think this poor dead woman deserves this? I'm not sure what you think you are accomplishing with this vitriol but I'll tell you now that I would never embrace any form of religion that demonstrates such a lack of compassion for the friends and family of this poor murdered woman who never hurt anyone.

Hosea - 2 Sep 2009 // 12:24:31

How Rapist suspect mass murderer Garrido got out the first time aided by Jehovah's Witnesses.

When Garrido subsequently appealed his sentence, however, his lawyer said he was getting help in prison and had become a Jehovah's Witness. In a handwritten letter to a judge in March 1978, Garrido said he was ready for a chance to "get my life in line."
".... my future is now in control ," he wrote.


Bill - 2 Sep 2009 // 10:59:42


Good point, but another one for you to ponder is this:

When God said, "Let there be light", to whom was he speaking?

Sorry. Wrong thread. Must be more careful about that. Miight offend people.

countryhick - 2 Sep 2009 // 08:02:14

In the Beginning, there was nothing
God Said "Let there be Light"
There was still nothing.....but you could see it better

Daniel7 - 2 Sep 2009 // 06:07:33

2 Timothy 2:16-18 16 But shun empty speeches that violate what is holy; for they will advance to more and more ungodliness, 17 and their word will spread like gangrene. Hy·me·nae′us and Phi·le′tus are of that number. 18 These very [men] have deviated from the truth, . . .
1 Timothy 4:7 But turn down the false stories which violate what is holy and which old women tell.

1 Timothy 1:20 20 Hy·me·nae′us and Alexander belong to these, and I have handed them over to Satan that they may be taught by discipline not to blaspheme.

1 Timothy 6:4-5 4В he is puffed up [with pride], not understanding anything, but being mentally diseased over questionings and debates about words. From these things spring envy, strife, abusive speeches, wicked suspicions, 5В violent disputes about trifles on the part of men corrupted in mind and despoiled of the truth, .В .В .

jw65 - 2 Sep 2009 // 04:24:07

A Woman was murdered, disfigured, and her blood was used to write on the wall.

And all the JW haters jump on the story with their misinformation, Lies, and haft truths. How SICK is that. The poor Woman is dead! So some respect! Nobody deserves this kind of an end to their life. I can't believe you people.

NellieotAmerica - 1 Sep 2009 // 17:13:32


I am not interested in whether you can poop after you get resurrected. That's crazy nonsense and you are full of it.

I am more interested in the black hole at the center of the Milky Way and how it is going to collide with the Andromeda galaxy in a few billion light years. That's science.

Bill - 1 Sep 2009 // 16:52:47


"Clearly you are one. When the shoe fits, wear it."

The problem clearly is that the shoe DOESN'T fit, and you're working overtime to make it do so. I'm glad you're a tea lady (if that) and not a shoe saleslady.

If anyone on this forum is unstable, it's you with all your witch hunt tactics. Are you so afraid of the competition?

NellieotAmerica - 1 Sep 2009 // 16:45:50


You are welcome.

Only weak-minded, psychotic individuals are attracted to and join these cults. Clearly you are one. When the shoe fits, wear it.

By the way, what did you decide--are you or are you not going to poop when you get resurrected on the planet Kolob??

Just asking...

Bill - 1 Sep 2009 // 16:06:01


"These revolting stories prove that many disturbed, psychotic people join cults like Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. It stands to reason--no sane, normal person would join these cults"

I think you'll have trouble calling a vice-president of Hewlett-Packard, an airline pilot, the owner of three radio stations, members of the staff of Howard Hughes, and a former Secretary of Agriculture, plus a couple of Congressmen, insane and/abnormal.

I was wondering how long it would take you to try to link the LDS with the murders. Did it as soon as you got up this morning, eh?

Nice job of trolling, I must say.

NellieotAmerica - 1 Sep 2009 // 15:56:00

These revolting stories prove that many disturbed, psychotic people join cults like Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons. It stands to reason--no sane, normal person would join these cults. Bill the ugly American comes to mind.

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