"Toto, I've a Feeling We Are Not in EU Any More!"

Novinite Insider » EDITORIAL | Author: Ivan Dikov |April 22, 2009, Wednesday // 15:46| Views: | Comments: 31
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Bulgaria: "Toto, I've a Feeling We Are Not in EU Any More!"

This is what Dorothy from "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" would have said to her dog friend Toto if they were in 21st century, EU-member-state Bulgaria.

Except in this case Dorothy and Toto would not be taken away by a cyclone as in Kansas. Instead, they could disappear with the kind assistance on part of the gangs of nice kidnappers that have been targeting prominent Bulgarian businessmen over the last several months.

The President of the Litex Football Club Angel Bonchev, his wife Aneliya Boncheva, the businessman Kiro Kirov, the still missing prominent manager Vene Sotirov - these are just a few of those who recently fell pray to Bulgaria's kidnapping mafia that abducts rich or prominent people for ransom...

So far Bulgaria was known in Europe and beyond for its 200 still unsolved gangland killings since 1999. Apparently, it will now also have to be recognized for the unsolved cases of kidnappings for ransom, whose number is rapidly piling up.

"I've a feeling we are not in EU any more", Dorothy would have said to Toto simply because, for one thing, stuff like that doesn't happen in the real EU member states, and, for another, if occasionally it does, the real EU member states do react with the full power of their state apparatuses...

The Bulgarian kidnappers seem to be very professional - they appear to be able to rival their Latin American colleagues. But perhaps something else is more true here - the total impotence and unconditional surrender of the Bulgarian state and its policing institutions.

But the Bulgarian Interior and National Security Agency can't find them... Come on, give us a break, will ya! There's a just handful of people in Bulgaria, everyone knows everyone, information is leaking all over the place...

With 65 000 police officers and an army of 45 000 one can easily search every single house in Bulgaria in a couple of days, if needed... Actually, not in Bulgaria, just in the outskirts of Sofia - everyone knows the kidnappers don't bother taking their victims to Vidin or Silistra...

This might seem ridiculous but if this is the only single way the Bulgarian state could deal with the problem - mobilize the army! Why not? Or whatever else it takes... Just show some will, some resolve, some courage, whatever you have to show in our to make it seem as if we are in the EU, and not at some other latitudes...

None of that is happening, however. The kidnappers are practically raging at will, capturing whoever they want, and the responsible institutions are irresponsibly scratching their foreheads trying to come up with more arguments as to why they can't solve the cases...

Still, in today's Bulgaria, Dorothy would have been much better off than the poor Bulgarian victims, if abducted...

Dorothy has got her Silver Shoes that could help her escape from her potential abductors but none of the prominent Bulgarian victims have anything like that.

All they have are brainless-Scarecrow, rusty-Tin-Woodman, Cowardly-Lion state institutions. Unlike Dorothy's case, however, none of these are likely to magically get transformed in the end...

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» To the forumComments (31)
NellieotAmerica - 26 Apr 2009 // 18:51:18


I am going to get Bill a t-shirt that says: "I AM MORMON, I CAN'T".

He has to put a ring on my finger first and seal me to him for eternity before he will let me have any fun in bed. lol

WickedWitch - 26 Apr 2009 // 11:05:53

You two, stop flirting over your shared trolling and have sex already.

NellieotAmerica - 25 Apr 2009 // 20:19:59


"That's your trouble. You're too critical--of everyone else."

Who should WW be critical of? Herself? Perish the thought! She has embraced her inner mediocrity and she is well satisfied with it. No need to be critical.

Seriously, mediocre people who have accepted their mediocrity are much happier and satisfied with their lives than perfectionists and over-achievers who are always striving for the perfection they never reach because it does not exist.

NellieotAmerica - 25 Apr 2009 // 20:14:05


I think Dikov's article should have been called: "Toto, We Are Not Yet in the EU" Bulgaria has never been a full member of the EU yet. There are still restrictions on Bulgarians in many of the "old" EU member states.

NellieotAmerica - 25 Apr 2009 // 20:09:05


I did post an opinion demonstrating "critical thinking" as you put it, but SNA deleted it. It appears we are discouraged from posting what we REALLY think about Dikov's article.

Just for the record--I am all for abducting and killing rich Bulgarians who don't have a legitimate and transparent income stream.

Bill - 25 Apr 2009 // 20:00:31


"critical thinking and a certain critical mass of knowledge"

That's your trouble. You're too critical--of everyone else.

WickedWitch - 25 Apr 2009 // 19:51:52


Wow, if that's what a discussion is to you, no wonder your comments are as they are. This is a forum of people who want to read the news and make a tasteless joke. If I wanted to have a deep discussion about this, I'd talk to people who have a certain foundation in critical thinking and a certain critical mass of knowledge enough for them to be able to think for themselves.

How dense can one be to expect a deep rounded discussion here despite all evidence...

NellieotAmerica - 25 Apr 2009 // 18:20:28


"the great minds and true intellecuals mercifully visiting this forum to share their knowledge with us instantly started a very intense and deep phylosophical discussion about the colour of the Dorothy shoes (silver shoes vs red ruby slippers)"

You are surprisingly bitter this morning.

Just so you know--I did post an opinion stating exactly what I thought of Dikov's article, but unfortunately, SNA deleted my hate mail.

After that, there was not much point in giving relevant opinions other than those about Dorothy's shoes.

What I said in a nutshell was that Bulgarian rich businessmen should be kidnapped and killed more often, not less, because everyone knows that the only rich Bulgarians are crooks, pimps and drug dealers. I forgot to mention ex-communists.

CreepyS - 25 Apr 2009 // 16:34:31

And I regret that the author had such an unfortunate idea to make an analogy with some book and movie for the sake to sound more interesting - the great minds and true intellecuals mercifully visiting this forum to share their knowledge with us instantly started a very intense and deep phylosophical discussion about the colour of the Dorothy shoes (silver shoes vs red ruby slippers)

thus demonstrating their great literature knowledge and intellectial capacity (or incapacity). Some people dont see the forest because of the trees and thats a genetic stupidity that has no cure.

wildthing - 25 Apr 2009 // 12:46:51

I wonder why Dikov didn't continued the parallel: he left out the 'poppies' and the 'snow' which have a lot to do with the 'wealth' and 'prominence' of many Bulgarians.

NellieotAmerica - 24 Apr 2009 // 19:09:15

"Some people think like that"?!?

Belgium is erecting a fire wall so Belgians can't get to the web sites that reveal the identities of convicted pedophiles? And this fire wall is supposedly there to protect against internet child porn? How is not knowing the identities of convicted pedophiles going to protect against child porn? It makes NO sense!

Speaking of pedophiles.....I saw a movie on DVD called DOUBT about Catholic school where the principal of the school (Merryl Streep) who is a nun is engaged in a power struggle with her boss who is a priest and may be a pedophile. She hasn't got the slightest proof. All she has is her certainty.

Ivanko - 24 Apr 2009 // 11:21:29

Some people think like that.
Others say they protect privacy and everyone deserves another chance.
(i think it's not good to censor anything on the internet, where is the line...)

Most intresting is however, it almost gets zero attention in newspapers/other media.
Small article, no highlight.

Only place where they talk about it is on blogs.

And then you must know they voted the laws for the firewall as "to fight pedophilie".

Like i said, Bulgarians talk about what goes wrong in the country. Other European states have sofisticated ways to handle such things.

I can give you many many examples, but not public.
And same is happening in every other European country. Germany has also a firewall, other countries also and if it isn't working yet, they are working on it.
Australia and America the same.

Maybe it's not so bad in the corrupt Bulgaria with the many maffiosies. Maybe. Maybe not. Everyone needs to make that up for themselves.

iamsoobored - 24 Apr 2009 // 01:14:27

Interesting. Belgium is setting up a firewall so people can't access the links that reveal the identities of pedophiles? They are setting up a firewall to protect pedophiles? Let's get something perfectly clear. Belgium is protecting pedophiles.

iamsoobored - 23 Apr 2009 // 22:53:56

"btw, did you hear about the big Belgium firewall?(why this news hasn't reached Novinite?)"

What/where/why/ is the Belgian firewall?

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