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Commenting article: Nina Dyulgerova: Bulgaria to 'Close Its Doors' without South Stream

An interview of Novinite with prof. Nina Dyulgerova, an expert in International Relations and Geoeconomics of Global Energy, on the latest events around South Stream.

Since April 2001, Dyulgerova has been Professor of International Relations at the Varna Free University Chernorizets Hrabar. She is also teaching at a Master's program titled National and International Security at the New Bulgarian University.

She has published a number of works on energy, as well as on geopolitics and security in the Caucasus and the Black Sea Region.

observer in sofia - 11 Jun 2014 // 20:03:30

Bulgaria might end up sacrificed - to Turkey. But that's just because Bulgarians themselves have absolutely no sense for statemanship. A nomadic people doesn't deserve a state. That's why all Bulgarians moved out of their country - to live like the nomadic Roma all over the world, while other people fight and defend their countries.

Michael Gloukhov, Ph.D. - 11 Jun 2014 // 20:24:58

An emerging omnious factor in the energy redistribution coming from Russia is the new 19th century-type Russian politics of Putin, based on his dream to recussitate the defunct Soviet Union or to grab as much as he can from the remains - ex-republics or the new "People's republics" hybrids generated by SPETZNAZ and SVR masked and heavily armed agents, taking the local populations as hostages and human shields.

Bulgaria is a NATO member now and the United States leads NATO and sustains its command and infrastructure. The strategic interests of the West in general and NATO-EU in particular dictate energetic independence, stopping the Russia-Gasprom blackmail for political influence. Bulgaria should be greatful to attract US corporative investments and acquire some national independence through fracking in the North-East region of the country.

To pretend that the "Bulgarian state will disappear" if multinationals invest in the region is a political fiction, considering that Gasprom itself is a multinational entity, being openly a tool of the Russian state and strategy of influence through blackmail by the "gas fosset." Russia finances and directs many environmental groups throughout Europe and particularly in Bulgaria and Poland to prevent fracking under false pretenses - already debunked in the US. Not a single serious case of mishap is documented about this 70 years old technology. Russia itself already commissioned US companies to develop its Arctic zone (the permafrost) in Siberia through fracking because it lacks the expertise and technology that it tries desperately to deny to others.

Russia acted bluntly and aggressively towards Georgia and Ukraine at the moment those countries opted for democracy and close relationship with the West. Moscow rejected the extended hands of the EU, NATO and the US for partnership, and is poised again to be a strategic foe - as correctly described by Mitt Romney in 2012. NATO reacted accordingly to the new paradigm and Bulgaria should not be the exception, hoping to keep collecting the Gasprom "tips" for being a faithful Russian distribution hub in the Balkans and beyond. In that respect Boyko Borisov reacted correctly - within the realm and the strategic interests of the alliances Bulgaria joined in 2004.

It is about time that Bulgarians accept the fact that Russia has never been (several historical precedents exists in its history) and is certainly not now a friend of Bulgaria - not to mention the 45 miserable years of "brotherly friendship." The fact that the United States is interested and requests Bulgarian cooperation is rather a positive sign of future investments and economic stability - an opportunity the poorest country in the EU needs rather badly and should not miss.

Michael S. Gloukhov, Ph.D.

Charley Sheen - 12 Jun 2014 // 05:10:24

Miss. Zenkova, you are incorrect ,and I am sure if understand how serious this issue is? This is not an argument or discussion between two municipalities. Professor Dyulgerova is absolutely correct in her remarks. It is in the best interest of the country to move forward with the project. This is the most important and strategic project for Bulgarian economy and security. Anybody against the project, is No friend to Bulgaria! No country should interfere with the national policies. Senator McCain can tell his wife what kind of ketchup to make, or where to buy the Tomatoes from. Actually he can't because she want let him. He is voiceless. He is flip flap politician, no longer what he use to be. He needs to retire and get out of the politics. Old man no good for fishing or drinking.

Thunderstorm - 12 Jun 2014 // 10:05:12

These Russian propagandists are so boring and stupid... Everyone speaking English better than a chimpanzee can realise that what some (fake) Charley says is written by some Ruski holding fingers in his/her/its mouth out of excitement

observer in moscow - 12 Jun 2014 // 10:55:01

observer in sofia,

"That's why all Bulgarians moved out of their country"

Oh, when has that happened? I was visiting Bulgaria just recently and imagine there were plenty of Bulgarians! So when did all the nomads get out of Bulgaria - was is yesterday or the day before yesterday?

Rubrecht - 12 Jun 2014 // 15:14:08

A rare thing a Bulgarian woman who seems to have her own opinions .She hill have as done her research but I can not agree with all her conclusions .But she is spot on about Serbia .
But I doubt her opinion will have any effect on what is essentially a corrupt political system .
But a very interesting read .

observer in sofia - 13 Jun 2014 // 13:45:06

@Observer in Moscow Me being a Bulgarian myself know many talented people that moved out of Bulgaria because of its political elite absolute lack of sense for pro-Bulgarian policy. This is one of the main reasons the country's economy went from GDP en-par Hungary and double that of Romania in 1990 to well last spot in the EU now.

TheRealBehemoth - 13 Jun 2014 // 18:39:13

observer in sofia,


Neither your statement "That's why all Bulgarians moved out of their country" nor "GDP en-par Hungary and double that of Romania in 1990" is correct.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman - 13 Jun 2014 // 20:30:15

Mr Gloukhov
A quality post sir!...for a change it's nice to see an opinion not jotted down by the bunch of chimpanzees that scribble on the Forum here....throw a handful of grapes in , and it'll keep 'em quiet!
As for that so-called professor , her studies at the named University in Varna are from a university which stands at 7020th in World Ranking, so her opinion could hardly be qualified, by any stretch of the fact, "Third World Africa" has 115 universities ranked higher, and the dreadful thing is, that many students of Bulgarian Universities of such doubtful repute actually BUY their degrees, as they haven't the brains to even sit a qualification test at a Western European Playgroup, so, give that lady a grape and watch the zoological antics as she shrieks like a gibbon with it's backside on fire......
Cock-Sucking Commies!

wilfulsprite - 14 Jun 2014 // 22:16:51

It was Russia which helped to liberate Bulgaria from the Ottoman yoke, while the West sided with Turkey, and Putin has already said that there can be no return to the Soviet policies.
Your post reads as pro-Western propaganda.
Honesty is the best policy.

observer in sofia - 15 Jun 2014 // 06:58:26

@TheRealBehemoth stop the lies and read the article on Wikipedia about eastern bloc economies - especially the part under 'Lagging growth'.

Austria $19,200
Czechoslovak Socialist Republic $3,100
Finland $16,100
Italy $16,800
People's Republic of Hungary $2,800
People's Republic of Poland $1,700
Spain $10,900
Portugal $4,900
Greece $6,000
People's Republic of Romania $1,600
People's Republic of Bulgaria $2,200

Yane - 15 Jun 2014 // 13:09:32

Michael, nobody asked the opinion of some American-born CNN-watching brainless monkey like you.

TheRealBehemoth - 15 Jun 2014 // 15:24:06

observer in sofia,

the GDP of Bulgaria in 1990 was 20,726,300,435 USD, the GDP of Romania was 38,299,106,120 USD, the GDP of Hungary was 33,056,134,799 USD. (World Bank data)

Bulgaria 1990 on-par with Romania or Hungary regarding the GDP? Ridiculous!

And you even dont understand the difference between GDP and GDP per capita, Mr. in sofia, the laughing stock of all economists, hahaha.

observer in sofia - 15 Jun 2014 // 15:37:41

Correct GDP per capita - it shows how Romania had GDP per capita as your average Albanian citizen and a Bulgarian earned a bit less than a Hungarian. Now things have changed the past 20 years obviously and if Bulgaria continues it's policy aligned with EU and American soon it will have GDP per capita as Albania.

TheRealBehemoth - 15 Jun 2014 // 15:45:08

So you admit it was YOU who is spreading lies, observer in sofia. Thanks for the clarification.

And no, the GDP doesnt tell you that a Bulgarian was earning so-and-so-much. That would be another indicator.

Maybe you should read a book on economics before you start to throw around with indicators about which you clearly have no idea?

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