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Commenting article: Russia Condemns Conchita Wurst, Wants “Voice of Eurasia”

The Russian MP from the Communist Party Valerii Rishkin said Russia must stop participating in  Eurovision contest and create its own - “Voice of Eurasia”, reports Interfax. 

“The results of the latest Eurovision were the last straw,” he said. “We must leave this contest immediately, it is high time that we stop tolerating this madness. Each year Russia spends EUR 40 M on this.”

According to Rishkin, Russia had enough resources and possibilities to create its own song competition “Voice of Eurasia”. “We have global events such as the Olympics, we can have our own contest,” he said. “I think that all countries from the Eurasian space, as well as many others, will support us.”

The victory of Austrian transvestite Conchita Wurst, who attracted the public attention mostly with his somewhat weird appearance, sparked a public outrage in Russia. 

The ruling party United Russia expressed its indignation with the victory of the “bearded drag queen”. 

According to the deputy head of the parliamentary committee on family, women and children, Olga Batalina, the results of the Eurovision contest were the result of “propaganda of untraditional culture, including gay culture”. 

The MP Vitalii Milonov demanded that the minister of culture Vladimir Medinskii  bans the performances of Conchita Wurst to Russia. 

“The stage image and the music, performed by this entity of unidentified sex, are in itself an insult to the majority of Russia and many other countries,” he said. “It would be a culpable negligence to let him on our territory.”

annah - 12 May 2014 // 16:11:40

Great that you are trying to highlight Russia's awful reaction to Conchita Wurst winning the Eurovision Song Contest. However, you are using the term "transvestite" in your article, a term that is derogatory and misplaced since you don't know Conchita's gender identity. "Drag-queen" would have been more appropriate.

Also, you are describing her as "him", which is wrong, since her stage persona identifies herself as a woman.

The writer should consider his/her knowledge within the field of
transgender questions before attempting to write an article concerning these issues.

Caliguy - 12 May 2014 // 18:56:38

1st ABBA now this.

je suis anglais - 12 May 2014 // 23:38:14

i think the voting was taking into account the prehistoric reaction the dirty kgb commies would have, and it's a collective middle finger to the filthbag russian closet homosexuals. they doth protesteth too much.

Warfou - 13 May 2014 // 01:05:34

Conchita Wurst is a farse. "Wurst" means "sausage". He/She did not expect to win and the Austrian ORF are now worrying that they have to spend EUR 20 millions for organizing the next contest :) It all should not be taken that seriously, its just a joke of some sort.

Patriot11110 - 13 May 2014 // 01:12:23

It is a guy/male, his real name is not Conchita Wurst, but Tom Neuwirth. HE is also a jew, and part of the plan to corrupt and destroy our european culture. These are facts.

Tania Oz - 13 May 2014 // 07:03:04

"The Russian MP from the Communist Party Valerii Rishkin said Russia must stop participating in Eurovision contest and create its own - “Voice of Eurasia”, reports Interfax"...............

This is so predictable and hilarious! Ha ha, suck it up Russia! Diddums, they seem to be upset because they don't like the outcome and winner of the Eurovision Contest this year. Typical outburst from the Russians, "It's my way or the highway"! Russia thinks that they own Eurovision as well as the rest of the world.

This is the usual response whenever Russia doesn't like something, doesn't agree with something or things that don't go their way, they just change the rules to suit them. They just create their own rules to suit their purpose: be it a song contest or politically. Well go and create your own song contest, who really cares and good riddance to you all! The anti Russian sentiment was very loud and evident during Eurovision. And it was rather telling as to which countries voted for and favoured Russia and the Russian twin bimbo's, especially the 12 point vote.

Fr Jack Hackett - 13 May 2014 // 11:23:19

I wonder why such countries as Azerbaijan and Turkey are included in the Eurovision song contest anyway

John77 - 13 May 2014 // 22:43:29

What the hell is that creature? I think it should be in an insane asylum, NOT encouraged by PC idiots at a singing contest. Anyway, the Russian girls WON as far as I'm concerned.

Lufti Mestan - 13 May 2014 // 23:03:52

Unfortunately it is sick homosexual pederasts like Optimistic, Vlad & Sha-Sha who voted for that despicable halfbreed and who wish to force their perverted and sickening practices on the world.

Vladimir K. - 13 May 2014 // 23:34:02

That "transvestite", "drag queen", "homosexual" creature, which is a he by the looks of it, disgust me every single time I see it and Russia is very right to condemn this disgusting practices.

This weird creature should be jailed for promoting sick ideas, and is a perfect example of how morally bankrupt the western people are. And I bet that only reason why he/she won is because of the extremely strange appearance. (Yes, western europeans aren't as bright as people say).

Russia don't need this filth and I am very sure Voice of Eurasia will be more correct and culturally healthier than this garbage "eurovision" filled with homosexuals, perverted boys, inappropiate girls and now suddenly drag queens.

Tania Oz - 14 May 2014 // 06:13:52

Bwa ha ha ha..................................!!!
"more correct and culturally healthier".........the author of that amusing comment is either a comedian or a brainwashed idiot.

"filled with homosexuals, perverted boys, inappropiate girls and now suddenly drag queens"......................
What a perfect description of those who nest in the Kremlin. And let's not forget the pedophile and despot that rules that kingdom who favours nubile underage gymnasts.

Samo - 14 May 2014 // 09:33:22

Great, go ahead, leave the contest. Nothing will please other countries more than ex-Soviet countries leaving Eurovision.

Queen Conchita - 14 May 2014 // 12:42:04

Yes!! No more Eastern Europe in Eurovision is great news! I hope they do it, I don't want to see Russia and all those bigots in the contest anymore.

sa-sha - 14 May 2014 // 13:11:57

.....;-)....Yes, Oh Yes !!!....transvesti, lesbo-, homo-, pedo- & other honorable public of the same "identity" ONLY....
No more Eastern Europeans! To hell with them! Eurovision for the Viy-style Europeans! For ever!

Fashionista - 14 May 2014 // 13:23:16

Who cares if Russia leaves, better for everyone. Their songs and costumes look like from the 80s. Absolutely ridiculous.

Russians have a very unrefined, antiquated and vulgar taste and are completely out of tune with the modern world. Never met a hip or trendy Russian. All of them look like beavers from the 70s with their mom jeans and plaid 1 euro shirt and shoes that make you cry or like mafiosi with shirts that say Brioni as big as possible and usually shiny silk and gold chains.

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