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Commenting article: Ottoman Legacy Struggles against Lack of Care in Bulgaria


Remnants of Ottoman architecture standing in Bulgaria are in a struggle against lack of care, Turkish Deputy Premier's visit to the country has revealed.

Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag traveled nearly two thousand km during his three day tour in the Balkan country. He gave special attention to architectural works from the Ottoman era, inquiring about their legal status and expressing willingness to take up their restoration.

Bulgaria remained under Ottoman rule for nearly five hundred years till its independence at the end of the 19th century.

peterperfect - 11 Aug 2013 // 08:22:31

Not so in Yambol, our bezistan is undergoing restoration and it seemed in good condition!!!

Seedy - 11 Aug 2013 // 11:26:12

""We will reclaim Ottoman works in Bulgaria," he said."

No way, Jose! Bulgaria needs to remember the "pleasure" of being under the Ottoman yoke, and forget the way "modern" Turkey is behaving as it crawls its way back into the Islamist fold. As for the antics of the Turkish Movement for "Rights and Freedom", if they want Dogan and his crooked henchman they are welcome to restore them to Turkey at the earliest opportunity - but only on a one-way trip, no fake "Bulgarians" sneaking back for day-trips to cast paid-for votes....

Chushki - 11 Aug 2013 // 12:23:03

Bulgarians should tell Seedy (& his Turkish pals) to stick his fez where the sun dont shine.

BULERICAN - 11 Aug 2013 // 12:30:15

"We will reclaim Ottoman works in Bulgaria," he said.

IMO this would be like the Germans restoring all the KZ's to their original glory.

Can we not Keep These buttheads on their own side of the border ???

Uchak - 11 Aug 2013 // 14:31:30

yes turkey has NEVER apologized for the crimes of the ottoman empire, even now life in BG is better than turkey! asiataic mongol animals, jealous of bulgarian DNA!

Ivanko - 11 Aug 2013 // 15:46:49

Not so in Yambol?
I believe they are restoring it because it will go into Turkish hands again. That is what they asked, the Turkish.
In Europe, they get what they ask.

Peter Piper - 11 Aug 2013 // 16:49:49

“jealous of bulgarian DNA!”

Well, that’s a novel notion !

Gubbin - 11 Aug 2013 // 22:29:31

I modestly suggest to the Deputy Minister that Turkey start with restoration of Bulgarian Orthodox churches, monasteries, historic sites and architecture in the European part of Turkey, north of the Bosporus, before undertaking any thought of restoration of Ottoman sites within Bulgaria. Fair is fair.

peterperfect - 12 Aug 2013 // 08:31:45

Guys you should read what you have all written which is a load of vitriolic emotional mumbo jumbo. Life is too short to hold a chip on your shoulder for past wrongs that go back generations. Look at the mess this type of attitude has got the middle east into, unless you learn to forgive (not to say forget) your lives and the lives of others will never move on. Look what happened in the Balkans a few years ago, people trying to settle old scores killed 000's. I'm not taking any sides here so you can ALL throw your anger at me but, please, please get rid of it as it will only destroy YOUR happiness.

Peter Piper - 12 Aug 2013 // 08:52:57

Mention the word Turkey and the “ hounds of hell” are set loose …

Seedy - 12 Aug 2013 // 09:46:57

So let's NOT mention "Turkey": how about "creeping islamisation", how about "military coups", how about "Did you say Armenian Genocide? Go directly to gaol, do not pass Go, do not collect ?200", how about "illegal occupation of a member of the EU (and NATO except for the Turkish veto)", how about "repression of the Kurds", how about bus-loads of "Bulgarians" shipped in and paid-for on voting days......starting to get the picture, Big Mouth?

Uchak - 12 Aug 2013 // 10:02:57

forget past wrongs in usa the blacks whine non stop about slavery that ended 150 years ago and that no one alive today had any part of..guilt tripping works, that is why Bulgarians should never stop complaining about how the Turks OWE Bulgarians and should pay reparations and make affirmative action for Bulgarians in Turkish businesses and give property in Istanbul back to Greeks and Armenians and Bulgarians, is like blacks in USA, yoozah owes me fo da slabery Tookish crackah!

sa-sha - 12 Aug 2013 // 12:06:13

The best reply to the Turkish wily offer would be, imho, the modest counter-offer of Gubbin: "to start with restoration of Bulgarian Orthodox churches, monasteries, historic sites and architecture in the European part of [modern]Turkey". The Turks' reply will show the real value, sense and goals of their offer........"Look at the mess this type of attitude has got the middle east into..."--this "attitude"-You[Turks] want to restore Your monuments on Bg land?, OK, but do first restore Bg monuments, also on Bg land, btw, or, at least, on that part of it which had been stolen from Bg and "presented" to Turks--- this "attitude" is absolutely correct. Btw: not "this type of attitude" got the Middle East into the mess......troubles which flared in ~20 states within a 2-month period (!) were the 'manageable chaos', i.e. the practical realisation of Steven Mann's "Chaos Theory": somebody threw the burning match
And Who was it? Look who, whose monopolies and MIC derive huge profit right now...
And about Balkans and "people trying to settle old scores killed 000's.": once again, victims are the result...but the key question is the same: who threw a burning match?

Yane - 12 Aug 2013 // 19:43:20

peterperfect, how about you just shut up? It was the west that supported the provocations and breakup of Yu. It was the west that wanted to carve out Bosnia and hand it over to Islamist Izetbegovich who was merely a convicted WW2 NAZI war-criminal. Just read his own autobiography, he would have made al qaida proud. Forget that millions of Serbs died during ww2..

You funded war to happen and then point fingers at others.

You have nothing to stand on, right now you are funding Al Qaida in Syria, entire Christian villages have been wiped out, and recently hundreds of Kurds were wiped out. This is all your fault, you can make excuses all you want, but those radicals wouldn't be able to do what they do today without the money, arms n support you give them!

If the Turks start trouble in Bulgaria, you will throw money and weapons to them and blame Bulgaria for everything.

You "ex-Colonialist" westerners should look in the mirror, you have NOT changed, at all. Once a blood-sucking parasite, always a blood-sucking parasite! You don't know how to change your nature. So, don't come here pointing fingers like we need your advice.

peterperfect - 13 Aug 2013 // 08:36:28

Yane, your answer vindicates my comment completely, I couldn't have asked for greater proof if I had paid someone to write it. Vitriol will always be vitriol and cannot be disguised. I bet though that you are a great lover of conspirator theories, ah well, if it keeps you out of harms way that can't be a bad thing. Keep reading son one day you might actually reveal the truth.

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