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Commenting article: Moscow: No Bail Out for Russian Savers in Cyprus

The Russian government announced it will not compensate Russian savers who have lost money in the Cyprus banking crisis.

Russians are believed to have billions of euros in Cypriot accounts and following the painful haircuts in the two biggest banks deposits above EUR 100,000 could shrink by as much as 60%.

"Such losses would be a great shame, but the Russian government won't take any action in that situation," First Deputy PM Igor Shuvalov said,

Richie - 1 Apr 2013 // 18:50:39

So Germans are willing to bail out Cypriot banks, but Russians not. Then why are Cypriots angry at Germans but not at Russians?

sa-sha - 1 Apr 2013 // 19:35:20

;-)...Richie, Russia was strongly adviced by Germany &Co not to help
Cyprus. And please note that Moscow "punish" just Russian Savers... And also: the EU/ECB/IMF "Shock and Awe" operation can hardly be considered by Cypriots as the real bail-out.

Russophobe - 1 Apr 2013 // 23:36:59

Of course Richie. This is a classic case of the emperor having no clothes.

We're clearly looking at a paper tiger that likes to saber rattle without anything to back it up.

They just can't afford it! Pure fact. Their weak economy depends 100% on the price of oil. It's been high for the past decade and we've had the rise of the Chavez', Putin's, Obiang's and Dos Santos' of the world. But even the Russkies know they can't fool around throwing money around like Chavez did, they would rapidly collapse in today's unforgiving bond market.

Thankfully the USA and other advanced countries are actively pursuing shale oil/gas and the USA will be the world's largest oil producer within 5 years.

This will be the final coup de grace and the northern monkeys might finally develop a "real" economy after living in a fairy tale for the last century. Then they will finally stop bullying small countries like the Baltics and Georgia and might for once be a force for good in the world.

Ivanko - 1 Apr 2013 // 23:48:12

OMG, we have another idiot who tries to beat the idiocy rises every hour.

They have one thing in common, they all are 'anti-commie' and they all appear when Boyko needs votes to have another 4 horrible years so BG economy is completely destroyed.
Can he fix it? No he can't!

DP - 2 Apr 2013 // 00:42:34


You say "anti-commies" like it is a bad thing....LOL
Commies did a lot of bad things, similar to what the nazis did....

Ivanko - 2 Apr 2013 // 01:12:57

Stanishev is a bigger capitalist then Borisov.
In fact, Boyko is more communist then Stanishev.
A lot more, with proven track record.

So when I hear people talking about those commies then yes, it really is a bad thing. If your only argument is that then I do not understand why anybody takes people like you serious.

GERB cried 4 years about BSP. But their results are much worse.
Even in their own government people on the highest positions were fired every 2 weeks. How the hell can you run a country like that?

First they apparently chose every time the wrong persons and after firing them they do that again.
Except an idiot like Djankov who hungered the country out...

Anyone supporting for such things by just pointing at those commies is not even an idiot but far beyond that

DP - 2 Apr 2013 // 03:05:58


So, you have no problem with anti-commies per se, but you think that they are beyond idiots (paraphrasing your words) and shouldn't be taken seriously for arguing a point based on their convictions?

Hm, this is a thought worth pondering....No wonder people like you are taken very seriously (just a notch below genius...;-).

sa-sha - 2 Apr 2013 // 13:53:38

Sorry, DP, but aren't You biased a bit? "Commies", "Regime",
"democrats", "True Democracy" etc, all this scum is widely used by the modern mass media for achieving the absolutely certain goals: to orient the public opinion (in Western countries first of all) in the due direction. Look: "You say "anti-commies" like it is a bad thing...", You wrote. Yes, DP, it is a very bad thing, since today "anti-commies" de facto means "anti-Russians", i.e. the leaders of USA first of all. What do they bring today to the World, DP? Blood, sufferings, chaos, despair, death. Yougoslavia, Afghan, Irak,Libya, Syria now, Iran tomorrow...Hundreds of thousands of death, what for? For the global triumph of the "true democracy"?......
"Commies did a lot of bad things, similar to what the nazis did"--- yes, but You leave aside-just like Western media-the principal difference: those "commies" (if You mean Stalin' regime) did it against its own people first of all, while the Nazis did it against peoples of many other states, as USA&Co do it right now, do just those "bad things, similar to what the nazis did", simply a fact......
So, the new perfume "Anti-commies" with two fresh aroma-"True Democracy" and "Nazis"- on the market. Detonating mixture, I think. And may be "this is a thought worth pondering"...........

viking - 2 Apr 2013 // 17:47:27

sa-sha sa-sha
" those "commies" (if You mean Stalin' regime) did it against its own people first of all, while the Nazis did it against peoples of many other states.

Can you tell me the difference? The victims are all dead and it is not more pleasant to be snuffed by your "own people

By the way the name you gave me (for travel to Russia) was a complete failure. I contacted them twice and they did not even bother to reply.

Must be "commies" ! lol

DP - 2 Apr 2013 // 18:13:42


And aren't you a bit paranoia? Anti-commie DOES NOT mean anti-Russian in my book. This must have become clear to you ever since you joined the forum.

Are you so brainwashed, or too young to know what the communists DID to your country? How about the Russian victims of Stalin and the notorious gulags?And what did the Americans do to deserve your hatred?

Don't know what damaged your brain, but you certainly have allowed an insane nationalism to blind you and betray your ancestors who escaped after the revolution in 1917? Or was that a fantasy you just happened to dream up and proclaimed in the forum in a vodka induced stupor?

As you can see I can be as preachy as you are.

End of sermon!

Tania OZ - 2 Apr 2013 // 18:56:44

sa-sha, I have to say it. You really are a form of torture.

Tania OZ - 2 Apr 2013 // 23:21:34

sa-sha..........your comrades aren't as smart as they think they are. They got caught with their pants down. Don't blame the EU and the rest of the world for Russia's problems and unpopularity.

sa-sha - 3 Apr 2013 // 12:39:42

Hi, Viking. Killing of the innocent people-by Nazis, by Stalin [or by any others, I would add] is a crime, and I agreed with it while replying to DP' "Commies did a lot of bad things, similar to what the nazis did".
As for the difference, it's obvious: GOALS. Stalin was establishing his dominance over his country and applied his "methods" in his country, while Hitler with his "methods" was near to establish the dominance over the whole Europe (and was stopped just by Stalin, btw), and that Hitler' style striving to the world domination is the modern USA policy'
backbone....with the similar "methods". You find them acceptable?
You (Western democracies' people) are tolerant towards the crimes of
Your leaders in Afghan, Irak, Libya...Why? Killings of innocents is a crime always. And "The victims are all dead", right You are. So, why
You, Westerners, are so calm? Goals, Viking.

Sorry for my friend. And, btw, he's the ex-"commie", you guessed right...;-)

sa-sha - 3 Apr 2013 // 14:03:59

Paranoia? Let it be. All for You, DP ;-)......
Well, "anti-commies": You replied to Ivanko' "They have one thing in common, they all are 'anti-commie' ", right? Imho Ivanko had in mind all this modern "anti-commie" scum which is exactly-or at least mainly- anti-Russian.
"Are you so brainwashed"---interesting idea ;-) But...All for You, DP.
"What the communists DID to your country? How about the Russian victims of Stalin and the notorious gulags?"---sorry, DP, but think I know A BIT more than You about it, about Russian life, about Russian history, about destiny of those(including my parents' relatives) who had gone through/died in Gulag, about all evil and, btw, good... Russians-including me- remember everything on the WHOLE, not selectively as You do, DP.
"And what did the Americans do to deserve your hatred?"---are You serious, DP? Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of innocent victimes of USA&Co "democratic" interference is nothing? "Don't know what damaged your brain", DP, really.
Leaving aside Your shameful, sorry, rubbish ("...what damaged your brain, certainly have allowed an insane nationalism to blind you and betray your ancestors who escaped after the revolution in 1917..."[though "a vodka induced stupor" is not bad]),
I allow myself to remark: I love Russia, I never betrayed neither my ancestors nor my parents, but I hate killings, I hate dirty "methods" of the modern "True Democracies" Leaders which bring sufferings and death to peoples. Simple.

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