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Commenting article: 9 Missing, 33 in Hospital in Terrorist Attack on Israelis in Bulgaria - Mayor

Nine Israelis are deemed missing, and 33 have been hospitalized after the terrorist attack on a bus with Israeli tourists at Bulgaria's Burgas Airport Wednesday, reports say.

Initial reports said a number of Israelis were dead and wounded in the explosion which hit their bus at the Sarafovo Airport near Bulgaria's Black Sea city of Burgas at about 5:30 pm EET.

The Bulgarian authorities have confirmed there are casualties but have not confirmed their number. The site of the Burgas Airport says the Israeli tourists arrived on a flight of Air Via from Tel Aviv at 4:50 pm. After that, they got on a bus to reach Bulgaria's largest Black Sea resort Sunny Beach.

Anastasia - 18 Jul 2012 // 20:42:53

As an American Jew, I can honestly state, this is not going to be a good day for Bulgaria. God-willing they find the source of the attack ASAP...

Gleeky - 18 Jul 2012 // 20:52:04

Just what"isn't going to be good" for Bulgaria?

Terrorism is the act of people who have lost their humanity, perhaps in the same way as Jewish "settlers" in stolen land have - or governments which build crazy walls to "protect" themselves from people they are oppressing.

Anastasia - 18 Jul 2012 // 20:58:11

Israeli PM stated they believe it was an Iranian attack. Israel does not take kindly to terrorists and only hoping the attacker was not associated with Bulgaria itself.

Otherwise, I concur with your statement.

MJC - 18 Jul 2012 // 21:10:34

From some accounts the sheer power of the explosion must have killed at least a dozen Israelis.. with many seriously injured. MJC

belsof - 18 Jul 2012 // 21:37:25

Ignorance keeps the mind closed. Open up!

Gleeky - 18 Jul 2012 // 21:59:06

Say what?

Ivanko - 18 Jul 2012 // 22:26:17

Anastasia, if you really are an American jew ... What do you think about America bringing radical muslims in all surrounding Israeli countries?

PS : Can you sing?

hari - 18 Jul 2012 // 22:46:33

it is upsetting that people try to justify terror by talking about the settlements so here are the facts. International law gave Israel back its land from the Jordan Valley as per the San Remos agreement 1920. There never was a Palestinian Arab nation in history ancient or modern but there always was an Israel. In truth there are no settlements as Samaria and Judea was alway part of Israel as was Jerusalem. Please learn history. The Israeli leaders made a huge mistake by agreeing to give away land that God designated as part of Israel to a people that never existed in history the Pal Arab. In truth when the Arabs attacked Israel in 67 there was no Pal arab nation just Jordan and Israel and the line is an armistice not a border as there never existed a Pal Arab.History.After the greeks,romans conquered Israel Hadrian changed Israel's name to Palestine after the Philistines no connection to arabs. The Jews had Israel thousands of years before Arab tribes or Islam even existed.Hebron was King David's first capital them Jerusalem no Palestinian Arab. Settlements were always part of Israel. the whole thing was.It is amazing that the Israeli leaders allowed the San Remos agreement way back to the 20's giving Israel back its rightful land to be forgotten. There are no settlements by Israel!!!Instead of being grateful that Israel is giving up land that never belonged to the Arabs in the first place people call it occupied? this is revisionist history.Iran is the biggest danger to all the innocent children of the world along with political radical religious doctrine like the MB and Hamas. the Jews were chosen to help the world or to repair the world. I hope the ignorant wake up before events change the world order and imprison the helpless and hopeless throughout the world

Anastasia - 18 Jul 2012 // 22:56:54


I don't support any act of terrorism, radicalism, fundamentalism, etc... or any other "ism" driven in the name of G-d against an enemy. If amerika is in fact supporting the infiltration of radicals (of any ism) into countries surrounding Israel, quite frankly, I would not be surprised.

There is no government or political faction on the face of this that can be trusted. I will gladly live with Bulgarian "corruption" as the lesser of many evils.

Of course, dear Ivanko, a contralto, the lowest of all female voices.

Anastasia - 18 Jul 2012 // 22:58:45

Bravo, Hari.
Well and accurately stated.

Anastasia - 18 Jul 2012 // 23:03:37

If you live in Varna, no need for alarm. You'll be safe and everyone else will eventually learn.
(I love cryptic statements, don't you?)

Gleeky - 18 Jul 2012 // 23:09:59

Bravo, Hari - it's brainwashed idiots like you who will ensure that one day there won't be an Israel again - just like there wasn't for thousands of years, despite your wish-fulfilling "there's always been an Israel". If that's how "God" chooses his people then let's hope he continues to choose the same bunch of suckers and leaves the rest of us alone!

If you want to talk about terrorism, then just look inside the state of Israel, from its founding fathers to its present-day government and its bigoted zealots with their "settlements" and their illegal Apartheid Walll.

hari - 19 Jul 2012 // 01:18:20

gleeky. Sorry but if you knew history you would not answer this way. History history. Israel is the most democratic nation in the world. diversity where all religions and people have a place. There are arabs on the knesset and pariticipate in all aspects of Israel society. In a poll Arabs in Israel, in Jerusalem want to live under Israeli law and not corrupt Palestinian arab leadership.Sorry but King david settled Israel under the Jews long before Islam and long before Arab tribes. Palestine was the name given by Hadrian an anti semite that you might recognize who tried to destroy Jews and named Israel after the Philistines no connection to arabs. Sorry but Israel Jews have a mission to repair the world. israel is not apartheid but the arab world is. Israel is democracy and will exist forever and even will help the anti semites out there

mattbg - 19 Jul 2012 // 01:45:41

horrible attack on innocent people.

Hari, don't try to justify something by saying "land designated by god" it makes you look an idiot, along with all other religious nutcases. If it was designated by an all powerful god (if such a thing exists), it wouldn't need such extreme measures to retain it.

if there are strong well documented historical reasons for something, by all means state it, but as soon as the god argument is mentioned you lose all credibility.

Yane - 19 Jul 2012 // 01:58:53

hari, the only reason Israel exists at all today is because the middle east is full of muslim lunatics, if it had been Christian, you would never have been allowed to ethnic cleanse the population in palestine just so you can have back a land you lost thousands of years ago. You should be happy that Israel is surrounded with crazy muslims, without them you would have no excuses to "defensively" recreate a lost land.

A land you took by genocide in antiquity, with a religious excuse, religion which really is jewish theft of persian zoroastrianism, of a one true god.

If there weren't any muslims today, then Jews would today be our taliban, religious violent nutters. It was a mistake to accept cooperation with Israel and tourism. I hate it that your crazy middle-eastern conflicts come here to Europe to cause problems.

Damn I hate the middle east...I wish it all was a sea instead.

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