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Commenting article: Sofia Gay Parade Organizers Want Church to Stop Its Calls for Violence

The organizers of Bulgaria's Sofia Pride gay parade have once again demanded that the Bulgarian Orthodox Church distance itself from the recent calls for violence against the parade.

On June 5, Father Evgeniy Yanakiev from the Sliven eparchy made an outrageous statement regarding the upcoming parade, saying that "stones should be thrown" at its participants.

As a result, the Sofia Pride initiative committee came up with an official statement insisting on the Holy Synod's firm and public demarcation from any calls to violence against the parade on behalf of its representatives.

Ter - 18 Jun 2012 // 19:37:53

Once again the church decides to promote violence. This doesn't surprise anyone anymore. How pathetic all this can get?!

It is documented that there are more than 400 animal specimen in NATURE (and I don't find anything more natural than nature itself) that exhibit homosexual behavior but only one is homophobic, headed by the Holly Synod.

sa-sha - 18 Jun 2012 // 20:47:05

Cordial thanks to all those 400 animal specimen in NATURE for non-oganizing--contrary to the only ONE of them-- the parades.

Ter - 18 Jun 2012 // 21:43:59

Luckily one does, the others simply don't need to.

rfp - 19 Jun 2012 // 09:37:45

Forget the Church. Do you know whay the Church do not like Gays?

Gays are Adult people. The church likes only small boys

sa-sha - 19 Jun 2012 // 19:54:13

It looks like You share Your own experience, buddy...

BULERICAN - 19 Jun 2012 // 21:04:00

RFP, Wrong church bubba, try again.

Special for you today, 3 tries only 25 stotinki.

rfp - 19 Jun 2012 // 21:41:22

never heard about the scandals? or blind?

Seedy - 19 Jun 2012 // 22:27:20

I've never quite understood the part that "pride" plays in being homosexual - can someone explain it to me?

I like women but I don't insist on sharing this information with everyone I meet or marching about claiming to be proud of myself for this "achievement"; it's my business and no-one else's.

As to the relevance of allegedly 400 animal species showing evidence of homosexuality, that's a vanishingly small percentage of the 10 MILLION or so that we know about already. Even if it's correct, I'd suggest that this would definitely come into the realm of the "statistically insignificant"......

Ter - 20 Jun 2012 // 02:26:24

I think that many people like Seedy and Sa-Sha misunderstand the reasons for Pride Parade to take place. Contrary to what you believe that this is some sort of homos rounded up to a public orgy. No! It isn't! It is a march to create awareness and call for equal rights. It is an act against common homophobia and repression, and violence. Gay people still continue to be harassed, the younger ones bullied at school, many left in isolation.

I think soon or later all this is going to change. Sadly, it is just loss to time. Homos existed before Christ time and most likely will after it as well.

I think the Church, regardless which domination, is dying out, and not only because one is guilty of sex scandals with children and the another of surrendering its flock to the Communist regime, but the whole idea of Christianity is just so stupid.

God's greatest preachings to mankind, his creation, counts for little more than who I can and can't shag; what I can eat and can't eat; when I can and can't work; how should I treat my slaves; under what terms I can annihilate my neighbors; and how to slaughter an animal as a token of my gratitude to him.

Religion actually convinced people that there's invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do, every minute of every day. and the invisible man has a special list of 10 things he doesn't want you to do. And if you do any of these 10 things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish, where he will send you to live and suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever 'til the end of time! But he loves you.
If the God of the Bible is all-powerful and therefore omnipotent, then his wickedness is second to none.

Ter - 20 Jun 2012 // 02:48:23

And as a matter of fact this the place where a good Christian like Sa-Sha would reference Leviticus 18:22 as proof that God hates homosexuals:

"Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable."

Yeah but Leviticus says that I may also sell my daughter into sexual slavery and that I am to put my son to death if he curses me. The 21st century Christians however have, by majoruty, determined that these moral laws are outdated and repugnant. The paradox, however, it is they still believe that Good is rightly-right on the gay issue. Hmmm it is like which laws suit you better from the Christian buffet selection.

rfp - 20 Jun 2012 // 02:58:29

The EU had make 1 mistake. Bulgaria was not ready to be a member of the E U. their attitude amongs gays are from the middle ages. No wonder they have been occupied for 500 year by the Turks.

Seedy - 20 Jun 2012 // 09:52:03

Well, I can't speak for Sasha - he's currently at the Kremlin receiving next week's orders from Vladimir Vladimirovich following his triumph today in persuading Novinite to publish a photo of Vlad's two favourite stooges, Medvedev and Kadyrov, together in a marketing photo-shoot for Soviet (oops, I mean "Russian") attack helicopters.

For myself, I was unaware that I thought a Gay Pride March was "a bunch of homos rounded up to a public orgy", although this notion does have a certain perverse appeal. As far as I am concerned, this is no more than an excuse for an in-your-face exhibition of what these people choose to do to others of the same gender; I have no problem with what anyone does in the privacy of their own boudoir - as long as they keep it there and don't frighten the horses.

I'm afraid that any child at school who doesn't conform to what children perceive as the norm is liable to be bullied but marching in the street is hardly a way to remedy that. Anyone who uses unjustifiable violence against other people can already be punished by the law, so why do we need special treatment for some who choose to flaunt their "pride" in their sexuality?

Many countries already have ridiculous legislation where someone who is attacked because of some difference can expect their assailant to be treated more harshly than the rest of us poor bozos; just what message does THAT send to the crazies out there: pick on someone less "different" and you'll be okay?

I agree with you that the Imaginary Friend Brigade should have as little influence as possible - and possibly some free counselling where the State can afford it. All we need is simply to educate people to accept that we are all different in many ways and that this difference is what enriches society - the acceptance of this is what makes us civilised...

rfp - 20 Jun 2012 // 12:36:36

The EU has made a big mistake to join Bulgaria to the EU. They are 500 years behind with their homophobia. No wonder with 500 years occupied by the Turks

rfp - 20 Jun 2012 // 12:37:32

Shengen must be postponed for 10 years more

Seedy - 20 Jun 2012 // 12:39:48

Are you kidding? Bulgaria would be mad to EVER join Schengen and let Greece off the hook as the bulwark against the hordes looking for "rights" and social payments in the West....

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