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Commenting article: Bulgarian Nightlife Reported at Standstill after Smoking Ban

Empty tables, grumpy customers, and worried owners were the common picture in nightclubs and bars during the first weekend of the full smoking ban in public spaces in Bulgaria.

According to the Cross news agency, lines of people smoking outside were seen near some of the most popular establishments in the capital Sofia with some of them having no more than 7-8 visitors inside during what was previously known as their peak hours.

"If this remains the same, we will soon go bankrupt," terrified owners are quoted saying.

mrposhrat - 4 Jun 2012 // 14:21:49

Smoking bans have resulted in economic recession everywhere they have been introduced, starting in California, Ireland, the UK and Spain. Smokers end up staying at home, sitting in front of the computer, or give up smoking and then get obese. These idiot politicians have been persuaded that the long term health care costs will make it worth it. What they haven't yet worked out is the cost of making 50% of the population unproductive, disengaged and ostracised in their time off! Not to mention the long term costs of obesity, diabetes and other ailments. What is more, 90% of non smokers would have been more than happy with designated non-smoking areas. No doubt the other 10% of non-smokers and ex-smokers will respond with their usual hate the smell rants. I expect that farting on a bus will soon be made a criminal offence!?

MichaelMcFadden - 4 Jun 2012 // 15:01:44

mposhrat, it's important not to mix up nonsmokers with Antismokers. It is the Antismokers who object to reasonable arrangements for nonsmoking areas and who insist that ALL facilities EVERYWHERE must ban smoking. For many of them it's an actual psychological illness: ASDS, AntiSmoking Dysfunction Syndrome. You can read more about it here:


Iro - 4 Jun 2012 // 20:27:52

Oh??? Whodda thought? But not to worry, give it another 3 to 6 months and the anti-smokers will be gloating that smoking bans are working. Working for who? For the venues that will remain in business and pick up what remains of the customers. The rest will have closed and will no longer be there to give their testimony. Comeon anti-smokers, get off your tuchuses and fill up all the seats the smokers left empty. Isn't this exactly what you wanted? Now get out there and save all those businesses that were coerced against their better judgment to serve your preferences!

P.Morris - 4 Jun 2012 // 22:35:31

Ever guessed why the majority of western economies are in recession? Well now you know the answer - its no accident that there is an exact correlation between countries that ban smoking and their slip into economic dire straights as consumption collapses.

The evil bigots who champion the anti-smoking cause (remember it was Hitler and the Nazis who were the first anti-smoking zealots) are the same people who have caused the recessions in countries world wide.

We should all question the real agenda of those who make such negative statements about a habit that has NEVER been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to harm anyone, yet HAS been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to be beneficial as a medicine for many of todays ailments.

I urge you all to join Iro, Michael and I in solidarity and watch us perform a dirty protest all over the steps of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia tomorrow at noon.

mattbg - 5 Jun 2012 // 00:12:35

Mr Posh Rat....

i think you'll find not smoking doesn't cause obesity, eating too much does.

diabetes is usually from too much sugar intake, again not caused by not smoking.

you're mixing up weak minded idiots who need to replace one addiction with another with some kind of false assumption that smoking is good for you. the difference is eating too much only affects yourself and then adds costs of hospital treatment, whereas smoking affects all those around you, and then costs of hospital treatment.

also i would disagree with your statement that "90% of non smokers would have been more than happy with designated non-smoking areas" i'd say more likely 90% be happy with designated smoking areas, so they can go to the bar/ toilet/wherever they need to in the establishment, without suffering others dirty pollutants.

P.Morris - Michael has some kind of law that he refers to where if you liken someone to nazis you automatically lose the argument. I wouldn't personally claim that it's a law, or even a sound notion, but probably in this case he's inclined to let it slip as you're arguing from his side.

claiming smoking has never scientifically been proven to harm anyone is the most naive and untrue thing you could possibly say. you are basically a complete moron. if you wish to discuss second hand smoke and cancer, then you may have some kind of angle which could be given some credence, but at the moment you rank somewhere just below what i've just extracted from underneath my big toenail in terms of IQ.

Are Iro and Michael making the trip to Bulgaria especially to join you in your dirty protest? as far as i'm aware they've never set foot here previously.

Iro - 5 Jun 2012 // 00:16:32

I think P. Morris is probably a member of the Silly Buggers Society. If he isn't, they should recruit him ;-)

peterperfect - 5 Jun 2012 // 10:32:01

Similar to what happened in the UK when they did the same. Bulgaria could have learned by the mistakes of others but obviously chose not to do so. No excuse for that as the evidence was out theer for all to see. What they should have continued to do was the use of designated smoking areas that were sealed off from non smoking areas. That way everybody is happy (except those that are fanatically opposed to smoking but extremist views should not count in a democracy). I right this as an ex smoker (but no a "holier than thou" ex). Everyone has rights, the smoker as well as the non smoker and let's not forget the nightclub and bar owners too to make a living.

adele - 5 Jun 2012 // 15:06:40

you said it all peter perfect I could not agree more

mattbg - 5 Jun 2012 // 21:20:16

i also agree peter.

the problem in the UK was massive opposition from smokers and bar owners to this solution (too expensive, making smokers feel ostracised by not being able to sit at the bar and smoke etc.etc.)
so eventually it got to the current point where it got banned totally.

quite rightly you pointed out that bulgaria was in the perfect position to learn from the problems in other countries and come to a workable solution - but again the same reasons were given until it's again too late.

js9911 - 6 Jun 2012 // 22:46:43

If the smokers feels so strong about a smoking room, why did they not campaign for one 10, 15, or 20 ys ago. If there had been some consideration for the N/S yrs gone by, we would probably not be banning smoking now!

In the past there has been no compromise from the smoker, now all of a sudden when rolels are reversed they want a compromise!

adele - 6 Jun 2012 // 23:18:31

Initially it was proposed that separate smoking rooms were going to be allowed the blanket ban was only passed on the Thursday prior to the ban being implemented no time to do anything

js9911 - 7 Jun 2012 // 03:20:19

As I said they could have done it 10 yrs ago, plenty of time!
There has never been a law against making a room Non Smoking!

MichaelMcFadden - 10 Jun 2012 // 02:39:10

JS, you wrote, "There has never been a law against making a room Non Smoking!"

That's very true. And no smokers I know of would have ever pushed for such a law. So why should NONsmokers push for a law against making a room "Smoking"? What conceivable justification can there be for such a law? Why should such a blatantly unjustifiable law be observed?


Seedy - 10 Jun 2012 // 09:46:22


So why should vegetarians be forced to pay for meat inspectors from their taxes, or pacifists for illegal overseas wars, or non-drivers for motorways, or racists for foreign aid, or .......

MichaelMcFadden - 10 Jun 2012 // 15:17:08

Seedy, I'm afraid I don't quite follow your logic?

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