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Commenting article: Bulgarians Are Purely Indo-European, Not Turkic - Gene Study

A peculiar Slavic-Mediterranean gene admixture is in the core of the Bulgarian nation, a new Bulgarian-Italian genetic study has revealed.

Gene probes of 855 Bulgarians, including individuals from the country's Islam population, have been gathered and compared with other European nations, Professor Draga Toncheva from the Sofia-based Medical University has explained in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio.

The results have failed to show any Turkic connection in the Bulgarians nation's genesis, contrary to popular beliefs.

Dino the Athenian - 8 Sep 2011 // 17:52:52

True. Genetically speaking Bulgarians are closer to Greeks and Italians rather than any other ethnic group in the Balkans.

We also have anthropological studies confirming such.

I had no idea that all of this time you considered yourselves anything but this undisputed fact.

Dino the Athenian - 8 Sep 2011 // 18:17:05

This is an excerpt from an athropological study(which supports the findings of this article) to explain my statement above:

"As can be seen, the Greek samples cluster together with several Italian populations in the middle of the plot. The only Slavic sample in this cluster is that of Bulgarians who are a Balkan population that is geographically closest to the Greeks. The other Slavs from Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Bosnia, and Slovenia cluster together on the top left quadrant of the figure. On the right side of the figure we see a cluster of West Asian populations such as Turks, Armenians, Kurds, Lebanese and Iranians.

We can conclude that the maternal heritage of modern Greeks is distinct from that of Slavs and is similar to that of Italians, a population that is historically devoid of important Slavic immigration. Therefore, mtDNA suggests that the mothers of the Greeks, and indeed the Slavic-speaking Bulgarians, are not significantly influenced by Slavs, but rather reflect a common ancient Greco-Roman or Balkan-Italian heritage predating the Slavs."

Yane - 8 Sep 2011 // 21:49:12

Dino, Slavic migrations were all over Greece, southern Greece and even Asia Minor.

Dino the Athenian - 8 Sep 2011 // 22:02:48


This true. But apparently the migrating groups did not intermix. Perhaps because cohesion meant safety or for other reasons.

The bottom line is that the evidence is overwhelming that the inhabitants of modern Greece and Bulgaria are strongly and uninterruptibly connected to the ancient stock.

What I just gave you is but a small sample of the anthropological evidence. There is tons of material on the subject.

Yane - 8 Sep 2011 // 22:07:55

Aren't you basically admitting that Bulgarians have ancient Macedonian blood?^^ Since they were the northern Greeks.^^

Not that I care either way, Thracian blood we have more than Greek and also culturual traditions from Thracians, from Macedonians nothing, nada, zip.

Chushki - 8 Sep 2011 // 22:15:27

baba nellie is a filthy turkish gypsy.

Dino the Athenian - 8 Sep 2011 // 22:18:48

Bulgarians could have ancient Macedonian blood via their Thracian connection.

I am not an anthropologist. All I can do is read and provide the evidence.

The evidence tells us that Bulgarians, Greeks and Italians have a common genetic bond that goes way back and certainly predates the Slavic appearance on the peninsula.

viking - 9 Sep 2011 // 03:10:53

I can remember years ago A TV host in the USA (Oprah) figured out which part of Africa her family came from and I thought "what a waste". It would be much better to find the genetic roots of people in Bulgaria, the balkan peninsula, the rest of Europe and Asia minor. And here you go providing the report.
Thank you and I hope many more tests are done.

You do notice when Faust makes his appearance the quality of discussion immediately becomes insulting and child-like?

TodorPetrov - 10 Sep 2011 // 02:09:38

With all due respect, this short article is stupid. Anyone who has made the slightest effort to study Bulgarian history knows that present day Bulgaria has seen people of many ethnicities settle in this beautiful land. At some point, Slavs became the major linguistic influence, and this might have happened because of migration and this logically shows up in the gene pool. All this being said, Bulgaria, as a nation, is born when the "Bulgars" crossed the Danube and established their kingdom. This is not just some "Turkic" tribe. Of Mongol ethnicity they were, of course, but they not only allied but eventually merged with the local slavs and created the Bulgarian Kingdom. Bulgaria survives to this day as a country. This would not have happened without the original Bulgars. I am very proud of my Bulgar heritage, call it Mongol or Turkic or whatever you want. Bulgaria was started by them and luckily incorporated slavs and older autochtone populations. Let us not fall into the propaganda that the communists sowed at the end of the 1980's, trying to say that we were all slavs and that we had to merge with the Soviet Union

sa-sha - 10 Sep 2011 // 09:29:59

Todor, please, who invites You to "fall into the propaganda that..."?

ankle - 10 Sep 2011 // 10:20:23

You do notice when Faust makes his appearance the quality of discussion immediately becomes insulting and child-like?


You are totally wrong with your appraisal of what happens on this forum when Dr Faust appears and contributes to it.

His replies are factual and intellectual which can’t be sad for a lot of contributions…. Also he has a great knowledge about most things.

Maybe you prefer Dino’s offerings that are racist and abusive?

Dino the Athenian - 10 Sep 2011 // 14:56:43

Would it be too much to ask the Turkish gallery (Hercules, Ankle, Sarkan, Dr. Faust et al) not to use my name in vain?

DrFaust - 10 Sep 2011 // 15:35:44


since you are starting to be more than a bit senile, let me point out the following: it is insulting and child-like when somebody is calling someone a filthy Turk and is basing that insult on pure inventions.

Maybe Dino felt insulted that I exposed the truth. And for sure you and Dino react child-like. But you have to live with the fact that not everyone here is so stupid and senile as the two of you.

DrFaust - 10 Sep 2011 // 17:22:42


you want to know what is child-like? Someone who is claiming that someone who disagrees with him (Dino) can only be a Turk.

Well, for Dino all people who are more intelligent than him are obviously Turks. Therefore and because the Turks I know are pleasant people I am not offended, although I told him already about a million times that I am NOT Turkish and have no connection whatsoever with this country.

Anyway, a child-like mind like him will repeat it another million times. Probably a case of Tourette syndrome...well, to be a retard AND suffer from Tourette at the same time...I express my sympathy with the poor devil.

Dino the Athenian - 10 Sep 2011 // 18:36:25

Dr. Faust:

What are you talking about?

I am mad about you(especially if you happen to be an Israeli):

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