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Commenting article: Turkey's 'Invasion' of Bulgaria

At the beginning, there was Isaura. After the fall of the Communist regime in Bulgaria, local TV channels started airing the Brazilian soap opera “Escrava Isaura” (Slave Isaura). It became an instant hit and shortly various Latin American soaps occupied a regular prime-time. In several years, Bulgaria was flooded, to say the least, with different versions of Isaura, Casandra, Juan Carlos, etc.

And just as Bulgarians started to get used to the Latinos, “Binbir Gece” appeared on Bulgarian private channel Nova TV, followed shortly after by “Gumus”, which aired on the TV channel bTV. Both series triggered not a wave, but rather a tsunami of Turkish soap operas in the country.

All of the Turkey-produced series focus on simple, everyday topics like tangled love affairs, heartache, and betrayal.

bogomil - 21 Jan 2011 // 16:10:11

It might display the mountains and beaches, otherwise there is nothing REAL about television, and never has been..
It is a shame that people warp their souls with this idiotic medium, instead of enjoying a REAL life of their own..

sa-sha - 21 Jan 2011 // 16:54:45

"Soap opera...increasing the country's popularity abroad". Nothing to add. To "increase popularity abroad" by producing TV-excrement!!! Eternal Glory to Excrement' Songstress.....

Nellieherself - 23 Jan 2011 // 01:56:00

Turkey has invaded the hearts and minds of the Bulgarian peasants without a shot being fired. Next they will show soap operas praising the glory of Islam, sharia, and jihad. And the Bulgarian white trash will waste their time watching this puke.

temujin2 - 24 Jan 2011 // 14:29:36

"Bulgarian white thrash"

correction, Bulgarian thrash.

JG - 25 Jan 2011 // 18:24:24

May the 20th it is two years ago I met my wonderful fianc? Anna in Amsterdam. When she told me she was Bulgarian I had to look it up at the map. So you can imagine that even having been to the university the knowledge of Bulgaria is a minimum in Holland.
So I started looking for news and history about Bulgaria. It is very hard to find. Searching the internet you hardly find something that is not in Bulgarian. Of course it is a good reason to learn the language. But more than Spartacus being from Bulgaria you can not find.
What I found was a very interesting book "the 13 roses" of Nicole Deniva. A fantastic book that as a film production would be at least equal to Dan Browns books. But of course it is banned.
A country which has such a rich history could make a thousand historical series. (please with English subtitles) And as to Turkey. You could make quite a few movies about the Turkish occupation, making clear what this culture really is. After knowing this, people will ban Turkey as a country for holidays and understand there has to be a closed border to protect our culture.

Buddy - 25 Jan 2011 // 18:48:48

You should look for a book "Political Essays on the Balkan" written in German....
a short but quite strong presentation of Bulgaria and its neighbours...
There youll find a lot what you would have never found any where esle---

RockDetente - 25 Jan 2011 // 19:22:44

@temujin2 - Bulgarians ARE White. Not like you. Period.

kostis - 25 Jan 2011 // 21:49:27

You can also search for "Balkan Ghosts" in English. Quite interesting.

Nellieherself - 26 Jan 2011 // 01:10:21


""Political Essays on the Balkan" written in German...."

When was it written? A few hundred years ago?

DrFaust - 26 Jan 2011 // 09:13:33

"You should look for a book "Political Essays on the Balkan" written in German...."

The book is obviously written in English as I can see from the title.


sarkan - 26 Jan 2011 // 09:29:23


"... When she told me she was Bulgarian I had to look it up at the map. blah, blah and blah.....And as to Turkey. You could make quite a few movies about the Turkish occupation, making clear what this culture really is. After knowing this, people will ban Turkey as a country for holidays and understand there has to be a closed border to protect our culture."

A retard who cannot find a country in Europe on a map, is revealing us his distinguished political and cultural conception.

Forget it and go sell people electronic cigarettes as you try in your next posting. Afterall, if you cannot sell them, you may shove them into your a*s. See, either you are rich, or you get the ultimate pleasure in your life. Gosh, it's a win-win for you! lol.

JG - 26 Jan 2011 // 12:42:52

Thanks Buddy. Next time I am in Amsterdam I will plunder a bookstore.

Kindest regards from Holland.

JG - 26 Jan 2011 // 12:52:17

Dear Dr Faust

I do not know how your Bulgarian is but reading this it was clear to me:

Ето как самата авторка коментира забраната на романа си:

"Ако ви звучи налудничаво, смея да ви уверя, че имам пълните основания да излагам на всеослушание споменатите хипотези. След като проведох задълбочен анализ на огромно количество исторически факти и писмени източници, както древни, така и съвременни /до един те са посочени в романа/, след като извърших собствени лингвистични проучвания, аз мога с чисто сърце да застана зад всяка една хипотеза, която излагам. В романа ми няма нито едно голословно твърдение.
Може би затова някои са се уплашили? Идват им твърде силни тезите ми или робуват на вътрешна цензура? Не бяга ли от дискусията точно този, който чувства своята слабост?
Между впрочем, в по-голямата си част представените в романа твърдения относно възникването на християнството и грандиозната манипулация, извършена с него в ранните векове, не са мое откритие. Всеки, които е следил филмите на Viasat History и National Geographik по темата, може поне от обща култура да се съгласи с този факт. Всеизвестна е и връзката между Орфей и Христос в съзнанието на ранните християни, като тази връзка е била забелязана още преди стотина години. Първи за нея започват да говорят психолозите от кръга на Карл Густав Юнг.

jan_piet - 27 Jan 2011 // 13:22:42

I am not somehow surprised to read the advices and opinions of the person who happens to live in one of the most “civilized” countries of Europe; The Netherlands.

He advises to build a wall to protect Europe/Bulgaria from the invading people and culture. In the tone of his expression, you can clearly notice how he feels himself superior with respect to the others. There is a message of confrontation and hate.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of thought which destroyed Europe in the second world war. This is the feeling which caused in the Balkans and everywhere in the world bloodshed.

Years and years the rules educated people how different and great they are and how different and inferior are the others; to make their position stronger, to misuse the sentiments of the people, to sell more weapons, etc. etc.

What is better than neighbouring countries visit each other, exchange information, get to know each other, learn their culture and language, etc. etc. What is better than peace and understanding? We do not need borders, high walls, hate and anger, weapons and destruction. Unfortunately, this is not the current trend in Europe now a days. It seems that history repeats itself without learning from the bad experiences.

Sareja - 27 Jan 2011 // 15:16:28

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