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Commenting article: Atrocious Puppy Murder in Bulgarian Shelter Brings International Outrage

A recent monstrous murder of a 3-month-old puppy in the Bogrov dog shelter near Sofia has generated an outrage in Bulgaria and among animal rights advocates and environmentalists from around the world. (Sofia News Agency) has received dozens of letters by Bulgarian and international readers expressing their indignation with barbarian act.

The skin of the three-year-old puppy Jessy was found by workers and volunteers in the Bogrov dog shelter near Sofia the morning of August 28.

Jerry - 1 Sep 2010 // 16:22:59

In Memory of Our Beloved Jessy:

Hey Bulgaria you better shape up and start to prevent the coldness found in the population.

It is sad to see that Bulgaria is missing compassion, love and the fear of God.

Between bus load of Prostitutes and Cold Blood killing of an animal, it seems our Orthodox Church has a lot of work to do to save mankind.

Mat - 1 Sep 2010 // 16:31:31

Can you murder an animal? Is it cruelty if you humanely kill an animal then skin it?

IHW - 1 Sep 2010 // 17:06:40

I don't think your smart-aleck remarks are necessary.

I hope the bastard that did this gets what he deserves; skinned, alive.

Satan - 1 Sep 2010 // 19:00:46

Awww, that is so sad.

I too, hope they catch the "person" who committed this horrendous act. It's so sad that animals are treated this way. It's not just in BG by the way. Unfortunately this is a world wide problem and it needs to end.
Kudos to the people who are guarding the shelter over night.

I for one, am donating $1000.00 to the reward fund and hope that others do the same.

Why did I ever click on the link to see the mutilation?
That was a big mistake because now I feel like throwing up.

R.I.P. Jessie.

dianneh - 1 Sep 2010 // 21:00:55

As it says on the CNN iReport ...

"The emphasis on safety of the society in defending justice for animals is more than apt in a country where a popular TV presenter, Martin Karbovski, is frequently broadcast inciting violence against animals and teaching his viewers how to mix poisoned food for the stray street animals as well as openly inciting other barbaric methods of killing."


"it is well documented around the world that violent offenders conduct acts of cruelty against animals prior to harming humans."

Kind of says it all really. What hope is there for a country that allows a TV presenter to go on air and incite hatred against animals?

These thugs need to be caught. Today it is a small defenceless puppy, tomorrow it will be a neighbour or child abuse.

Jerry - 2 Sep 2010 // 13:47:10

The days of Lassie that symbolizes Tradition and Family and a Family Dog in your home is all gone.

Violance, Drugs, Murders, Bus Load of Prostitutes and Dogs suffering in the hands of human violance run by satanic acts are a reflection of our political system that seeks War and Interest Groups without Transparency.

The question is, what direction is Bulgaria going?

We need a little religion to save civilization that has no pure social identification.

Al - 2 Sep 2010 // 14:17:44

Jerry, you wrote: "Bus Load of Prostitutes and Dogs suffering in the hands of human violance run by satanic acts".

I've never heard of that incident. Was is a public transport bus? Where did it happen? In Utah?

Anyway, what has that to do with Bulgaria?

WickedWitch - 2 Sep 2010 // 17:26:08


This is one of the reasons I feel like throwing up every time I think about Bulgaria and pieces of sh!t like the ape who did this. And yes, things like these happen everywhere but only in backwards crappy countries with backwards crappy cultures is this almost encouraged.

If anyone knows people out there, I am offering a new iPhone 4 or its monetary equivalent to whoever leads to the arrest of this bottomfeeder.

Nellieherself - 2 Sep 2010 // 17:37:05

Something about this story does not compute...Call me paranoid, but I think someone did this to get media attention and to get people to donate to this charity. Who knows what they are going to do with the donated money? And who would skin a puppy and then send back the skin? There is no percentage in it, therefore no mutra would do it. If it really is a Chinese who ate the puppy, he would not be advertising it. I always suspect the people who stand to gain from this action, in this case the charity trying to get money out of the public.

WickedWitch - 2 Sep 2010 // 17:51:50


When I used to spend my summers in my mother's small hometown in Rila, we had horrible neighbors. One of them caught my pincher, killed her and left her in a box in our backyard. Just out of spite. My German shepherd was poisoned because we stopped letting people have the leftover "tzvik" from our dairy farm. My friend who lives in Markovo cannot keep an outdoor cat or dog in her large garden because they invariably get poisoned. Just out of spite.

So yeah, I wouldn't put anything past sadistic pathetic losers like that.

Satan - 2 Sep 2010 // 17:54:15

Hi WW,

I wasn't aware at the time I made my post that there was someone on the BG air-waves that actualy encourages dispicable acts like this. That's disgusting and he should be taken off the air immediately. I find this so appauling and shocking.

It truly does make me sick in the stomach.

I contacted the rescue shelter to make my donation to the reward fund and I applaud you with your efforts to help capture this dispicable creten. Perhaps a material object like an iPhone will encourage people to step forward and lead to an arrest and a conviction. Let's hope!

I hope this isn't a publicity stunt or whatever you want to call it. I just feel compelled to help in any way I possibly can. In fact, I am going to do volunteer work at my local animal shelter so I can speak out for the ones who can't speak for themselves.


Nellieherself - 2 Sep 2010 // 17:57:50


Gee, Bulgarians are a spiteful tribe! Killing animals out of spite is just revolting.

Do the Chinese still perform late-term abortions on children as a way of population control? It used to be, if a child is unauthorized by the government, as all children after the first one are, they would inject them with poison just minutes before birth.

Satan - 2 Sep 2010 // 18:06:04


I am so sorry for what you had endure when you lived/spent summers in BG.

How can people be so damn cruel?

WickedWitch - 2 Sep 2010 // 18:12:13


The fact that someone else does something else that is horrible does not detract from the atrocity being currently discussed.

Bill - 2 Sep 2010 // 18:12:41


Agreed. The two worst I'm aware of is one where a few kids crucified a cat using real nails, and another where they poured gasoline on a cat and set it afire.

The puppy shown in the article was a real cutie, too. Can't imagine anyone wanting to kill her, for whatever reason.

My sister has been active with the local animal shelter where she lives, too, and often "boards" cats who need special care. She doesn't want a permanent pet at her age, but she does do caretaking work. In fact, the last one she cared for was adopted within two hours of when she returned him to the shelter.

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