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Commenting article: Johan Cruyff Slams Dutch "Vulgar" Style

NellieotAmerica - 17 Jul 2010 // 16:17:13


"I try not to be hypocritical, and outside of this forum no one has ever accused me of it. "

Being hypocritical is just another way of saying you are a polite and civilized person just like all the polite and civilized people who never say what they think to your face, who sugarcoat reality, who would never say all the insulting and bigoted things to anyone's face, only behind their back. You yourself admit to it when you hold back insults and profanities for the sake of decorum and politeness. I don't condone that sort of behavior, I always say exactly what I think, no matter how rude. If it is a bear, let it be a Grizzly.

Bill - 17 Jul 2010 // 16:23:46


"If it is a bear, let it be a Grizzly."

Why? Can't you find a Kodiak? 8-))

NellieotAmerica - 17 Jul 2010 // 16:24:59


You said to Bill: "If you honestly think I am a troll you have lost all perspective."

You must have missed the post that informed us that Bill has divorced reality due to irreconcilable differences. lol

NellieotAmerica - 17 Jul 2010 // 16:28:33

Here we go again--CJB...JKS...MJC...

I can't keep you all straight. Too many forgettable three-letter nicks. Two-letter nicks are not any better, either. It shows a certain lack of creativity and originality.

Bill - 17 Jul 2010 // 16:37:14


There's a lot of truth in what you're saying. I do tend to "sugar coat" things, mainly because I've used language on this forum which I would never dream of using in my day-to-day dealings with people. (In this respect, my naval background is much more useful than my religious.) I don't feel comfortable in this atmosphere, and I'm not happy with being forced into it.

What gives me the most problem is that when somebody disagrees with my viewpoint (which I don't mind), their criticism is laced with nasty aspersions on my character, education, background, profession(s) et al., all of which I consider superfluous.

I'm pretty easy going by nature, but I can be pushed too far, and here I have been.

Bill - 17 Jul 2010 // 17:42:09


You mentioned how little time it took you to find an ancient comment. How do you do that kind of research? It could make searching for other things on the net easier for me if I knew how to do it.

NellieotAmerica - 17 Jul 2010 // 18:00:55


Just type "ice dildo" in the "search forum " box and hit the "enter" key. Ditto for Google searches. Go to Google, enter "ice dildo" in the search box, hit "enter"

Any other questions?


Bill - 17 Jul 2010 // 18:02:55


Thanks. Didn't know it was that easy, especially not that Google would pick it up as well.

Now all that's left to wonder is why it stuck in JKS' mind when it didn't in mine.

JKS - 17 Jul 2010 // 18:09:33

It probably stuck in my mind because at the time I believed you had a different character than I do now, and I was struck by your vulgarity.

I have since learned more about your from reading your thoughts and nothing that you say causes me any surprise anymore.

well almost nothing...


Bill - 17 Jul 2010 // 18:09:57


Didn' work for me. I didn't see any search box labeled "search forum" specifically. When I typed "ice dildo" into the box marked just '"search", I got "no result".

On Google, I tried it, and got pages and pages on ice dildoes how to make them,k how to use them, etc.

Neither one of them produced the quote that JKS came up with.

JKS - 17 Jul 2010 // 18:13:06

bill the search box is right immediately above this post (or was at one time).

Your lovely quote is about 5 posts down the first page.

NellieotAmerica - 17 Jul 2010 // 18:50:38


Pay attention: SEARCH FORUM box, not SEARCH box. The SEARCH surches the entire site, the articles, not the forum. The SEARCH FORUM searches just the forum posts. Try to find the SEARCH FORUM box.

Bill - 18 Jul 2010 // 15:39:41


I just noticed your post. It's five pages down now. I've been way out of character on this forum. I've had to deal with abuse I've never been subjected to before, and I've used the weapons which have been turned on me.

Off this forum, I am neither so rude nor so vulgar as has been posted here, but one must fight with the available weapons.

Many times, I've asked people to take a more polite form, but it was in vain.

NellieotAmerica - 18 Jul 2010 // 17:35:39


"Off this forum, I am neither so rude nor so vulgar as has been posted here, but one must fight with the available weapons."

No one is. I know I am not. It's just that the anonymity of the internet and hiding behind their computer screen makes people daring and brave.

"Many times, I've asked people to take a more polite form, but it was in vain."

Silly you! Why would anyone comply with your request? Where is the incentive? What's in it for them?

viking - 18 Jul 2010 // 17:39:02


"I've had to deal with abuse I've never been subjected to before, and I've used the weapons which have been turned on me."

So using your "logic", because David Wolf (/0) insulted you 4 years ago you have the right and duty to be rude, crude and abusive to anyone you want, even if they have not been the same to you?

Make sure you get a refund from the wonderful teacher that taught you logic.

In your world anyone who points out a deficiency in your knowledge base is deserving of all the foul language you can remember from your Navy days. What ever happen to "turn the other cheek" or is that one of the bible teaching that are to be ignored?

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