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Commenting article: Turkish National with Fake Bulgarian ID Fleeces UK Casinos

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 19:25:24


There is nothing unique about me or you. There are millions like me who hate Islam. There are thousands of forums where you can find people who hate Islam with a white-hot hate. And there are millions of ignorant Muslims like you on their knees and their arses up in the air banging their heads on the ground. How anyone can believe that crap is beyond me. If the world wants peace, then Islam has to go. It is a bankrupt religion based on ignorance and hate of anyone who is not a Muslim.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 19:26:16


Don't say I didn't warn you. You've met Nellie. She doesn't like you; she doesn't like Islam, and she'll spew hate and degradation on you any way she can. Theres no stopping her, so don't try.

DocInTheMaking - 7 Nov 2009 // 19:32:15

Ignore the grandma, she's just a troll.

I think she deserves a page just for herself. I've stopped reading jokes for laughs, I just come to this forum and read any one of her posts. ;)

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 23:12:00


" Ignore the grandma, she's just a troll. "

Talking about yourself again?

I firmly believe that we will soon have a major clash of civilizations between the west and Islam. I think that at least 10 percent of all Muslims (140 Million people) hate the west enough to want to see us all killed. I think at least 30% of all Muslims want us to convert and would like to see Sharia law imposed globally (420 Million people). Millions and millions of Muslims really do suck!

If we are to have any chance in resisting this massive movement to return to the Dark Ages, we need to be secure in our own beliefs. Today, most Christians have no idea where they differ from Islam. Many would be surprised to learn about core Islamic beliefs that are completely incompatible with our society. If we can start to educate people on how much Islam would have to change to be incorporated into the west, we will have performed a valuable service.

Lastly, unlike the left who now only speak for the powerful unions and limousine liberals, I want to speak up for a group that really has no voice--dogs. Islam hates dogs. This sick ideology is completely incompatible with everything I know and believe about dogs. I have no intention of making any kind of peace with Islam until Islam makes its peace with the canine community.

To borrow a liberal analogy, of we allow Islam to disparage man’s best friend, then we are on a slippery slope to allowing them to abuse women, gays and just about anyone else that they decided is “unclean”.

If you think I’m kidding, I’m not. It is not possible for me to respect any institution that hates dogs. If you don't have any conviction behind your beliefs, then you really don't believe in anything.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 23:21:03


"I think..."

No good. Oxymoron.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 23:31:34


" She doesn't like you; she doesn't like Islam, and she'll spew hate and degradation on you any way she can. Theres no stopping her, so don't try."

It is more than dislike. I want Islam to be outlawed in the civilized world. Mormonism and all other religions are useless nonsense, but harmless. Islam is evil. All I can assume from those who say Islam preaches peace have either 1) never read the Qur'an or the ahadith, or 2) are lying. For whoever said a religion can not be evil.... Why not? Is it not evil to tell others to kill unbelievers? Imagine if a Christian did that!!! But it's in the Qur'an (if you don't believe me, read it yourself). To the Muslims who don't want to kill me; I never said all Muslims are evil. I'm talking about the IDEAS that are in the Qur'an. The ideas are Islam and they are evil.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 23:36:49


"I think=oxymoron"

You won't get an argument from me on this one. You thinking is an oxymoron, all right. If you are capable of thinking, you wouldn't have bought the Mormon swindle line, hook and sinker.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 23:46:10


Traditional Islam calls on the Muslim immigrant to a non-Muslim land to accept the customs of the country to the degree they do not directly conflict with Islam -- and no country in the world either bans the practice of the Muslim religion, or compels people to drink alcohol or eat pork. From the legitimate Islamic viewpoint, Muslims are required to show a positive example of themselves and of the faith if immigrating to a non-Muslim country.

Bill - 8 Nov 2009 // 00:00:17


"You won't get an argument from me on this one."

We can now also agree with DrFaust about your legasthenia.

BULERICAN - 8 Nov 2009 // 00:07:19

Hmmm, Islam hates Dogs ???

I can see where Nellie is very upset with Islam.

They don't like Dogs

They don't like her

Is there a difference ???

None that I can see, I have seen the picture...

FIGMENT - 8 Nov 2009 // 00:35:34


Are you not upset that some screw ball Muslim shoots a dozen US soldiers in cold blood and wounds another 30 at Fort Hood? How would you and Bill feel if that happened at your home base in Frankfurt (or wherever the hell you were working)? It is so ironic that this nut case is also a mental health professional. Mental health, my arse. A complete Islamist screw ball with a bunch of loose screws in his head.

FIGMENT - 8 Nov 2009 // 00:49:04


" We can now also agree with DrFaust about your legasthenia"

Fister is a liberal German douche bag. Stay away from him.

FIGMENT - 8 Nov 2009 // 01:24:18


" Perhaps you could start by being little bit of respective to other people who are not like you."

Good advice. Tell it to your Muslim brethren who want to kill everyone who does not believe that the ignorant and deranged moron Mohammed is a prophet of God. The rest of the world agrees with me. It is time for the Muslims to convert or die.

WickedWitch - 8 Nov 2009 // 02:07:45

If Fistula has a problem defining legasthenia, his opinion is automatically discounted. Do not pass 'Go'; do not collect 200 dollars.

DrFaust - 8 Nov 2009 // 03:14:15


"I can see where Nellie is very upset with Islam.

They don't like Dogs"

Yeah, and we can see also now why she likes the Chinese so much. They love dogs very very much. Especially on the menue, lol.

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