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Commenting article: Turkish National with Fake Bulgarian ID Fleeces UK Casinos

One of the world's most notorious casino cheats has been jailed for a three-year fraud that spread all over the UK and several other countries.

Abdullah Toksoz, 40, of Croydon, bypassed casino security with Italian, Bulgarian and Malibu identities to win GBP 3 000 a night between February 2005 and June last year. He would mark cards using a pinhead under his fingernail.

In June this year, the Turkish national was arrested at Heathrow airport carrying USD 10 900 in cash. He was jailed for 16 months at Southwark crown court yesterday after admitting fraud, false representation and obtaining money by deception. Nicholas Mather, prosecuting, said it was impossible to say how much he made.

FIGMENT - 6 Nov 2009 // 23:20:45

Another deranged Muslim, no doubt. Islam really breeds them, doesn't it?

Islam is much more than a religion; it is a complete civilization that includes politics (caliphate), jurisprudence (Sharia law), war (jihad), and a deliberately misleading "religion of peace". "Islam" means "submission;" a Muslim is "one who submits." "Islam" does not mean "peace."

The purpose of the Islamic doctrine is the destruction of all cultures that are not Islamic and expansion of Islam until the entire world is under Islamic rule and Sharia law. It is difficult for many to accept that such an ideology can be real and that people kill and die for it; we see the truth of Islam in word and deed but pretend that it is not so. According to Sharia law (Islamic law) Islam abrogates, that is "cancels," all other religions.

The majority of the doctrine of Islam is about how Muslims are to interact with non-Muslims; it is essentially about - us.

62% of Koran is devoted to how Islam interacts with the kafir (the unbeliever).
98% of the Sira is devoted to the struggle against kafirs. (70% is jihad; 28% is argument and insults.)
20% of Bukhari Hadith is devoted to jihad.

Islamist mass murderers and terrorists/jihadists are not "hijackers of Islam," they are not "misunderstanders" of Islam; they are the devout followers of a political ideology that is hostile to our existence because we are not Muslims.

mernis - 7 Nov 2009 // 12:45:15

FIGMENT, 6 Nov 2009 23:20:45
Another deranged Muslim, no doubt. Islam really breeds them, doesn't it?

F(p)igment, I think you need some pigment except the war pigments you are wearing... Ok, :-) it was a bad joke by "another deranged Muslim". Maybe I am to be hanged on Sofia's biggest square for this deranged behavior. No any judgement necessary of course.

Figment, as a muslim and a human, when I read the article about a Turkish National with Fake Bulgarian ID Fleeces UK Casinos, I think that another miserable impostor was caught. But I was also deeply and completely depressed that the casino owners lost their money acquired with full of virtue and honor. I also think that the money should be returned to them after an international aid campaign. Ok, :-) that was also a bad joke but I was already hanged and dead, did you forget? Ok, ok, hang other deranged one, there are many.

Ok, no more bad jokes. An impostor was caught, jailed. He's guilty. Point. But it is good that no one was hurt, no money was stolen from the poor. After all, he did not choose to make money by selling babies as I read from Bulgarian papers, Figment.

On the other hand, when you read this article you choose to restate your existing hatred to muslims. When babies are sold by Bulgarians or say, when millions of jewish people are slaughtered by Hitler (I think he was christian but not muslim) may be you are thinking that these are also directly related to muslims also.

Please look at yourself, with full of prejudice and hatred to the people who are not like you. I wonder whether you will be able to understand and comprehend that I am adressing for your insults to you, not to the christian world, not to the Bulgarians, not to the man with yellow clothes, etc. Only you are hurting me, therefore only it is you that I am adressing.

And Figment, your insults about my general identity hurt me but I wish you self-correction. After all, opinions are venerable and it is nobody's right or dare to correct you, including me, a muslim.

May peace be upon you, thank you.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 13:24:30


What you say is correct.

Figment's prejudice and hate for my Church has had the same result. Pages and pages of hate copied and pasted out of whatever source fits into her prejudice, and to hell with any good reports.

But this woman is someone without any cognizance of anyone else's feelings but her own, and it gives her a sadistic pleasure to annoy people. There's no stopping her. She doesn't respond at all to polite requests, and I think that I've been far more patient with her than she deserves.

The muslims I know are all nice people, and what I've read of the Koran (I have a couple of summarised and one complete texts), does not advocate the violence she's looking for.

DrFaust - 7 Nov 2009 // 13:40:31


no matter about which topic you start a discussion here, it degenerates within the shortest time possible in obscene and vulgar hate speech from the side of Nazinella and a few others, who take a sadistic pleasure in slamming everything that is of moral, religious or personal value to others. I cannot a consider a person who is seriously advocating the extermination of people belonging to other races or religions as a human being any longer. And it doesn't make sense to enter into a discussion with an insect. Only DDT helps here.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 14:20:39


When I was young, my sister had a good answer to people like Figment/Nellie/who-all else:

"Find out what it eats for science, and then kill it before it multiplies".

mernis - 7 Nov 2009 // 14:27:14


As I told before, I am a muslim. On the other hand, I believe that the Islam is a costume that I wear upon my body. This costume defines me on others' eyes from a certain distance. But when they come closer, they see more details. If I am a person with physically unsterile attitudes and do not care about cleaning myself, the observer would think about the cloth being dirty and ugly. Who is to blame than? Me or my clothes? What Figment was doing, is first blaming one's clothes and extending this to each and every person wearing similar clothes.

Apart from this, I feel that, you are a personality taking care of his cleanness and eventually one having clean clothes on himself, unlike Figment. I must tell, by the way, that your clothes are a little bit better designed and produced in better hygenic conditions that generally are more easily maintained clean compared to ours (muslims) ;-) But again, there is no cloth to stay clean forever when you submerge it into dirt.

May peace be upon you.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 14:48:46


Whenever I see someone with dirty clothes, I think he's a dirty person. Now when it comes to homepess people, that's another story, because they don't have the opportunity to take care of themselves or their clothes.

This has nothing whatever to do with their personality, especially not their religion. Let me put it this way: I haven't met any violent muslims in my life.

But this idea of yours could use a little improvement:

"On the other hand, I believe that the Islam is a costume that I wear upon my body.

Any religion is better if it's worn in the heart as well.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:12:02


" I cannot a consider a person who is seriously advocating the extermination of people belonging to other races or religions as a human being any longer."

Congratulations! You just labeled all Muslims as sub-human. Muslims are the only religion advocating the extermination of kafirs on a mass scale.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:14:51


Get some education and convert to Christianity, you dumb Muslim slut. Or do you enjoy getting beaten up by your dumb relatives? I can't believe you have the nerve to come to a Bulgarian forum and admit to being a Muslim. Kakvo nahalstvo!!!!! I bet you don't even speak Bulgarian, you miserable vermin!

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:26:38


I can see why ignorant men would find Islam attractive--four wives, divorce by e-mail, virgins waiting in Muslim heaven. For the life of me I don't know why any woman would be a Muslim or raise her children as Muslims. It is the most destructive to women cult ever invented. So, in addition to hating Islam for being based on ignorance and stupidity, as a woman I find it deeply offensive and oppressive to women. You are a woman and you are a Muslim? Are you kidding me?

By the way, I did not have any negative feelings toward Muslims until 9/11 when my office was bombed and I had to walk down 72 flights of stairs wondering what is happening. Jihad constitutes at least 30% of the Muslim religion. That's what Muslims are all about, in a nutshell. And lying to kafirs that their religion is "peaceful".

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:39:35


" Any religion is better if it's worn in the heart as well."

Gee, I hope you don't feel in your heart that Joseph Smith is true, because it would mean your heart as well as your mind is fcuked up.

Bill - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:49:03

Get off it, Nellie! I KNOW your opinion. I don't need a few thousand reminders.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:52:49


" What Figment was doing, is first blaming one's clothes and extending this to each and every person wearing similar clothes."

It is not about the clothes that Muslims wear, although they do look pretty funny. It is very entertaining to see grown men wearing dresses and banging their heads on the ground five times each day.

What I hate about Islam is that it preaches terror to infidels. It commands Muslims to terrorize the unbelievers. It also teaches that Muslims are justified to lie to unbelievers. Lie, terrorize, kill.....all in the name of the Lord?!? It is a stupid, violent cult instigated by an ignorant screw ball calling himself a prophet. Prophet, my arse. A crazy psycho, more like it. And all these dumb and ignorant peasants believing his lies. What a bunch of morons! You are a Muslim? Then you are a moron.

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 17:54:33


You are as fake as a three-dollar bill. hehe

FIGMENT - 7 Nov 2009 // 18:02:26


The Quran is the primary manual of Islamic suicide terrorism. That's what I hate about Islam, and anyone who tells you Islam is a "peaceful" religion is lying to you, because you are a kaffir(unbeleiver) and lying to unbelievers is a good thing sanctioned by the Quran. I think in 21st century world there is no room for screw ball Islamists and nut jobs who sanction terrorism against unbelievers.

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