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Topic: Food for Thought - for Nellie

Honterus - 26 Oct 2009 // 14:09:56


I believe that you read German. Please read the article at the following link:

There are some links as well to previous articles in the same issue.

Please tell me your opinion.

Bill - 26 Oct 2009 // 14:16:40


Nellie doesn't have to read German. She can get the same story from the BBC in English at.

But she won't take the time. She's having too much fun throwing shit at me.

NellieotAmerica - 26 Oct 2009 // 14:23:23


The way I understand it, some russian who got repatriated to Germany killed some Egyptian woman and wonded her husband. He was upset about foreigners in Germany. Attacks on minorities in Moscow are par for the course. Any blacks or Arabs in Moscow are liable to get a good beating thrown at them. These are the risks of living where you are not wanted. Westerners get murdered, kidnapped, and killed by Muslim extremists all the time, and the perpetrators don't even get caught or go to prison. When the crime is against the Muslim vermin, the whole world cries "foul".

My personal opinion--one less Muslim vermin giving birth to Muslim suicide bombers to mess up the German gene pool. They should have stayed in Egypt, no one forced them to move to Germany.

Bill - 26 Oct 2009 // 14:29:50


My shouldn't be much longer before the Department of Sanitation forces YOU to move! :-p

NellieotAmerica - 26 Oct 2009 // 14:49:23


Here's Brigham Young's statement:

"The inhabitants of the moon are more of a uniform size than the
inhabitants of the earth, being six feet in height. They dress very much
like the Quaker style and are quite general in style or fashion of
dress. They live to be very old; coming generally near a thousand years.
This is the description of them as given by Joseph [Smith] the Seer, and
he could see whatever he asked the Father in the name of Jesus to see" -

HAHAHAHA! Did he have a 'revelation" about it, I wonder? Why would God lie to his living "prophets"?!?

Priceless. For everything else, there is Mastercard!

Honterus - 26 Oct 2009 // 14:56:56


Two years ago I went for a two weeks training to an IT training site not far from Lyon-France. Every day I used to take a bus to the city. One day we finished later and - when I went to the station - there was just a black man waiting there. This is far from being uncommon in the vicinity of big French cities, so I asked him in French about the bus.

It turned out that the man was not speaking French and we discussed in English. He was also enrolled in a trainng at the same training site and he was... Bulgarian.
Actually his father was from Sudan but he lived all his life in Sofia and had a typical Bulgarian name. This person really exists and works in Sofia for an important IT company. I have not asked him about his religion or about how his life is as a black man in Bulgaria.

My point is that he is at least as Bulgarian as you are if not more. There is no such thing as "race". What sets us apart is culture, language and lack of information about others - not skin colour or DNA.


Bill - 26 Oct 2009 // 15:03:21


I neither know nor care where you dig all this junk up. Just PLEASE stop telling me about it. I don't care, and am not interested.


O,r in your more "enlightened" vocabulary, STFU.

NellieotAmerica - 26 Oct 2009 // 15:03:55


" But she won't take the time. She's having too much fun throwing shit at me."

Are you kidding? And miss a wonderful moment of schadenfreude? I love it when the fcuking Muslims get kicked in the arse by brave young Russian boys. I can't get enough of it! As much as I dislike Putin, the KGB whore, and communism, I love Russia for its racism. I am thinking of moving to Moscow lately, with all the dumb nigger Obama lording it over the US.

Bill - 26 Oct 2009 // 15:05:28


"I am thinking of moving to Moscow lately"

Please do!

NellieotAmerica - 26 Oct 2009 // 15:09:23


I dig it up reading "the meat" that your brethren don't want us to get before the "milk". Why? We are all adults, we have teeth.

Your founding fathers were idiots. I am rolling on the floor laughing while reading this stuff. You can't make it up, it is so over the top!

From Brigham Young:

"I will tell you who the real fanatics are: they are they who adopt
false principles and ideas as facts, and try to establish a
superstructure upon, a false foundation. They are the fanatics; and
however ardent and zealous they may be, they may reason or argue on
false premises till doomsday, and the result will be false. If our
religion is of this character we want to know it; we would like to find
a philosopher who can prove it to us. We are called ignorant; so we are:
but what of it? Are not all ignorant? I rather think so. Who can tell us
of the inhabitants of this little planet that shines of an evening,
called the moon? When we view its face we may see what is termed "the
man in the moon," and what some philosophers declare are the shadows of
mountains. But these sayings are very vague, and amount to nothing; and
when you inquire about the inhabitants of that sphere you find that the
most learned are as ignorant in regard to them as the most ignorant of
their fellows. So it is with regard to the inhabitants of the sun. Do
you think it is inhabited? I rather think it is. Do you think there is
any life there? No question of it; it was not made in vain. It was made
to give light to those who dwell upon it, and to other planets; and so
will this earth when it is celestialized. Every planet in its first
rude, organic state receives not the glory of God upon it, but is
opaque; but when celestialized, every planet that God brings into
existence is a body of light, but not till then. Christ is the light of
this planet." - Journal of Discourses Vol. 13, p.271."

NellieotAmerica - 26 Oct 2009 // 15:15:34


I will have internet in Moscow, you know. Or St. Petersburg.

NellieotAmerica - 26 Oct 2009 // 15:17:32


Just imagining walking around a city like St. Petersburg with all white people around me makes me happy. No blacks, no Arabs, no Asians or Indians in the shops. Bliss!

Bill - 26 Oct 2009 // 15:23:04


Outside of a sadistic pleasure, what do you think you're accomplishing by shovelling all this stuff at me?

I am not interested in what you dig up, nor where you get it from.

Honterus - 26 Oct 2009 // 15:50:57


With all due respect - this thread was not about you or your religion.

Bill - 26 Oct 2009 // 16:06:45


Agreed. However it seems that no matter what thread I come up on, Nellie willl shortly thereafter be up and promoting her junk again. If you can figure a way to stop her, I'd be grateful.

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