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Commenting article: German-Bulgarian Writer Slams Election of Bokova for UNESCO Head

DP - 27 Sep 2009 // 20:28:24


DrFaust, you demonstrate a pretty good Bulgarian for a native German. Hm...

WickedWitch - 27 Sep 2009 // 20:28:38


One more thing, you don't get art. You like opera because you know its structure, it is familiar to you and it is what is supposed to be good. You can't, however, distinguish really good music in genres which have both good and bad. There is a lot of breathtaking music out there, you philistine, only you are afraid to explore it, hear some peppy bubblegum trash on TV and hastily declare anything modern worthless. What an empty pretentious human being you are.

Bill - 27 Sep 2009 // 20:34:16


Sorry, but thistime you blew it. Verdi was a staunch supporter of getting rid of the Austrian domination, and for an independent Italy. He didn't mind his name being used that way, so why should you? There was nothing in my post indicating a negative light?

Bill - 27 Sep 2009 // 20:38:48


"I see through every single nonsense your teeny pointy head spouts."

You don't see through a damned thing, you conceited bitch! Who do you think you are, sitting on the forum all day spouting venom at people you don't know anything about as if you were the judge of the world?

And I see you're still limited to a demeaning vocabulary. Can't you write ANYTHING without trying to down someone? The only possible excuse for that is a feeling that by hook or by crook you have to come out looking better.

If that's your idea of a good, well-balanced life, I think I'd rather not, thank you.

Bill - 27 Sep 2009 // 20:41:28


"I've always imagined myself more of the Medea type although Carmen works as well..

Medea was a tragic figure, and Carmen was a worker in a cigarette factory, so maybe you're right. The trouble is that you "imagine yourself" far more than you're worth.

Bill - 27 Sep 2009 // 20:47:49


"Stay away from opera. Verdy would be rolling in his grave if he knew that his heroin..."

Usually you're better informed about classical things. In the first place, it's VERDI, not VERDY. Secondly, Verdi didn't use heroin.

I didn't pick the title for "La Traviata". Verdi did, and he really did know Italian, take my word for it.

Please don't join the vultures. You're better off without them.

DP - 27 Sep 2009 // 20:49:50


No, you blew it big time now. Next time read what I wrote before you comment. It was a matter of characterising women and not about the background against which the drama was set.

Please, concentrate.

WickedWitch - 27 Sep 2009 // 20:56:41


Didn't you know? Everyone who disagrees with Bill is part of the cabal against him.

Forget the fact that neither of us agrees with the other all that often. You're either on Bill's side or on the side of the "baying hounds".

Bill - 27 Sep 2009 // 20:57:27


"One more thing, you don't get art."

Ha! I see so much trash these days palmed off as art, and if someone criticizes it and calls it junk, he's called just too stupid to see the art in it. If that's the case, then the garbage men are the greatest artists in the world.

You can have these "artists" who splash paint blobs on canvas and then hang them on the wall and call them art. Give me an artist who can paint a tree.

Remember, I lived in Los Angeles, where there are so many phonies with inflated egos that you almost have to learn another language to live with them, so I'm well acquainted with your type.

It's the same way with music. A music critic of the "Los Angeles Times" once commented that the reason so many "songs" today end with a fade-out is because their "composers" don't know how to write an ending.

How often do you see these "artists" on stage, whanging away on their guitars and still can't stop at the same time as the tape behind them? Art, my aching ass!

Bill - 27 Sep 2009 // 21:01:11


Stay out of psychoanalysis. I wasn't referring either to classification of women or the plot of the opera. I was using the title alone as a description of WW and Nellie.

WickedWitch - 27 Sep 2009 // 21:01:53


Exactly my point. You can recall crap like an elephant but you don't know the good. Music has been an art form long before opera and it will be so long after it. Hell, opera was the pop music of its time and pretentious gasbags like you derided it and compared it to the clear antique pipes of Pan and the strings of Apollo...

WickedWitch - 27 Sep 2009 // 21:04:20


And yes, describing women who work in offices and do not get paid to sleep with men and whom you hate as wh0res is yet another flashing arrow pointing to a sign over your head saying "misogynist blowhole".

DP - 27 Sep 2009 // 21:04:39


Cheap shot! I did make spelling mistakes. I do them often enough and by now you should know that. I do not make comments regarding your typos--spelling Nellie's name in a most weird way. I know you have the old keyboard and you don't see well and would never try to use your infirmities for putting you down.

I have my excuses but don't like to cry on nobody's shoulder.

So get real and stop hitting below the belt.

Bill - 27 Sep 2009 // 21:05:53


"Music has been an art form long before opera and it will be so long after it."

Sure. So what? The difference is that classical music is called that because people play it ,listen to it, and enjoy it, hundreds of years after the death of the composer. Today's "hits" are forgotten in a decade unless someone searches archives for a bit of nostalgia.

Bill - 27 Sep 2009 // 21:08:26


That blast only shows your hatred for anything disagreeing with you. I hav often written about the great women I have worked with. None of them was a whore. But true to the flaming feminist stereotype, you take offense at every little thing, even when innocently mentioned.

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