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Commenting article: British Couple Struggle in Bulgaria Bee Hell

Bill - 16 Sep 2009 // 11:41:49


No need to get nasty. I find that many of the writers of such articles tend to use the word "ensign" to mean any old flag, without making the distinction necessary in actual use.

I repeat: Every nation has four flag:. National, Ensign, Merchant and Jack.

Many countries don't change the design of the flags, the USA in particular, but others do. It isn't what you call it that's important. What is, is how it's used.

Bill - 16 Sep 2009 // 11:53:17


I have a "zapper", and it works well on flies (even tiny fruit flies), and is particularly good on night-flying insects. How well it will work with bees, I can't say, but it seems worth a try.

percy - 16 Sep 2009 // 12:45:38

The problem with the zapper is that IT IS ILLEGAL TO KILL BEES !!! That's why we got a hard time about wanting to use a pesticide in the garden - it might kill the bee ! And we won't do ANYTHING to give the beekeeper the chance to moan about us and definately nothing illegal which the zapper would be :-(

Bill - 16 Sep 2009 // 12:50:37


Now I can REALLY sympathise with you! One apartment I lived in had a hornet's next in the attic of the building, and they found an entrance into my kitchen. I finally started spraying them with insecticide and taping them in strips onto a piece of paper. When I had over a hundred, I took the papers to my lawyer.

Hornes are an endangered species in Germany, too, and I was told that killing them was illegal. It might well be out in tht open air, but it wasn't in my kitchen! Under the law it was the Fire Department I had to call to remove the nest.

What you can do with outdoor bees is as unclear to me as it must be frustrating for you.

Bill - 16 Sep 2009 // 12:52:10


You might want to take a look at this link. It gives an impressive list, with pictures, of several variations of the Bulgarian flags.

Bill - 16 Sep 2009 // 13:10:37


Looking more closely, I see that the Wikipedia article also uses the term, "civil ensign". I don't see how that's possible under the more strict definition, but I'm guessing that what is meant is the flag that anyone can buy, for example, to wave at a football game.

In the more strict definition, as even Nellie pointed out, an ensign may only be used by a governmental agency.

Bill - 16 Sep 2009 // 23:35:22


I've just been watching a good documentary on German TV about Bulgarian animal life, and I learned something which may be of no use to you at all, but if it can be, you're welcome to it.

It seems there's a variety of birds in Bulgaria which are called bee eaters. They come in several colors, are graceful flyers, but bees is their diet. If there's any legal way you could coax some to live in your garden, that might be an answer.

percy - 17 Sep 2009 // 09:07:30

Hi Bill, we knew there was a bee eater but unfortunately it's suited to a more constantly warm/hot climate than Bulgaria,apparently they are mostly Africa/Australia based and a low number across southern Europe, there may be some that come here in the summer months but they'll migrate at the end of the season. I don't think we could keep them in an aviary as they need to be free flying to catch the bees (wont eat them if the bee is on a plant only while in the air!) other than that we do live in a residential area so they really are not suited to living here, damn shame really they could have become very portly on the number of bees they could have caught here!!

Bill - 17 Sep 2009 // 12:30:33

I was afraid it'd be something like that, but it was worth suggesting.

I was wondering myself what they'd live on when the bees hibernate.

NellieotAmerica - 17 Sep 2009 // 15:16:45

My advice about the water feature still stands. bees do not like water. Dig a pond between the bee hives and your outdoor lounge area and you will reduce the number of bees attacking you. Add to this one or two zappers for the occasional lost bee and you will be fine. You can also build an outdoor pergola or a vine lattice and throw a fine net over the whole thing.

Bees do not attack people unless you bother them. They are too busy getting their work done.

percy - 18 Sep 2009 // 09:35:46

Morning Nellie, I might not have made it very clear but my house is about 1 meter from our boundary fence so not enough room to build a water feature even if it was practical, bees HATE RAIN or DAMP WEATHER but by law keepers have to have water available for the bees, I don't know if you've been out here (bg) but there's a lot of natural springs here and the bees will carpet the ground where the water lies, running water they will avoid (but that wouldnt help me as I couldn't have that much running water!) however splashes, spills or puddles they will go to, we even see a few every day that have drown in the dogs water bowls!
Unfortunately where the house and the hives are situated the house is directly in the bees flight path and the rest of the garden is laid out to the other three sides - thats why its awful just getting in/out the house (yes we have screens up) trying to use the garden is not easy !
I have to be careful not to do anything illegal, but my options are very very limited. I just wish the council out here would see common sense and have them moved to more open countryside all of a couple hundred yards away !

Seedy - 18 Sep 2009 // 13:00:37

Hi, Percy

First of all - WHY do these deadheads insist on continuing their irrelevant and boring discussion here?

Re your problem, have you considered setting up a "practice badminton court" in your garden? It may well not remove the problem entirely but it WILL allow you to release your frustration, with the added benefit of improving your fitness.... ;-)

Hope you get the situation sorted one way or another!

percy - 18 Sep 2009 // 13:14:13

SEEDY at last a response that I could use !!
I'm sure we could get away with swatting those pesky bees away (with force!) with those 'zapper' type tennis rackets - you used to be able to buy them in the UK for a tenner !! LOL ;-) so then I'm not intentionally killing them but merely wafting them away! mind you I'd need an awful lot of people to stand 'wafting' during the peak of the summer!
Maybe I could organise a tournament !!
Winner gets a lifetime supply of honey!
And the loser gets to collect their own honey!


Seedy - 18 Sep 2009 // 13:20:25

or even "tournament"......sorry, using my girlfriend's BG laptop with keys mostly erased by overuse of nail polish remover! ;-)

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