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Commenting article: Bulgaria Ethnic Turks Pretty Sure to Be in Next Govt

The leader of the ethnic Turkish party has expressed reserved confidence that his formation will be among the ruling parties after the general elections in the summer.

"I pray to God, but who knows," Ahmed Dogan jovially said when asked whether or not his party will be part of the country's next government.

Ahmed Dogan, whose party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) is part of the current Socialist-led ruling coalition and is a key player in the country's political life, appeared surprisingly in parliament on Wednesday. He is known to be among the lawmakers playing truant most often and has attended no more than ten parliamentary session during the last four years.

The occasion for his presence in parliament turned out to be the 65th anniversary of his party fellow Yunal Lyutfi.

George Zheliazkov - 9 Apr 2009 // 00:37:19

“"I pray to God, but who knows," Ahmed Dogan jovially said”

Boy that’s funny… Dogane you are cooked my friend, this time you are done and even your god can’t help you!

Boy that’s funny!…. keep on praying…

Chushki - 9 Apr 2009 // 00:57:15

I'm sure Dogan's presence in government will be a boost to fellow Turks like baba Nellie. God knows (or in Nellies case 'allah knows') if Dogan's party boosts their parliamentary standing, darta turkniya Nellie might even scuttle back to our great country - lets just pray it never happens..............

Bill - 9 Apr 2009 // 01:08:05


Want to learn a quick way to turn a cruise ship into a garbage scow?

Put Nellie aboard.

NellieotAmerica - 9 Apr 2009 // 06:15:29

Brother Bill

I appreciate your opinion and will take it under advisement. As you can see I am sublimating my anger at you because I am serving a higher purpose.

NellieotAmerica - 9 Apr 2009 // 06:38:07


You are clueless. Buy a clue. OK, let me be perfectly clear. From the neck up you are retarded. You probably need some psychiatric assistance.

Bill - 9 Apr 2009 // 11:03:57


"I am sublimating my anger..."

You have no reason to be angry with me. I've treated you politely and courteously for far longer than most people would have done in the same circumstances.

You've been derogatory, degrading, insulting, and thanks to another poster the word, "vulgar", also comes to mind. Sex with an 18-year-old missionary". A disgusting idea.

You speak of a man making love to a woman who is described as his prospective 4th wife,but thinks better of it and backs off, and then you ask, "How sexy is that?"! You manage to bring sex into almost anything. You must be obsessed with the subject.

Our modern society has become so sex-oriented, that many think that someone using a bit of moral restraint is abnormal!

One thing is certain: No, I haven't seen the show, but by looking at what's been posted about it, I can say that watching it will never give you a true picture of the Church. What you're looking at, if it's true at all, is a depiction of life in a splinter sect which might have had its origin in the Church, but nothing more than that.

As to my being the only QUALIFIED source you could have gotten your information from, I meant that I don't know for sure, but I may safely assume that no one else on the forum is even a member. I hold the higher priesthood of the Church, and am far better qualified to answer any serious questions than anyone else who posts here.

But no, you chose to google and came up with such weird stuff that it would have made me shy away from the Church, too. You asked why other churhes are aligned against us, and I told you why. You're just another weapon in the battle, nothing more.

The Church has withstood everything from murdering its founder to a bomb attempt on the Salt Lake temple. (The only damage was a few splinters off one of the doors.)
As one of the Elders remarked afterwards, "I''m glad I won't have to account for that at judgement".

So people like you are nothing new to the Church, except that you've been persistenty derogatory and vulgar about it, and you aimed your criticism at a single person.

Chushki - 9 Apr 2009 // 11:31:42

Darta turkinya doth protest too much, methinks.

Get the samovar boiling babo Nellie!

WickedWitch - 9 Apr 2009 // 14:31:49

Oh, this is priceless. The bottom feeders Chuski and Bill have sniffed each other out.

Hey, Chushle, how's the job? I know your industry hasn't been hit by the recession as much so I'm guessing you're still having fun, huh?

Bill - 9 Apr 2009 // 14:48:53


"The bottom feeders Chuski and Bill have sniffed each other out. "

Another typical Witchie-poo posting. You just can't post without slamming, can you?

It must be awful to be so insecure.

WickedWitch - 9 Apr 2009 // 14:59:19

First I'm too secure; now I'm insecure... Make up your mind once and for all.

But then again, expecting consistency from a vulgar man who calls others vulgar might be a bit too much, eh?

Bill - 9 Apr 2009 // 15:11:13


No, i'm only vulgar when I get treated vulgarly. One of the reasons you put on this big show of superiority is because it's a facade you're hoping no one will see through.

NellieotAmerica - 9 Apr 2009 // 16:18:13


You are missing the point. There is nothing wrong about a man showing sexual restraint. Quite the opposite. I think a man showing sexual restraint is a real turn-on. It has NEVER happened to me. That's why I am so fascinated with Mormon men. It could be an interesting experience.

Oh, and another thing - there is nothing vulgar about sex, your whole Church is based on sex, procreation, and the family. Can you have families and procreation without sex? Virgin birth is only possible if you are Catholic. I rest my case.

NellieotAmerica - 9 Apr 2009 // 16:30:14


WW wrote: "I know your industry hasn't been hit by the recession as much so I'm guessing you're still having fun, huh?"

I shudder to think what kind of industry you are in - prostitution comes to mind, drug smuggling, gun running, terrorism, armed robbery........all of the above?

Bill - 9 Apr 2009 // 17:42:53


"Can you have families and procreation without sex?"

No, you can't, but sex is a very private thing between the individuals involved. As a female columnist once worded it, "sex is not a spectator sport".

Here in Germany, it's almost impossible to avoid porn films on TV after midnight. I don't watch any more than I have to, but what I see is pure crap. These flims are shot scene-by-scene, and I can't imagine anyone with the endurance that an uninterrupted performance would need.

So yes, if I may word it that way, there's a big difference between discreet sex and lurid sex. I long for the old days, when the camera discreetly panned away when things got hot. I'm not interested in sitting through a quarter hour of someone else's sex life.

As to WW'S accusation of vulgarity, have you ever seen me use the foul language which is common on this forum? In a fit of anger, possibly, but not as a general rule. I simply don't use that kind.

As one of the presidents of the Church once worded it, "Profanity is the protest of an ignorant mind against its inability to express itself".

WickedWitch - 9 Apr 2009 // 19:50:46


Well, I know you stick by your principles only when they are convenient. No need to remind me.

I don't put on a show, lambchop. That's all me. And it's quite sad that you deem yourself important enough for a stranger to put on a show for you or for the ragtag bunch of logically-impaired refuse and trolls who have just rediscovered the wheel of trolling inhabiting this forum as of late.

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