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Commenting article: Obama to Lift Ban on Stem Cell Research

US President Barack Obama is expected to lift restrictions on federal funding for of human embryonic stem cell research, the Washington Post reports Saturday.

According to sources close to Obama, the President is planning to sign an executive order on Monday to roll back government money to fund research on human embryonic stem cell lines blocked by President George W Bush after 9 August 2001.
NellieotAmerica - 7 Mar 2009 // 22:48:00

Well, let's see, Michelle had all that experience at U of Chicago hospital as a community relations officer...maybe she could look this over...hmmm, no, she's at the gym working on those great arms...

Then, hmmm, maybe Joe Biden, he has a lot of experience in all things medicine and health....hmmmm, no, he is down in Florida with the union boys not letting the press observe his speech....

Hmmmm...then there is Hillary...hmmm,no, she has to suck Russian and Muslim schlong...

Jeremiah Wright, hmmmm, hmmmm, just maybe...

PhilS - 7 Mar 2009 // 23:13:30

To the poster making irrelevant and juvenile comments about the Obamaa, Biden, etc. in terms of qualifications -- what were the qualifications of former president Bush on important medical issues? What are yours? The idea of using personal beliefs to suppress scientific research. I don't know you, but I dislike you (a lot). The incendiary and offensive views you espouse may be entertaining to some, but the world would be a better place without them.

NellieotAmerica - 8 Mar 2009 // 00:40:45


"I don't know you"

Let's keep it that way.

Barry says "spread da, welf, crackers! This dude knows things, history and stuff....amazing to see a prez with some knowledge.....If he fails we're f*cked, so either you whine or stfu...this econocollapse 911...He's gonna fail. Socialist/ Liberal policies have been tried before, and failed miserably every time. The only question is how much damage he does before getting ousted from office like Jimmy Carter. Considering the problems we face today and their origin, the first thing I think of in terms of leadership is that we need someone in charge who knows about community organizing - like the Obaminator.

The only thing that keeps me sane is the thought of another 49-state EV blowout in 2012, and liberalism discredited for another 25 years.

NellieotAmerica - 8 Mar 2009 // 08:45:23

CNBC, MSNBC + CNN are all Obamaphiles. That's how messiah got elected. If they had bothered to take a closer look they'd have realized a first term junior senator from one of the most politically corrupt states in the country wasn't ready to go Oval Office.

fishbrain - 9 Mar 2009 // 00:37:28

Hey PhilS

Don't take granny-Nellie seriously. She is just a granny that came from AOL chat rooms and basically since most chat rooms are history she has ended here. Her statements are over the top and ridiculous. To have a discussion with her is to feed her ego for seeking attention. She is just one of many individuals on the internet who lack real social lives and to get attention throw wild and crazy staments here and there to gain attention. Haven't you noticed thats all she does? She tries to get attention on the net- sure signs of a bored and sad lonely person.

We all know the Republicans f** up the economy and everything else .. what else is there to say? Whatever Obama does is better than the whole group of clowns that were running the USA for last 8 years.

NellieotAmerica - 9 Mar 2009 // 00:57:49


"We all know the Republicans f** up the economy and everything else .. what else is there to say? Whatever Obama does is better than the whole group of clowns that were running the USA for last 8 years."

Let me be perfectly clear -we are screwed. Obaminator is waging class warfare on the American people. He keeps talking about how patriotic it is to pay taxes, yet he has appointed a full cabinet of tax cheats, with the boss of the US Treasury, Timmy Geithner (the same guy who fcuked up the IMF and brought the economy of Indonesia to a stad-still) front and center. The middle class whose retirement savings went to money haven and is never coming back is the collateral damage. Every time Obambi or his butt buddy Barney Frank open their mouth, the DOW drops another 1000 points. Obaminator is talking about raising taxes on the 2% or people who already pay 40% of all the taxes in the US. The prez is using scare tactics to get his liberal agenda passed. Obama's winning coalition of 10 million rich, white, liberal, educated urban professionals and the 150 million poor people who hate them - a change we can believe in? You must be joking! Piss off!

avro - 9 Mar 2009 // 22:38:54

Doesn't it frost your ass that we have people in this country that do not pay ANY taxes, yet these same people are the larges consumers of govenment funds. These same people who pay NO taxes drive on our roads, use our parks, use the criminal justice system and etc.

People like fishbrain obviously think all of these people getting a free ride is fair, and all feels that 5% of US society is somehow obligated to be paying nearly 50% of the taxes that are collected.

Yet, YET these same 5% of society that pay most of the taxes that keeps the US going are deamonized, even hated.


NellieotAmerica - 9 Mar 2009 // 23:06:04


Couldn't agree with you more.

NellieotAmerica - 10 Mar 2009 // 01:48:54


Joe Biden must have put the fear of God into the union boys in Florida, because today Ford union workers are already making concessions and scaling down union pay rates and benefits.

avro - 11 Mar 2009 // 05:31:52

We can only hope that he is one tenth as smart as they claim he is, and maybe he will see the light. Otherwise, he can do sooooo much damage that will be practically irreversable.

Once you open the purse, nearly impossible to close it. It is amazing that they put sunset clauses on tax cuts, but never on spending sprees. But, I am a half full class of water kinda guy, so let's hope.


fishbrain - 11 Mar 2009 // 08:31:32

You guys have no clue about me and don't try to guess. I am a capatilist and believe firmly in profit and making money. I do believe that paying 40% in taxes is over the top.

Now, you hit the point. The economy right now is screwed. There is no cash. The working class has no money and no work. So the question then is- if the higher ends of society don't get taxed higher who will be taxed?

I really believe its pointless to blame Obama for a huge problem that was created by the Bush family and its Republican friends. Perhaps Obama's cabinet is not squeeqy clean but I suspect you people must have some level of intelligence to know that these people are the same as you. They are at the 40% level of taxation and they will do almost anything possible to avoid paying such high taxes, same you would. Some of the taxation exemptions sometimes border on whether they are legal or not. Now lets not be stupidly naive or pretend otherwise, Obama is not an angel, his cabinet is the 12 apostles, the fact is that that is all we have now. If you could possibly tell me who could get us out of this mess than I would be happy to hear.

All I know is that right now its too early for childish critisism. All I say is give the new Government a chance after all the morons from Texas got 8 years and his father another 4 years, do't you think giving Obama a little bit more time would be a bit more logical.

You guys act so childishly, to expect the new coach of the team to turn a losing team around in the first game is just plain lunatic. We have a long way to go yet, plenty of time for negativity for those of you who love "doom predictions".

NellieotAmerica - 11 Mar 2009 // 13:23:02


<those of you who love "doom predictions".>

Last year when the DOW was at 14,000 I predicted that the market does not like Obama and if Obama wins, the DOW will tank. The DOW is at 6,000 and dropping now. I stand vindicated. I did not vote for him.

As for taxation, when he can't raise the money for his liberal agenda by taxing the wealthy, he will have to lower the bar on who gets his tax raised. Pretty soon anyone making $50,000 - the middle class - will bear the burden of higher taxes. All economists agree that raising taxes on the job creators in a recession and high unemployment is not done. The fool Obaminator is doing it. He appointed Tim Geithner as head of Finance. The same Timmy who fcuked up the IMF and the economy of Indonesia and cheated on his taxes. Nearly all Obama appointees so far are tax cheats while at the same time advocating higher taxes. The Republicans lower taxes, the Democrats don't pay them. I don't think John McCain cheated on his taxes.

DP - 11 Mar 2009 // 16:21:59

“There is no cash. The working class has no money and no work. So the question then is- if the higher ends of society don't get taxed higher who will be taxed?”


You said that you are a capitalist but the above sentence shows your ideological thinking. Working class and high-end bloodsuckers. NO?

This is not the lingo of a capitalist. No capitalist would come up with reasoning like the one you display here asking for higher taxes on himself/herself!

Hope you are still employed whatever, be it a working class guy/gal or childish capitalist who believes in fairy tales

Devil's Advocate - 11 Mar 2009 // 17:07:12

"The DOW is at 6,000 and dropping now."

Did you miss the news yesterday, Nellie? It isn't dropping now, but rather gaining. It is at 6,982.41 as of this am and it has gained 55 pts already.

Also, save your water-cooler analysis. This blog tries hard to be non partisan and has an intresting take on the stock market:

Since you love to c and p I will c&p the part that should interest you:
The worst news is that we appear to be in only the second of five stages of grieving -- and you can pretty much project the path the markets will take until the healing process completes itself.

1. Denial (Nov 2007 - Sept. 2008) : Markets surprisingly resilient in face of recessionary pressures.
2. Anger (Sept. 2008 - present): Wall Street throws tantrum; markets crash.
3. Bargaining (Summer 2009?): Bear market rally.
4. Depression (Fall-Winter 2009?): Dow gives back most of gains from rally (and then some, perhaps); sits near 15-year lows as volatility and volumes decrease.
5. Acceptance (2010?): Market finally capitulates; Dow rebounds to an historically sustainable valuation of perhaps 9,000 points.

NellieotAmerica - 11 Mar 2009 // 20:12:51


"and you can pretty much project the path the markets will take until the healing process completes itself."

Fine, it went up to almost 7,000 yesterday, but it was over 13,000 last year before Obambi got elected.

In 10 years the market will be at 14,000 again. If the Obaminator does not get a second term, it might happen sooner. When I said last year that the marked does not like Obama, you (or whoever) didn't believe me. I was vindicated. You (or whoever) were wrong, and I was right.

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