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Commenting article: Nationalist Ataka Leader: Minaret Will Top Eiffel Tower after Turkey Joins EU

The leader of the Bulgarian nationalist "Ataka" Party, Volen Siderov, and party supporters held a meeting in front of the "Alexander Nevsky" cathedral in downtown Sofia on the occasion of the 131st anniversary of the country's Liberation from Ottoman dominance.

Siderov delivered a 90-minute speech in which he summarized the Party's internal policies and then focused on Turkey's European Union (EU) accession.
NellieotAmerica - 3 Mar 2009 // 17:39:58

Siderov is a man after my own heart. He has my vote, and he doesn't have to buy it.

Richie - 3 Mar 2009 // 21:25:50

Your heart must be quite rotten, then. Only people who are too dumb to even be able to make a little money out of their vote would vote for him.
The 71.5 million Turks added to the 497 million other Europeans would make them 12.5% of the total population; hardly a comfortable majority... Germany has a larger population and more MEPs than Turkey would have.

fishbrain - 3 Mar 2009 // 23:00:05

Somehow I don't think you can vote here. I see how McCarthy came into existence when I read your ramblings. You are one weird old woman, something touched your head and jit ust never got better.

NellieotAmerica - 3 Mar 2009 // 23:38:27


"Somehow I don't think you can vote here. "

You can think? WOW! I thought one needs a brain in order to think. You said you don't have one - remember?

Why wouldn't I vote? I have dual citizenship, all I have to do it show up in the Bulgarian consulate in New York and cast an absentee ballot. And I am not alone, there are thousands like me here in the US. Ignorant prat!

Buddy - 4 Mar 2009 // 00:35:50

Well Richie, keep your counts for yourself. Luckily recent turkish Governments will never enjoy full membership in the EU until 2020. After that year probably the turkish muslim population of Germany would have reached lets say 25 percent% in Germany, 30 in Austria Nd the Netherlands, Bulgaria .... % and there will be no necessety for Turkey to be a member of the EU. The turkish government will simply call for unity and unite all "Foreign-", "Mountain-", " Flatland-" Turks all over Europe and perform the Unification of the all Turks within one United Turkish state from the Bosphorus over River Rhein to the Sein River in Paris under Article 23 ( Taken from the German Constitution, which brought the Unification of East and West Germany) of The Contemporary Turkish Constitution. So the United Turkish State of Euroasia will take the place of the"rotten Democracies of Western Europe". All Christian Churches will turned into Mosques, following the path of Sjulejman the Magnificent, all the other Turkish clowns...

mariob - 4 Mar 2009 // 02:18:58

Nellie you say? My ass, nice try. You are another small-minded hatemonger and Bulgaria does not need you and your kind, or does the EU, or the USA. You are an embarrassment. For Honest, don't you have something better to do with your time, anything?!

NellieotAmerica - 4 Mar 2009 // 02:23:29


Are you Bulgarian? Shame on you if you are. Why don't you go and suck some Turkish shlong somewhere? Imbecile.

George Zheliazkov - 4 Mar 2009 // 02:57:05

Siderov, I hope you can read some English and somehow have the chance to read that.

Let me put it that way, you are basically an idiot!
While almost everybody knows about the 500 years of inhumanity, callousness, cruelty, brutality, atrocity, and relatively justly called genocide of the Ottoman Empire towards the entire Balkan area, using it for Bulgarian and EU politics is absolutely inappropriate. Going this way you may as well start working on the British empire (already proud EU member) which in no way did less evil than the Ottomans.

Anyways I think that in this century political parties like yours should be banned from existence. Let me put it that way, there is no Turks, Gypsies and/or whatever minorities born in Bulgaria, they are all treated equally by law and are simply just Bulgarian citizens. Let me clarify; no other foreign country will just grant them citizenship just based on the fact that they THINK that they are from that ethnicity.

People like you are just creating friction and needles polarizations in societies based on history, which doesn’t belong to this century and the EU.

(As far as Turkish EU membership is concerned there are other criteria, which they have to meet)

NellieotAmerica - 4 Mar 2009 // 03:21:49


When the paper world you live in collapses I guarantee your wife will be wishing she had married a real man. There will be carnage. I did not used to believe it, but, I do now. Get ready.

Please, somebody, just unplug the respirator that Gosho is on. I can't stand the death rattle of troglodyte socialism anymore. Thanks.

George Zheliazkov - 4 Mar 2009 // 03:30:42

Nellie, don’t be an uncivilized nonsense!

This is a democracy, and has nothing to do with socialism. Europe is UNITING, stop trying to divide it!

NellieotAmerica - 4 Mar 2009 // 03:35:38


"Anyways I think that in this century political parties like yours should be banned from existence. Let me put it that way, there is no Turks, Gypsies and/or whatever minorities born in Bulgaria, they are all treated equally by law and are simply just Bulgarian citizens."

Really? Then what is the reason for the rights and freedoms party headed by Ahmed Dugan? I think Dugan's party should be banned. There should be no political parties based on ethnicity, religion or race. Does Bulgaria have a political party in the Turkish government?

NellieotAmerica - 4 Mar 2009 // 03:48:41


"Europe is UNITING, stop trying to divide it!"

Yeah, right. The economic iron curtain is about to drop.

George Zheliazkov - 4 Mar 2009 // 04:15:57


“Then what is the reason for the rights and freedoms party headed by Ahmed Dugan?”

My comments were based on the above article, but my opinion on your question is:

Sure why not? In no way I can justify this party also, and probably this should be researched and revised constitutionally. Some of the most democratic constitutions in the world should be considered and knowledge and experience obtained.

NellieotAmerica - 4 Mar 2009 // 04:25:14


Things are bad everywhere, not just in BG. There is almost no ammo available anymore. If you visit and click 223 ammo, there is about 10 - 1 ratio of out of stock to in stock supply's.

The US rednecks of the world appear to be getting tired of bankers and Washington using the US Taxpayer as a source to monetize the profits but socialize the losses.

In 1869, the masses marched on Wall Street, grabbed 4 bankers and hung them on Wall Street by the neck until they were dead. The average citizen of the US appears to be sick and tired of being fcuked and told to take it.

A modern version of a revolution is brewing. If you don't see it coming, you where probably long banks in 08.

George Zheliazkov - 4 Mar 2009 // 04:42:25


Now you are talking about a whole different ball game called economics. Like I said on this forum before there is a shift of power due to the globalization and the wealth is spreading. The new players are taking over and the US in 10 to 20 years will no longer be the “star” of the game.

Going back to present time you should try to find the ammunition because during bad economic times the crime rate in the US nearly doubles. Now for example the last year in US were 20,000 murders on a relatively reasonable economy (unemployment rate 6.5%).

Example: during the late 80s and early 90s recession and especially during the time of Reagan the unemployment rate was 13% and the ANNUAL murder rate was nearly 50,000 people which ironically is about the same number of US soldiers who died in Vietnam for the 10 years of war.

So make sure you arm yourself and good luck with the "perestroika"!

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