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Topic: Yesterday's smile

Devil's Advocate - 15 Feb 2009 // 15:59:30

No, I am just fighting fire with fire. You are the one who started with the personal stuff so if you want to continue it be warned- I will fight fire with fire!

We do see things differently, b/c I remember you starting all this stuff with you posts about women inviting rape, statements on how women should not be in the workforce, and your many pathetic grabs at attention and posts about your personal life. Not everyone needs to give you the attention that you so crave- yet you just don't seem to understand that!

BTW, I did apologize for calling you names and tried to end it all but you continued with the personal digs and name calling so as long as you want to continue, expect me to fight fire with fire! You either don't remember the apology or most likely just like to forget- but it doesn't matter b/c you continued with you viciousness and personal attacks, so I fought back! As long as you continue with the digs, expect me to follow suit. You can end it if you want- just stop with the vicious digs and personal attacks, but I personally think you don't want to b/c you like the attention- even though it is negative attention! You could prove me wrong by stopping but I doubt you will...

Bill - 15 Feb 2009 // 16:20:42


OK, fair enough. But if you come up on the forum again with something like "There he goes again. Isn't he stupid?", or other forms of character assassination, you'll start it all over again.

If you want to argue an opinion, that's fine. That's what the forum's for, but you can do it without calling me names, stupid, or other such personal descriptions.

I didn't appreciate Nellie's "flirting", either, but I didn't find it necessary to lambaste her. In fact, although it was common between the Bulgarians on the forum, I didn't even call her a "slut".

We'll never agree, that's certain, but we can disagree civilly--I think. That's up to you.

Devil's Advocate - 15 Feb 2009 // 16:26:13


Ditto. The same could be said of you... if you start in with the digs and viciousness and personal attacks- you will start it back up again! It is all up to you, too!

Bill - 15 Feb 2009 // 16:44:51


I have no intention of "starting" anything. I didn't start it the first time.

Devil's Advocate - 15 Feb 2009 // 17:01:17

WTF? And what are you doing now? Prodding/poking? I don't have any intention of starting anything and in my view you started it last time and continued it when I tried to end it. It takes two and to be fair we are BOTH at fault regardless of who started it and who sees what. Let's just agree to stop the finger pointing and just move on from this, okay?

WickedWitch - 15 Feb 2009 // 17:14:26

Oh Bill, go fvck yourself, you ridiculous tool. There are maybe two or three Bulgarians here who call each other slut and at least two non-Bulgarians who have done it. And yes, you started the last round of personal abuse. You and your beloved Nellie. Not only are you nothing you believe yourself or at least present yourself to be but you are a complete caricature thereof.

Don't you realize that everyone, EVERYONE here is laughing at you?

This was worth breaking my not-talking-to-Bill-vow. We now return you to our scheduled program of not talking to Bill.

xNELLIEx - 15 Feb 2009 // 17:25:31


Forgive me for butting in, but there is a photo of you on your MySpace profile. I have seen it as I have seen the photos of many of the other forum members with MySpace profiles. Hairydave, Bulerican, /0, you, AmMan, viking, Bloke. (Viking's photo is a monkey. lol)

xNELLIEx - 15 Feb 2009 // 17:27:54


"Your beloved Nellie"

I am not Bill's beloved, more's the pity! He has indicated in no uncertain terms that he hates me and doesn't want me to bother him.

Devil's Advocate - 15 Feb 2009 // 17:55:38

Nellie, Yeah there is a photo of me on myspace but you have to know the url to look at it. I never posted that here, so there is no way Bill could have seen it unless someone shared the url with him. It wasn't me so I can guess who it was. Besides that I am going to close my myspace account soon- just haven't done it yet. It is worthless. I prefer other Web 2.0 tools now.

Bill - 15 Feb 2009 // 18:03:38


So another member of the character assasination club has been heard from! And with worse language than the last one. Tch, tch, tch.

So is EVERYBODY laughing at me? I had hoped to meet new friends on this forum, but so far only two come into that category. There is, however, an army of critics

Bill - 15 Feb 2009 // 18:05:32


Just for the record, no one shared a URL with me.

xNELLIEx - 15 Feb 2009 // 18:08:06


A few years ago when /0 got banned many forumers opened up MySpace accounts and started communicating with /0 and with each other on there. People started posting links to their web pages - and once you have one, you have them all, since they are all each other's "friends". That's how I got to see them - Cath (Bloke's sock puppet) was my "friend". I still can't forgive that pr!ck for deceiving me in so completely. lol

xNELLIEx - 15 Feb 2009 // 18:15:09


"So is EVERYBODY laughing at me? I had hoped to meet new friends on this forum, but so far only two come into that category."

Who are the two? DP and Hick?

Good, I am off the hook - I can proceed with my character assassination attacks without feeling guilty.

Devil's Advocate - 15 Feb 2009 // 18:18:02

I thought it was Quest, Hick and Bul., but who really cares! I know I don't!

xNELLIEx - 15 Feb 2009 // 18:20:05


Whadayaknow! Billcho has more friends than he knows of! No lady friends, though....I guess he prefers the company of men. lol

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