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Commenting article: IHT: Bulgarian Police Arrest Man after Sons Stabbed

The International Herald Tribune has published a short article informing its readers about the horrific events that took place in the Bulgarian village of Osikovo Wednesday night.

The publication cites information from Associated Press and reports that on Thursday the Bulgarian police has arrested a man suspected of stabbing his two children to death before dousing his house with gasoline and setting it on fire.
pk - 7 Feb 2009 // 12:49:16

Let me tell you what happenned-its called Jealousy:

He killed those kids because the wife was having affairs and killed them in revenge thinking they were not his kids-but one of the other guys.

Killing the wife would be no revenge and certainly himself either.

resipsaloquitur - 8 Feb 2009 // 00:57:20


YES...he wiped all his family "in the HEAT OF PASSION" ...that is how his attorney

shall present it.

The doctrine ,named "IN THE HEAT OF PASSION"is an invention of AMERICAN

LAWYERS(who else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and is recognised in most Trial Courts.

This is the case when a husband comes home and finds his wife in bed with her


then IN THE HEAT OF PASION he has the right to KILL her.

This doctrine is AN EXUSE for commiting a delict in the Criminal law.

I will check if the BG Courts recognise such nonsense.

When a wife killes her husband..then the attorneys are screaming:

"BATTTERED WIFE SYNDROM!" seams in the Anglo-Saxon world the woman

is not allowed to be passionate...therefore she can not kill IN THE HEAT OF PASSION!

Bill - 8 Feb 2009 // 10:51:46


"IN THE HEAT OF PASION he has the right to KILL her."

No, he doesn't. What "in the heat of passion" means is that he wasn't in his right mind when he did it. It's not limited to finding the wife with someone else It can happen any time someone flies into a rage and does something he wouldn't do under cooler circumstances.

This isn't a defense against guilt; it may be a matter in sentencing.

resipsaloquitur - 9 Feb 2009 // 01:10:35

BILL, know the Criminal Law better than me!

It is already 12.30 pm here and I am to tired to look now in the BIG,BROWN

book,named Criminal Law...American case book by West Corporation.


NOT have anything to do with the VERDICT!

Of course I was ZYNICAL,when I wrote that he has " a right" to kill his wife!


I JUST wanted to scare BG women to cheat on their husbands!

Finnaly this is not a lecture in Criminal Law,is it?


phylosophy,that the actus delictus was commited in the absense of MAN'S REA

...the guilty mind.

So far you are right...the lawyers say his/her mind was unculpabale for a glimpse of a second...

sufficient to commit the delict.

Bill - 9 Feb 2009 // 07:43:25



Regrettably, Resi, everything involved in criminal law IS serious.

You can never lose sight of the fact that you're dealing with someone's life, either the accused's or the victim's or both. The decisions made in a criminal trial can affect someone's life forever.

Bill - 9 Feb 2009 // 07:56:17



Sorry. Too early in the morning and I have to rush off.

xNELLIEx - 9 Feb 2009 // 13:51:28


resi is not talking about a criminal trial when she told you that you take everything too seriously, she is talking about the forum. You take everything that is said very seriously and have no sense of humor about anything, especially not about yourself.

When she said that you are allowed to kill your wife in a fit of passion, she was being sarcastic, trying to be funny. And you took her seriously and your response was serious. Did you really think that she was being serious?

Bill - 9 Feb 2009 // 13:55:57


I do have a sense of humor, but it doesn't jibe at all with yours. You got a lot of kicks about publishing a lot of crap about the Church, and all this personal stuff about me.
What color my underwear is, or anyone else's for that matter, is simply none of your business, and the whole thing was vulgar.

Nor is the color of my eyes, nor is whether or not I hold a temple recommend. This just does not concern you.

As I said earlier, I didn't come onto this forum to play games, and I don't appreciate being dragged into other people's.

xNELLIEx - 9 Feb 2009 // 14:05:40


"As I said earlier, I didn't come onto this forum to play games, and I don't appreciate being dragged into other people's."

You say "games" like it is a bad thing. I like games. Life is a game. And you are such an easy mark. You are so easy to tease and try to drag down from your pulpit, your holier-than-thou attitude. Lighten up, dude! I told you, I am irreverend, I don't worship anything or anyone, I am a feisty and outspoken old lady. Don't get your panties in a twist because I tease you. See, that's the reason I would get excommunicated by the brethren of your church - my vulgar sense of humor. Of course, if I was a man, you would be OK with my vulgarity.

Bill - 9 Feb 2009 // 14:10:49


You've already said you don't care of you offend people. Well,you've done a masterful job of offending me. I do care.

If you must play games, go play them with someone else.

xNELLIEx - 9 Feb 2009 // 14:20:51


"If you must play games, go play them with someone else."

I play with you because I like you. You are my favorite playmate. lol

There is a movie out this weekend called HE IS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. It describes perfectly our relationship! lol

xNELLIEx - 9 Feb 2009 // 14:26:59


"Nor is the color of my eyes, nor is whether or not I hold a temple recommend. This just does not concern you."

Why is this such a big secret? Hundreds of people have seen the color of your eyes, why is it such a secret from your forum buddies? I am sure most people on the forum couldn't care less what color your eyes are. I am probably the only person wanting to know. Same with your temple recommend. I only asked because it came up in another chat I was having with someone else on the LDSPlanet web site. Big deal! You are so touchy and sensitive! WOW!

Bill - 9 Feb 2009 // 14:29:48

If that's what you do with people you like, I'm glad you don't dislike me any farther.

You've been asked many times to stop, but you keep charging in. You have no sense of decency whatever, and you like to make fun of things other people hold sacred. If you don't want to believe, that's your decision, but you have no right to lampoon others who do.

Naturally I disagree with other churches, but I don't make a headline event out of it, nor do I go searching for embarrassing things to post, etc. I have a few friends from widely differing religions. I wouldn't dream of making fun of them.

xNELLIEx - 9 Feb 2009 // 14:37:46


I am not teasing you because of your Church, silly! I tease you about anything and everything. That's just the way I am! You are a good person, the problem is not you, it is me! I am the bad one! I admit it! Happy now?

xNELLIEx - 9 Feb 2009 // 14:49:58


"I have a few friends from widely differing religions. I wouldn't dream of making fun of them."

The stuff I write on this forum I wouldn't dream of saying to anyone in person. The stuff I think and feel about Islam I would never tell a Muslim to his face. Islam is the worst religion. Any other religion is at the very least harmless.

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