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Commenting article: Pleven Socialists Cry out over Bulgaria's Portrayal in Report on CNN

The district organization of the ruling Bulgarian Socialist Party in the northern city of Pleven, has issued a declaration denouncing what has been described as "biased portrayal" of Bulgaria in a TV report shown on CNN.

The report in question was prepared by the independent UK TV station ITN, and later aired on CNN. It was supposed to show the living conditions of Bulgarian households during the recent gas crisis caused by the cutoff of Russian natural gas supplies.
Taro - 3 Feb 2009 // 09:40:21

"Totleben Street" ?!

Sounds like Zombie Street.

Tot is german for death and leben for life.

A bizarre name for a street.

Instead of protesting against the film the Pleven politicans can produce themself a PR-Film showing the other side of the city and take the change to promote the place. But of course it is easier to protest against a "anti-bulgarian conspiration" in the international media.


CJB - 3 Feb 2009 // 12:36:07

Storm. Teacup.

Naturally Bulgarians are horrified to be associated with Roma. It's yet another reminder of the poisonous racism at work in the country. I remember coming back from Thessaloniki on the train one time. As we drew into Sofia the train passed a large Roma settlement, where clearly there was no plumbing or sewer system, and large lagoons of green water, presumably sewage, had formed next the railway. Their rubbish was strewn all down the hill, as presumably the waste removal does not operate there. Faced with this sight, a number of middle-aged Bulgarian women started shouted "Disgrace!" in Bulgarian.

You see, the Bulgarians are ashamed of the Roma. But they sure as hell are not going to bother doing anything about it. Why should they?

Until this attitude in the society changes, we can look forward to many more international media articles like the one from Pleven.

Bill - 3 Feb 2009 // 13:03:12


I wouldn't worry too much about ANYTHING on CNN. Their reputation for accuracy is lousy, even among American broadcasters. It's the only English-language TV station receivable where I live now, and even though I'm American I don't watch it.

I get most of my news from the videotext pages of several German TV channels, plus the LA Times and the BBC on line. (And of course a little from SNA.)

xNELLIEx - 3 Feb 2009 // 14:35:31


"poisonous racism"

Poisonous racism? Racism is a good thing, you liberal idiot! Why is racism the most feared insult among liberals? I am a white supremacist. You got a problem with that?

xNELLIEx - 3 Feb 2009 // 14:41:23


Oh, and before you start the liberal agenda rant about how racism is a sign of ignorance, let me tell you that a very brilliant American scientist - Margaret Sanger - invented the theory of Eugenics and I fully subscribe to it. Google it if you don't know what it is. It makes a hell of a lot more sense than the theory of global warming, you dumb arse liberal! And it is much easier to prove - just look around you. The inferior races are breeding like rabbits and what are white people doing? Facilitating them, helping them, feeding them and taking care of them instead of watching out for our own. The world is getting brownified and dumbed down.

xNELLIEx - 3 Feb 2009 // 15:19:00



I wouldn't worry too much about ANYTHING on CNN. "

For once CNN got it right and you want to discredit them?

As for CJB, he gets all his information from AlJazeera, Pravda, New York Times, all the liberal and socialist media and worse.

Bill - 3 Feb 2009 // 15:32:40


"For once CNN got it right and you want to discredit them?"

Call it a fluke.

xNELLIEx - 3 Feb 2009 // 15:37:01


It is good to know there are one or two unbiased and objective journalists still left at CNN. The majority of them are ignorant liberal blabbermouths.

pk - 3 Feb 2009 // 15:44:58


I then assume your not too happy with Obama...

pk - 3 Feb 2009 // 15:46:19

Therfore Nellie,

Rush should of and maybe could of won!

xNELLIEx - 3 Feb 2009 // 16:03:02


"I then assume your not too happy with Obama..."

An understatement. O-bambi is going to set back the US to indentured servitude. Indentured servitude helped build America. The nation itself will be indentured to massive debt, if the Senate approves the stimulus bill.

Our Senators and Representatives are reenacting the role of the ship captains and English merchants who slid indenture contracts across tables to be signed by economically desperate people in exchange for their shipboard passage to the Colonies.

Their signatures, often merely an X, committed them to a perilous eight-to-twelve weeks sea journey followed by four-to-seven years of service to masters, often a large Colonial landowner, perhaps a Virginia or Maryland tobacco planter, who purchased their certificates upon their arrival here. A 17th Century form of derivative.

Indentured servants were bound, not by chains of slavery, but by chains of debt. Africans first came to America as indentured servants, not as slaves. In time, though, landowners turned to slavery as a more cost-effective and renewable labor source.

Now, in the 21st Century, we're moving the clock of our history backward as the National Debt clock stood yesterday at about $10,638,798,680. But since it's not a static number, that's not the accurate figure as you read this. It increases over $3,000,000,000 each day.

We wring our hands and wonder aloud how our grandchildren will pay it off. The answer is - They won't. They can't.

We'll not leave them a legacy of debt to be paid but a fate of indentured servanthood of indeterminate length. Future generations of Americans will be increasingly more subject to the masters who will define their terms of indenture. Those masters, within and outside our borders, hold our children's indenture certificates.

Bill - 3 Feb 2009 // 16:10:39


There is ONE journalaist at CNN whom I'd call really good. Christiane Amanpour.

During the Gulf War, she got into enemy territory and interviewed various people like no other journalist could. I didn't know she was of Iranian descent and speaks Farsi, but that's the case.

countryhick - 3 Feb 2009 // 16:15:19

Poisonous racism? Racism is a good thing, you liberal idiot! Why is racism the most feared insult among liberals? I am a white supremacist. You got a problem with that?

Well said!

Did you get my pictures by the way?

xNELLIEx - 3 Feb 2009 // 16:25:24


If you mean the Titanic party photos, yes, I got them. You are not in them, are you?

xNELLIEx - 3 Feb 2009 // 16:28:00


Ignore that last comment, of course you are in them, and both you and your wife look amazing in your costumes, especially you. lol

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