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Topic: Worrisome News

Hairydave - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:57:14

Actually, that would be quite amusing. Still, I don't suffer from the sense of overwhelming inadequacy that others do.....

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 00:11:24


I am sure it will be dully noted by Nellie when she gets on here. Loosing weight, that is. I don't think she is fat, by the way. I have looked at all her photos on her face book (or was it myspace) and she does not look fat to me. She does have a nice rack, though.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 00:21:32


Some people like it and some people don't like it - sarcasm, that is. Bill has indicated more than once that he does not enjoy being the object of WW's sarcasm. Yet she persists in tormenting him. What kind of a sick, twisted imbecile will keep tormenting an old man like Bill? He is the most mild-mannered, polite, pleasant, friendly guy on here. Why keep on bothering him? Why doesn't she use her sarcasm on someone who enjoys it? Such as you for example? Or Hary Dave the chav? I am sure WW can come up with some witty sarcasm to make you and Dave happy.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 00:24:26


Over active bile duct I fear, I wonder if this can be treated medically?
Losing weight might help m'dear.


Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 00:24:45

Hairy Dave:

Add some chipped sweet pickle, chopped onion, and, of course, salt and pepper. Makes a great tuna sandwich.

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 00:29:03

just me:

"Sarcastic people aren't loved anywhere you've been? What are you talking about? Some of the funniest people around are sarcastic."

We have to differentiate here, I think. Many comics in the business use sarcasm, and it comes across comical. WW's sarcasm, however, comes across biting and antagonistic, often insulting. The difference is important.

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 00:32:07

just me:

"neon orange powdered cheese mixed with elbow macaroni? Try mixing a can of tuna (drained) with that."

Have done thta. Agree. (Haven't seen that anywhere in Europe, though.)

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 00:38:42

Hairy Dave:

"That's a rather pompous sweeping generalisation. Inaccurate as well. For a start - who are you (or I) to judge who is "truly" educated."

Of course it's a generalization. i've met "educated" fools and some pretty wise non-"educated" people as well. That's more the rule than the exception.

What I'm referring to is people who have done the work to make themselves knowledgeable, plus have the ability to use that knowledge in a positive way. We've all met educated jerks, I'm sure. (I've run across some pretty dull lawyers with JD's.)

I don't think it's as "inaccurate" as you make it out to be. At lest not with the ones I've met.

Now let's not get back on the "misogynist" bit again! There is a particular type of woman (and on this forum in particular) that I don't like. That doesn't mean in any way that I dislike ALL women. That, too,is an inaccurate, sweeping generlization.

resipsaloquitur - 16 Nov 2008 // 01:10:10

My dearest Bill,

Do not worry sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much...the world will go around even without you!

Firstly: if the DUMA approves the Amendments of the Russian constitution,


therefore the extention of the presidential term will be enforced from the next

election on.

Extention of the term does not mean that a President can rule undifinetely.



2.Secondly Hilary did not dump her cheating husband...she just used him to

promote her own carrier.

anyway she will make an EXELLENT a Secretary of State.

viking - 16 Nov 2008 // 01:30:27

How can you accept a person (Nay, a puke!) who would demand that she (WW)shouldrespect her elders and in the same paragraph call her a "slut"?
This is someone his grandaughter's age! Yet, you say there is something wrong with her and never say a bad word about this idiot!
This guy is sucking on the public teat and calling blacks and immigrants lazy?
Pick your friends well, Bill!
This guy is not your friend!
He is a filthy animal who has the morals of a snake and the manners of a scorpion.
And yet you think this is OK?
Your silence is an acceptence and you should be ashamed!

viking - 16 Nov 2008 // 01:48:43

At least Hairydave is "working" and not collecting unemployment on the government teat!

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 02:00:20

Lo and behold! Viking the white trash post office puke has spoken! You have some nerve to talk about sucking on the government teat! Mr. Post office himself! After working for 30 years and contributing into the unemployment insurance, it is my right to suck on the government teat. As is yours, after picking your nose for 30 years at the post office. All the people working at the post office are retards.

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 02:06:26


"And yet you think this is OK?
Your silence is an acceptence and you should be ashamed!"

Crap! How can I know if it's OK or not when I haven't read it yet?

My "silence" may just much more be that I know when to stay out of an argument.

It may well be that Figment isn't my friend; I don't even know who it is. But you're not, either!

All I know is that on several points he and I see eye to eye. Not all, but some.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 02:07:39

Bill is NOT a mysoginist. Most women on the forum love Bill. DP, Justme, Nellie, Res Ipsa, Anastasia and others. The only two dumb broads who have a problem with Bill are DA and WW. Both insecure twats with chips on both shoulders. At least DA manages to get laid once in a while. No one would touch WW with a 10-foot pole. That's why she is such a bitter, pissed-off thing tormenting old men on public forums.

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 02:16:48


Hallo. Lange Zeit nicht gesehen. Ich habe keinen Zweifel, daГџ Hillary kompetent ist.

Ihr Ergeiz ist es, daГџ mich beunrГјhigt.

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