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Topic: Worrisome News

FIGMENT - 15 Nov 2008 // 22:45:48


Your post about your friends validates my opinion that truly brilliant, successful, self-confident and great people are polite, respectful, humble and modest. Only the half-baked sophomoric parvenues who have chips on their shoulders are arrogant, insulting and vulgar like the wicked b!tch. She has issues, that kid. She better lighten up or she has a very difficult and lonely life ahead of her.

Bill - 15 Nov 2008 // 22:52:11


Right on point, and that's what I've been trying to get across to her, but she's more than a little blockheaded. Too wrapped up in herself.

Bill - 15 Nov 2008 // 22:57:12

just me:

"I am about to seer some ahi tuna and put it with some leftover stir fried vegetables and rice.

Sounds great. Mine was similar, but with chicken. I'm not a gourmet chef by any means, but I can put together a decent meal. There's a great frozen food company here which delivers some really high-quality stuff. My freezer, therefore, has all the necessary ingredients for a feast, if I need them. I just use smaller portions.

Hairydave - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:15:03

Can I just pick you up on this part of your posting "....whether I should introduce him as "Professor Doctor". He said, "No. Just Theodor". It's that way with TRULY educated people. They don't need to make a show of it, and they don't."

That's a rather pompous sweeping generalisation. Inaccurate as well. For a start - who are you (or I) to judge who is "truly" educated. I have known some very well educated idiots. I spent a lot of time in and around Cambridge university (nope - not as a student - I left school at 16 and somehow managed to get roped back into being educated a couple of years later- hence the senior engineer thing that I do now). Anyways - I was reasonably well acquainted with some of the senior people at Trinity College - most of whom by definition were very well educated, some of whom were modest, some of whom were patently arrogant and loved to ensure that people knew exactly who they were and so forth.. Well educated / educated / ignorant - you get all types of people in all groups. NEVER judge a person by the diplomas on the wall - it only demonstrates what they knew at the time they got the diploma (or they bought it). It doesn't tell you about the type of person they are.

Secondly you moan that WW insults you using long words, /0 tended to do that using very short ones - and you didn't seemed too impressed by that either.

Thirdly - FIGMENT is an obese lady called Nellie that insults all Bulgarian women on a routine basis, and is one of the most frequent deliverers of bile and hatred on this forum. A genuinely nasty tiny minded type. Apparently all Bulgarian women are fat communist peasant girls, it is one of her favourite insults. I beg to differ with her on this point, but then I'm generally a more fair minded type I guess.

Lastly - you are (and you'll be insulted by this, but relax) a misogynist. I know YOU don't think you are one, but I do and so do some others here. It is an opinion we are entitled to based upon things you have posted in the past. You are perfectly entitled to disagree with this - as are others. As such though, WW is never going to like you - she is entitled to that as well. Ride it out - the reason you get so much abuse on here is that you keep standing up and shouting "Here I am, have another go" and people do. This is your fault, although I very much doubt you see it that way.

I actually think you rather like it, there are a million forums out there that you could post on, there is nothing much here that is about what you profess to be interested in. You have enough knowledge to locate other forums and yet you still persist here. The Bill doth protest too much, methinks.

just me - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:16:42

Hi Bill,
The Asians do wonders with vegetables, don't they. The tuna was great, and we actually have a company here, too, that delivers some really good food frozen and wrapped completely airtight. It's not only convenient, but they have the best fish I've found, so I keep a ton of it in the freezer at all times. Our favorites are the tuna, Chilean sea bass, and north Atlantic salmon. It's nice that you enjoy cooking- great skill to have, and you're probably eating a healthier diet than you would if you ate out all the time or ate a bunch of processed foods.

Hairydave - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:17:17

"I am about to seer some ahi tuna and put it with some leftover stir fried vegetables and rice."

Complex. Open tin of tuna, pour off brine (and give to cat). Add mayo - shove in sandwich - done.

(not much of a chef, but I do like tuna sandwiches!)

just me - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:23:42

That's one of my all-time favorite tuna recipes. I like onions on mine. Do you have Kraft Macaroni and Cheese there? You know, the nearly neon orange powdered cheese mixed with elbow macaroni? Try mixing a can of tuna (drained) with that. It sounds disgusting, but in a pinch, if the cupboard is otherwise bare, give it a try.

Hairydave - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:30:50

Onions - Yep - I like that too. Depending on the mood the strong onions or even sliced up leek with it. Also it's quite pleasant to add pickled silverskin pickled onions with it for a milder taste. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - probably - I've not looked. Even if we don't have exactly that there will be a brand of something similar. I'll give it a bash.

Actually - one thing I miss about Bg when I am not there is the food. The freshest shopska salad when it is in season, Lutenitsa (lovely stuff), and all the various types of dried sausage that is damn near impossible to purchase here. There are so many influences in Bulgarian cuisine it is impossible not to find something you like.

The one thing I can't go for though is fresh yoghurt with meat. What the hell is that about - it's wrong (as is pineapple on pizza - something that should be outlawed)

just me - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:31:44

Sarcastic people aren't loved anywhere you've been? What are you talking about? Some of the funniest people around are sarcastic. I saw a t-shirt in a catalog and thought of you. It said, "I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned you." Maybe instead I should get you the one that says, "National Sarcasm Society. (and in fine print below) like we need your support."

just me - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:37:44

"Actually - one thing I miss about Bg when I am not there is the food. The freshest shopska salad when it is in season, Lutenitsa (lovely stuff), and all the various types of dried sausage that is damn near impossible to purchase here. There are so many influences in Bulgarian cuisine it is impossible not to find something you like. "

Couldn't have said it better myself! Does your lovely wife make her own lutenitsa? I've never tried making it, but there are several brands available here in jars and it's even cheap.

I'm not a huge fan of the yogurt, unless it is served with enough honey to cover up the taste. Or, I guess if you cook it and disguise it with curry or something, but cold? with meat? ew. My daughter just gobbles it up plain. People eat pineapple on pizza here, too, but that's not for me either.


Hairydave - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:42:34

Saw a t-shirt I wanted the other day - not sarcastic but it made me grin (the inner schoolboy anyway)

It simply had written on it

"Boobies make me smile"

Hairydave - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:47:29

No - the missus doesn't make it. It's a bit of a chore (so I'm told). Her mother used to, it was one of those "village" affairs.
I can take plain yoghurt (although like you I generally like to add some honey too it) but the missus loves it and will eat it straight (as your daughter does).

I have to "import" Lutenitsa each time I travel to and from Bg. It's an excellent snack when time is short. Slap it on some bread and eat and allow the taste buds to do a merry dance of joy.

FIGMENT - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:49:06

The great chav Hairy Dave has spoken. All chavs and white trash stick to Bulgarian sluts like barnacles. I wonder why that is? There is no point giving us opinions about what constitutes good breeding or good education, as you have neither one, Hairy. You are nothing but a dumb working class chav. And so is WW - just a dumb, fat, Bulgarian slut.

FIGMENT - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:53:07


I saw a great T-shirt your wife should get for herselt. It said I DON'T MAKE MISTAKES, I MARRY THEM.

Hairydave - 15 Nov 2008 // 23:55:51

Oh yes. I forgot "chav". Another insult although she doesn't really have the cultural references to understand what it means. But she likes it none the less.
I'm expecting to be called a "twat" soon. She tends to like that as well.
Over active bile duct I fear, I wonder if this can be treated medically?
Losing weight might help m'dear.

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