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Topic: Worrisome News

Bill - 15 Nov 2008 // 10:52:35


"you and WW have never had any opportunity to "do" anything."

That's a bit difficult to answer. What do you consider "doing"? I've been at least two-thirds of the way around the world, picked up a couple of languages, lived both on land and on water, etc. And, of course, performing my job at a level which was highly rated by my superiors, both military and civilian, in quite diversified fields.

What else should I "do" to meet your definition?

WickedWitch - 15 Nov 2008 // 15:01:18


Liar, liar, pants on fire. "Vicious", I've called you. "Annoying" is definitely possible. The rest? Pure lie. If not, quote me. Really. And I'll take back everything I've ever said about you being stupid.

WickedWitch - 15 Nov 2008 // 15:10:10


I am just repeating your own words about your attraction to colleagues and your own impressions of women in your environment who were just "asking to be raped". Your own words, Bill. Since all we have to go on here are your own words.

"(You may have to look up "dignity" in your dictionary, since the whole concept seems to be foreign to you.)"

Yeah, I know your definition of dignity and your definition of a good woman who'd just not express any opinions. I'd rather not fit your definitions of goodness, you bigot.

"So if you're as young as "just me" suggests, I suggest you grow up. Your rudeness has no excuse."

No, I am not that young. And you will notice that I still haven't made fun of your personal life (sexual or otherwise) or of your physical age even though you've scummily had that little bleat-off with your buddy about what you think my personal life is.

WickedWitch - 15 Nov 2008 // 15:15:57


I know, right? People who want equality really shouldn't be "pushy". If only those civil rights advocates had stayed at home and been all Bill-like classy... And if only those African women would stay at home and just get their genitalia snipped off instead of trying to run away. (Not that this here, on any scale compares to the above examples but it is part of the same problem - people like you thinking that "the others" should just be quiet and take whatever they are given).

WickedWitch - 15 Nov 2008 // 15:35:06


I have to say I am a bit disappointed with that post. I don't need any excuses to dislike the Bill and the Troll of a Thousand Faces or their sincere opinions. I think you are a really great person and maybe this is why you are trying to "excuse" my behavior in some way and I don't think it needs excusing.

To be honest, "the weirdos" here are just one type of people one can see on most any forum. I've met waaay wierder people elsewhere way before I signed into this forum. I've talked to Aspberger's people, quadriplegics, people who have seizures every day, people in constant pain, artists, people who have been assaulted, people who have been to jail (not for harming others), IT professionals, extreme libertarians, stay-at-home moms, Hollywood crowd (a casual friend of a famous socialite), furries, kinky people, christians, people of ALL ages, and so on and so forth. And the smart ones in this crowd, however weird they are, you can get along with as long as each accept that their lifestyle is not superior to that of others. Which means that they are not bigots.

I won't get along with Bill because he is bigoted and lazy (intellectually, I mean). He is in the mild part of the spectrum of anything that people like me stand for. And it has nothing to do with my age (it's not 24-25) because I've spoken to 17-year olds who are more mature than him and who'd never attack one's personal life even when antagonized by a very, very persistent guy online (neither of those was me). I have been through a lot and I have learned a lot from life and from books at quite a young age. So, I don't think my age is something to color my arguments. Just as yours or Bill's aren't.

Bill - 15 Nov 2008 // 16:20:56


You want a quote? Here's just one of many:

"and you are a sexist, self-righteous prick."

You don't have to use that kind of language at all, no matter how old you are.

As for that pompous post to Just Me, with all that "experience" you must spend your life on the internet. Do you really have a job?

I know you think I'm stupid; that just proves your own ignorance. However, if the nasty, argumentative, obnoxious, offensive, foul language you seem to feel is necessary is any criterion, I'd rather not be so smart as you think you are.

Bill - 15 Nov 2008 // 17:03:00


"I know, right? People who want equality really shouldn't be "pushy"."

Again a typical WW posting. A lot of people want equality, but they don't go about it the same way you do, and they get better success than you ever will, with your horrible attitude.

As one of the best officers I ever worked with put it:

You cannot demand respect. You must command it.

You'll never command respect so long as you continue to throw foul-language insults at people you disagree with.

The ladies I worked with were true experts, and were respected as such. We had no "equality problems" simply because we WERE equal.

You'll never get your wish until you quit demanding it. If you earn it, it'll come naturally.

FIGMENT - 15 Nov 2008 // 17:14:45


WW is just some dumb Bulgarian village slut trying to live above her station in life. Her parents are probably some communist peasants that membership in the communist party allowed them to become factory workers. She is not a well brought up young lady, you can see she did not go to finishing school in Switzerland. She has no breeding, no manners, no refined sensibility. She is just a little gutter snipe. I don't know why we don't just ignore her. She has chips on both shoulders and she has the Bulgarian disease of thinking she is much more accomplished than she actually is. People like WW if you could buy at their true worth and sell for what they THINK they are worth, you would be a millionaire.

FIGMENT - 15 Nov 2008 // 17:20:25


You insolent little piece of communist crap! You can take your "dissapointment" and shove it up your fat Bulgarian arse! I am fed up with your bad attitude. You are a nothing and a nobody. Crawl back in the hole-in-the-floor toilet from where you came. You are an evil communist spawn. Your parents are dumb peasants in some village in Bulgaria, so don't you go around giving yourself airs. You will never be equal, simply because you are inferior. Get over it and move on. You are damaged goods, you annoying pest!

DP - 15 Nov 2008 // 17:30:25

"If you consider Britney Spears "splendid", that's your prerogative, but I cetainla wouldn't."

Just a comment:
This is not the first time someone on that forum throws Britney Spears in my face. Wonder what is she exactly famous for? LOL

DP - 15 Nov 2008 // 17:35:59


You sound like "perachka" with your unrestrained outbursts: really boring and tiresome...Piss off! LOL

Bill - 15 Nov 2008 // 17:43:10


What I know about Britney Spears I get from various information sources, but what it all adds up to is that she's famous as a singer--rock, I think--who lives (lived) in the party gil world of glitter and alcohol. She was always in the Tinseltown news.

She married one of her back-up dancers, whom almost everyone knew as a gold-dogger (If I remember correctly, he ditched one wife to marry her), who then, after two children, divorced her with a huge settlement.

In the meantime, she's been arrested a few times for driving without a license. She's been in withdrawal institutions a couple of time, and in short although a pretty girl and talented, she's made such a mess of her life that it's tragic.

FIGMENT - 15 Nov 2008 // 19:12:13


1. Make up your mind who you are talking to - me or Nellie.

2. My outburst was richly deserved by that piece of Bulgarian garbage calling herself wickedwitch. Don't you defend her, she is beyond contempt.

FIGMENT - 15 Nov 2008 // 19:24:54


That b!tch WW has NO right to talk to anyone in that tone of voice. She can go and talk to her Bulgarian grandfather in the village the way she is talking to Bill and me. I am not going to take it from a dumb village twat like her. She think because she got a few useless years in some second-rate American university and because she was arrogant and pushy enough to get a job in Norway she got God by the short hairs. You have NO idea how much I detest arrogant little village twats like her and Bulgaria seems to breed them like fleas. It must be the water in Bulgarian. I can just imagine what her Bulgarian family is like. Arrogant, pushy, dumb mutri and peasants. I bet her father was a militzioner back in the day.

DP - 15 Nov 2008 // 19:52:56


I was not defending anyone. I don't know even why I bother with you. I guess I am imagining that I understand you, the sucker that I am. ;-)

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