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Topic: Worrisome News

WickedWitch - 16 Nov 2008 // 03:55:13


Forgot to answer the second part of your post.

:The weirdos here included, nobody is just one kind of person and they/we don't like being neatly categorized by what they/we were doing when you talked to them/us (chronic pain artist IT mom whatever) any more than you liked it when I asked FIG to excuse your style because of your age."

Some of those people are the same person. Some of them I have met on fora dealing with the feature I listed. The chronic pain person is someone who is a lot like me (only with a lot more pain-causing diseases than just a debilitating migraine) and just like me she is a writer and a synesthete and has a cat and likes the same shows I like and the same books. So, no, I am not remembering them by some moment in time but I am mentioning their differences to say that so many different people can be accepting and empathetic towards others. I don't keep a freak score sheet near my computer but it would be irrelevant to my argument to say, well yesterday my best friend who ran for office in November went to pay the designer of his yard signs and then he went home and slept and then he read Outliers, and so on and so forth...

"It would be really nice to see more tolerance of different backgrounds here, as hard as that is when we usually don't even have the basic information."

Yes, it would be. My problem with Bill is not his background. It's his flippant disregard and disdain for any behavior that is sufficiently different from that of an old white male all the while playing the put-upon victim.

"My post did sound kind of dorky, so I'm sorry for that."
I think dorkiness is one of the last things one should be sorry for. I was just really tired of my opinions being attributed to my gender, my age, my alleged sexual history or lack thereof, basically anything but the stuff I've learned, been though and the way I've processed it.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 04:02:02


Don't flatter yourself dumb cunt, no one cares one fig about you and your problems. Come back to debate when you have taken the big chip off your shoulder. You are not posting any debatable stuff. No one is going to go read your boring old posts to find examples of your stupidity. Just take it at face value - you are a dumb cunt and an annoying pest, now piss off. Arrogant pissed-off mean thing. Bill doesn't want to talk to you either. Go talk to Viking, the dumbo from the post office, he is on your intellectual level.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 04:11:31


The way you are processing Bill is very twisted, sister. No one gives a fig what you think about Bill. Everyone on here has just about had it with your boring Bill rants. You have said anything and everything insulting, arrogant and mean that you could possibly say, several times. Same old, same old. All you are accomplishing is getting Bill and the rest of us to dislike you more and more. Now go bother your Bulgarian peasant grandfather. I hope he gives you a good spanking and washes your mouth with soap.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 04:16:36

"It's his flippant disregard and disdain for any behavior that is sufficiently different from that of an old white male all the while playing the put-upon victim."

Exactly like the old white males that he is and that I am. You can't bully us into being something other than what we are. Get over it and move on. Go work on your grandfather and your father. Me and Bill don't want to change and we don't want to debate you and you can't force us, so piss off.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 05:20:28


WW, on the other hand is a pushy twat, without an ounce of empathy for anyone who is not a female, who is looking for validation from random strangers.

I was just stumped she (or anyone) would think I'd let any of her ad hominems get to me.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 05:29:31


Consistency is the sign of a mediocre mind.

Being a slut and being frigid is not mutually exclusive. You are frigid and you can get no satisfaction, but you keep trying and that makes you a slut.

Bill is not interested in your sex life or the chips on both your shoulders. Get over it and move on. No one likes whiny little girls with big mouths.

If you are a writer, I am the King of England. You are just a self-absorbed screw ball, girly.

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 09:52:58


"It's his flippant disregard and disdain..."

You have the gall to write that? If ANYONE on this forum fits this description, you do! You've been posting nothing but sarcastic crap in my direction since I joined the forum.

I came here with a specific purpose in mind, and every once in a while (but rarely) I get some use out of it. The rest of the time is endless argument with the likes of you.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 15:59:41


"If I were to speak in the style of H.P. Lovecraft or Ashton Smith or any of their Gothic cohort, THAT would be using big words."

Yeah, right.......Big words coming from diseased minds. Lovecraft's parents were both mentally ill, and his father died of madness induced by syphilis. But at least they came from good New Providence stock. The screwball Lovecraft never graduated from high school, prior to his high school graduation, he claimed to have suffered a "nervous breakdown", and consequently never received his high school diploma - he was as dumb and uneducated as they come. And a screw ball to boot. Smith was no better. His formal education was limited: he suffered from psychological disorders and for this reason attended only eight years of grammar school and never went to high school.

Very "admirable intellects" you have chosen to admire, you screw ball. It is clear that you have more than a few screws loose rattling around that sick brain of yours.

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 16:30:34


There may be something to this googling at that. Check out this link:

Contains a biography of Lovecraft. Turbulent, to say the least.

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 16:39:08


This is more factual:

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 17:00:54


This one sentence from that link alone may well explain WW's devotion:

"Due to his sickly condition and his undisciplined, argumentative nature..."

FIGMENT - 16 Nov 2008 // 17:37:40


It sounds just like ww, doesn't it? I think the attraction is also that these guys wrote horror stories about the supernatural - it ties in with her dementia, mental illness, devil worship, witchcraft, the whole twisted and psycho and evil mentality. I hope Norway does her some good, the people are clean and simple and practical and down-to-earth. She should take up cross-country skiing, the fresh air might help to clean the cobwebs out of her brain.

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 18:04:30


Come to think of it, Norway's the best place in the world for her. Isn't that where trolls originated? More of a homecoming than an immigration.

buachaill bo - 16 Nov 2008 // 18:11:17

Bill and Figment,
You are both like the two old guys up in the box on the muppet show that pass the stupid comments all the time.Anyone know their names???

Bill - 16 Nov 2008 // 18:19:12


At least we have a little fun while dealing with trolls, but most of what I see under your "authorship" is griping.

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