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Commenting article: Skinheads' Plan to Kill Obama Foiled

Two neo-Nazis, who have allegedly planned to assassinate the US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama in a murder spree targeting more than 100 black people, appeared in a court, federal agents said, cited by BBC.

Paul Schlesselman and Daniel Cowartaccused are accused of making threats to kill Obama and of possessing an unregistered firearm and conspiracy to steal from a licensed gun dealer.
JoePlummer - 28 Oct 2008 // 18:46:38

This is specifically why it’s important for the youth in America to get out and vote. With all the kinds of talk – and I am referring to statements I’ve seen on this site – about �hate’ there are young being affected by it and unable to deal with these impressions. What value is there in the rest of these two lives now? It’s up to responsible persons – like all of us here – to be aware of the issues to promote a healthy atmosphere in these troubled times.

avro - 28 Oct 2008 // 19:51:39

Exactly what do you think is so great about the youth voting when most of them don't have the good enough knowledge of life to vote. With rare exceptions, most students have not lived life enough to make good judgements and are they are the captive audiences of liberal professors who push their agenda. Why not let the youth go out and get jobs, start paying taxes and THEN vote, once they have something to lose (their income through taxation).


JoePlummer - 28 Oct 2008 // 20:13:18

Personally I have to disagree. I have seen a number of impressively informed youth working at the Democratic headquarters and a number of them with jobs too. My point is that voting is a much more positive outlet than thru rage and hate crimes. Besides just who gets to decide if I get to vote? I am suggesting that those that commit �hate’ crimes have been a �captive audience’.

Kolegialen - 28 Oct 2008 // 20:27:51

"I have seen a number of impressively informed youth working at the Democratic headquarters .."

Well, if they are working there, then trust me - they are uninformed!

This is why the Left has always tried to get the young - don't pay taxes, don't have much to lose - perfect for "wealth re-distribution" recruits, since it isn't their wealth on the table.
When I say "the Left" I mean the world over - the US is just one part of the picture - get over yourselves.

"My point is that voting is a much more positive outlet than thru rage and hate crimes"
Yes, but it's no way of chartering future in a Capitalist world.
Just as well - I hate that people in the US earn more money than those in BG - with the "youth" in the US getting involved, I am confident it will "change";)

iamsoobored - 28 Oct 2008 // 22:07:45


Even worse, they know nothing about what Obama's platform is, they think that he is going to stop the war and bring the troops home. And since they are young and stupid, they haven't learned that politicians lie to get elected, and Obama looks you in the eye and lies like the gypsy that he is. I think they should raise the voting age to 21. Drinking age is 21, why not voting age? Even adult driver's licenses are now issued at 21 years old. You can drive by the age of 18 with restrictions.

iamsoobored - 28 Oct 2008 // 22:16:30

This just shows that not all young people are voting for Obama. Far from it. There are many who are voting against him. There is still hope for the US!

iamsoobored - 28 Oct 2008 // 22:37:24

Hey JoePlummer,

Joe the Plumber, the real one, not you poser, said that Obama will be the death of Israel. Smart guy. One way to get the liberal Jewish vote away from Obama. I personally agree with him.

JoePlummer - 28 Oct 2008 // 22:43:18

You're talking to somone in his 60's. My idea of youth was someone in their early to mid 20's. Sorry for the confusion.

iamsoobored - 28 Oct 2008 // 22:56:43

Well, JoePlummer,

For someone in your 60ies, you are damned radical! Are you Eurotrash by any chance? Because you can't be a REAL American. Anyone who is for Obama and who is not clinging to his gun and his religion is Eurotrash.

avro - 28 Oct 2008 // 23:17:34

“My point is that voting is a much more positive outlet than thru rage and hate crimes." No kidding, but who is talking about rage and hate being a good thing? Not me, my friend, but strong discourse is a good thing, it gets things out on the table. Have you ever seen the in-your-face arguing in the House of Commons??

These idiot skin heads, which I have seen in Germany (a Christmas Parade in Frankfurt comes to mind) and other parts of Europe as well as in the US, are nut cases, and VERY dangerous, and they not only hate blacks, but any non-white. But, what do they have to do with the youth voting or not?


Mitko Pitko - 29 Oct 2008 // 00:25:39

Hey Joe,

First off, I'd like to suggest that you change your moniker, for you're not representing the ideas of Joe the Plummers'.
Joe the Plummer belives that if you work hard and you take risks you enjoy the fruits of your labor.
And you, and the likes of you, belive that if I have 2 shirts, Obama should take one of it and give it to you! Screw you! I don't have 2 shirts, however, I HOPE that one day I will.
For you, the so called "progressive", every day is like April 15, tax, tax and more tax so you can buy votes and grab power, because other wise you can't succeed. Despite all the leftist propaganda from ALL the biased media there are still people in America who believe in the American Dream and are doing something about it.
If you don't believe me, look back at the what happened with the Socialist Lager...
Wake up and smell the roses

Uchak - 29 Oct 2008 // 00:29:37

avro dude are skinheads more dangerous than Al Qaeda? I mean average skinhead is illiterate drug addled zombie with a prison record......just curious

iamsoobored - 29 Oct 2008 // 01:11:20

Mitko Pitko,

It comes down to this: Obama will raise taxes, McCain will reduce spending. It is a no-brainer.

iamsoobored - 29 Oct 2008 // 01:31:35


Skinheads are an antidote to colored racists like Obama and his minister and Muslim terrorists. Why is it racism when whites slam minorities and it is political correctness when minorities slam whites? I am sorry, but you won't get any white guilt out of me.

JoePlummer - 29 Oct 2008 // 01:32:09

The real Joe is a phoney... he will do good under Obamma. I will gladly share one of my shirts with you. Even McCain said in front of a bunch of students about a year ago that people - himself included - should share and pay more. He changed a lot while around Bush. But I am real serious about the shirt pal. Just let me know how to get it to you.

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