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Commenting article: EU Urges Ukraine to Drop Visas for Bulgaria, Romania

European Union called on Ukraine Saturday to drop the visa regime for Bulgaria and Romania.

This should be done in order for an alleviated visa regime for Ukrainian nationals wishing to visit the EU to become active.
Stealthy - 28 Oct 2007 // 08:42:52

I see Bulgarians are not welcomed almost everywhere . What are they going to do in Ukraine ? and why so much attention is focused on that ? I guess people from Brussels want Bulgarians to visit more often Ukraine than EU ... lol ...

Uchak - 28 Oct 2007 // 09:15:28

stealthy, why dont you be a real man and go be suicide bomber???

instread right bitter messages on forum....

yes, Bg sucks, what else is new?

Stealthy - 28 Oct 2007 // 09:59:53

Uchak ,

the only thing I am really surprised by is why all these stupids praise this country so much ! I agree it sucks and will be sucking next 100 years . Because , no one learns by his own mistakes here .

I can assure you that I will stop writing this shit as soon as my contract is over and I get back home .

P.S. To be a suicide bomber is a good idea . I promise to think more of that . But , who told you that "ground zero" in NY had not been my job ? ... lol ...

LarzBGR - 28 Oct 2007 // 10:58:40

Well, Sir, I really hope your contract can come to an end as soon as possible..Then you would be relieved and get out of this hell called BG. Yeah, go back to wherever you are from and never come back! Jeees, I mean...when I hear this shit about someone who is looonging to leave Bulgaria, I am just thinking- why the hell has he come at all? What are you doing in Bulgaria, Mr. Stealthy and furthermore, where exactly are you here? I am guessing you've been here for a while and I am thinking, are you so unable to get used to this system and feel good? Why are so many people saying that they love Bulgaria, Bulgaria's women, Bulgaria's food, Bulgaria's night life, Bulgaria's nature?? Are they all soo deceived and sooo fckin blind or something??
I mean, enlighten me, what's really bothering you in my homeland? And furthermore, even if we agreed on things that bother you, I mean, one's normal education should forbid him to simply curse on a foreign country and say it sucks...
I mean, If I went to Somalia to spend some time there, well damn it, I would try to enjoy my time, find out the beauties of this land, talk to locals, get to know the culture!
You know what's the thing I would never ever do if I were there>>> I would never enter some local websites and start claiming that everything sucked...The level's just too low for me...
Now please don't take my remarks personally, I am just sharing my general opinion on this.
Have a nice day!

fishbrain - 28 Oct 2007 // 13:28:59

It's so pointless to look at superficial arguments about a nation. Almost all nations have positive and negative aspects.

If someone is very unhappy in BG I don't see guards at the airport stopping foreigners from leaving. You can always quit your job an go back to where you came from. I just believe you will be as unhappy there as you are here.

Yes i will say that BG is not perfect and far from it but then again I have traveled to many other nations and can only say as yet I have not found UTOPIA.

P.S. I am also a foreigner here and yes I am happy and unhappy but isn't everyone like this? I never met anyone who is 100% happy all the time.

LarzBGR - 28 Oct 2007 // 14:16:29

Fishbrain, I fully support your point of view.

Bill - 28 Oct 2007 // 14:17:50

LarzBGR and fishbrain:

I concur wholeheartedly with your positions. I, Bulerican, and I believe that even AmMan will agree with what you're saying. All three of us are Americans who live in a foreign country by choice. However, I don't think any of us is so upset with the United States that we wouldn't go back. My case may be a bit different, because I don't have any real connections to go back to, but that in no way indicates dissatisfaction with my homeland. After all, I've spent a career serving it, and so has Bulerican. I don't know AmMan's service history.

I don't think any of us is completely satisfied with everything. As you say, every country has its good and bad points. However, all three of us have endeavored to integrate into the society in which we live. We've learned the language, the customs, and, more to the point, the people.

If Stealthy is so fully unhappy in Bulgaria, your suggestion is a good one. Quit the job and go home.

manor - 28 Oct 2007 // 14:20:56

aman ot zapadniari tapaci.

mnaydenova - 28 Oct 2007 // 18:28:18

Dear Stealthy...i feel only pity for the company you work for.. you are such a GEM and clearly a VERY HARD worker.. i mean ur online 24/7...

So go home... cause ur company is paying you for F*CK ALL!!!

Uchak - 29 Oct 2007 // 06:35:28

Maydenova, you defend Bg yet you left BG for of all places south africa!!
why not Bangledesh? or here to one the American ghettos like Detroit...

evidently people leave BG to emigrate to Africa (maybe BG to Darfur is next)
then either BG must really stink or people just mental
Bg people themselves told me non stop how hell is BG, worst in the world etc etc
they hate their own country so much it is sad even though not that bad really ....

foreigners love BG becuase cheap alcohol mostly....

just me - 29 Oct 2007 // 06:57:05

oh, never mind.
I guess it is just the cheap alcohol.
Uchak's right. (gack.)

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 29 Oct 2007 // 13:20:13

Uch, Larrrr!

Hast thou ever set foot in SOUF-EFRIKA, skin? Answer me directly, "Arse-eh-bleef" [the Afrikaans word for 'pleeeeeeeez']!!!

Other than the Boers (predominantly descended from the riffraff reject Dutch who hated the Netherlands in the 1600s and sought a new land for themselves... there are some Boers who have French Huguenot lineage as well), Souf-Kefrica is a terrific playground for holidaymakers who want to party and enjoy exotic spots (albeit under-developed... the Karoo in particular... hundreds of miles of barren land, mate... driven through it quite a few times).

The majority of Boers I have encountered in Souf-Kefrica are cunts! White supremacist wankers who are so in-bred it's actually tragic. Religious fundamentalists as well with their 'NG Kerk' nonsense that preaches to them that should they commit suicide then the man who commits suicide should take the rest of his family to heavenly Hell with him! And how I detest the 'SOUF-EFRIKAN EGGS-ENT'. The worst twang imaginable. They've got no diphthongs whatsoever!

Other than that, I have had some memoprable times in Umhlanga Rocks, Ballito, Sun City, Plett, Knysna, Strand, Gordon's Bay, Champagne Valley, Kruger Park, Durbs, Maritzburgh, and even in the Milton Keynes of Africa [i.e. WELKOM in DEE VRYSTAAT - now, that's as Fascist Afrikaans-orientated as can be but I still had a giraffe there with the local riffraff who detest the sound of English the way I detest the smell of their fatty, gooey disgusting boerewors braai crap! As a veggie, I do find it repugnant!

I had no problems with the 'KEFFAZ' in Souf-Efrika! The 'keffaz' were ace. Went to plenty of their townships and they made me feel welcome and there was plenty of singin' and dancin' in the shebeens there. Soweto is great as is Khayelitsha. Hospitality bursting at the seams there. I would personally love to go and experience Harlem Stateside as well as all the ghetto life in Detroit. Have seen some of it in LA. Didn't experience any such in Texas or Wisconsin (the other two states I have graced). I relish the prospect of visiting Harlem or the Bronx... also the notorious Washington DC suburbs. Me sis has been to Harlem and the Bronx. Uch, you and I should visit the ghetto-hotspots around Detroit. I would absolutely love that! Much more interesting than hanging around mere boring whitey farts alone!

If you open your eyes, Uch you won't diss Souf-Efrika. You've not been there. You've not seen Table Mountain or Helderberg. And it's BANGLADESH... not Bangledesh. I am actually going to India and Bangladesh as well as Sri Lanka and Malaysia in March. All confirmed now. Three weeks. I love Bangladeshi food and their people! I am also going to the Caribbean for ten days in May. Antigua (four days) and Barbados (six days). All places I have longed to see for as long as I can remember! Hopefully will visit Jamaica (Bob's great land) in October 2008. Still organising that!

Ta rah, mate!

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 29 Oct 2007 // 13:32:16

Uch, Larrrrr!

And by the way, Souf-Efrika would not be in the predicament it is in now had Thabo Mbubuleki not taken over from the immortal icon Madiba! I was in Souf-Kerika in 1995 during the Rugby World Cup (me first visit to the Rainbow nation... one of five) in that country and I saw the magic that the wonderful charismatic brilliant orator radiated left, right and centre! As Sir Bob Geldof once described him at Trafalgar Square, Madiba is really and truly the Prime Minister of the World, mate... not merely Souf-Efrika or the Efrikan continent alone!

It's a shame that Madiba felt he had to stand down. I doan think twas his age alone that precipitated his lack of desire to continue as PM of his country characterised by a chequered past. It was the machinations within the ANC ranks that infuriated him, a man of integrity so he passed the torch onto this eejit, Thabo Mbubuleki!

Madiba reconciled and united the Rainbow Nation by applying his universal charm to every situation as well as his undying wit! The world respects him to this day! How could a man who was imprisoned at Robben Island for twenty-seven years by the despicable Apartheid-instigating Boers be so forgiving and pragmatic? How could he have the power to convince the angry mob of blood-thirsty 'keffaz' from lynching all the greedy isolationist whiteys in that tempestuous land? It will be a part of history that will never cease to amaze us, plain mortals!

Shosholoza, matey!

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 29 Oct 2007 // 13:48:49

Uch, Larrr!!

There's plenty of culture emanating from Souf-Efrika despite the sordid years of oppression.

I have had the privilege of watching the magnetic Miriam Makeba as well as the scintillating Ladysmith Mambazo Choir and the vivacious Soweto String Quartet! I have been to the sight of the Battle of Majuba as well. Fascinating place! As fascinating as the musical Zulu language!

As I have said, if the Boers just piss off from that land it will be a pleasant place. Leon Schuster is all right! There are some quality Boers who have dissed their 'boeboetie' heritage and fair play to them for that but for the rest, I am one who almost subscribes to the slogan, "Kill the Boer... Kill the Farmer" immortalised by that crazy dead 'KEFFA', Peter Mokaba! :-D... I am jesting, of course! It's just that the majority of the Boers I have encountered both in my country and in Souf-Efrika as well as in other places worldwide have been the most unpleasant twats on the face of the Earth! Gawd, so narrow-minded and arrogant! If it were not for the likes of Leon Schuster and a few other lovely people of their breed, I would be prepared to say that they deserved the concentration camps (or 'laagers' as they call them) during the Anglo-Boer War days!

I did not meet any unpleasant 'keffaz' in Souf-Efrika. They were all terrific whether they be poor or rich. It's amazing that they have not completely gone on a rampage and slaughtered all the Fascist whiteys. Madiba's magic is responsible for that but that dumb coon, Mbubuleki might just ruin it all if he ain't too careful! And from what I gather, rapist Jacobushlulu MbambaZuma is tipped to become Souf-Kefrika's next PM!

Ta rah, skin...
Pope Tinkerbell Mandela Tibby Dunbar the 666th Scouse Prophet {Eamon de Valera's marmalade-minded Taoiseach mid-testicle}

Uchak - 29 Oct 2007 // 19:02:44

Bloke, your right not on to diss a place never been, just read too many horror stories of gun crime and whatnot...South Africa makes LA seems safe! And that's sayin something!
When I used to live in LA I'd don a flack vest when I went out at night! And a stun gun!
Frankly I don't like visiting less developed countries, is adventurous yes, but too much dirt, crime, poverty, when I was younger yes, but now, give me the Savoy!!!

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