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Commenting article: Total Goofs: Bulgaria Youth Hate Books, Best Versed in Pop Folk

Devil's Advocate - 4 Sep 2007 // 16:26:26


viking - 4 Sep 2007 // 16:51:05


Another example of me telling you a few things and you misconstrue one thing and respond to that and ignoring everything else.
The courts ATTEMPT to find fact but no one knows which is fact and what is fiction!
What comes out in a trial, even testimony from your buddies, the rapists, is not fact! How can anyone explain fact and fiction to a guy with your religious conviction? Religion is faith based, not fact! And that is you in a nutshell. Confusing facts with faith and thinking your opinions (with no experience!) are fact!
You really are an ( ______)! You fill in the blank!

Devil's Advocate - 4 Sep 2007 // 17:28:00

LMAO, viking. So you mean you really were not "catching on" to Bills way of thinking??? And to think he had such high hopes for you!

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 18:30:30


Please leave psychoanalysis to the professionals. You'd be surprised, I imagine, how often the courts DO arrive at the facts.

But one point you do make well. What constitutes "fact" is often tainted by the opinion of the viewer. There's so much evidence of that on this forum that it hardly needs further proof. Very little of what I've written has been interpreted by the readers in the same sense in which I wrote it.

viking - 4 Sep 2007 // 19:24:14


I have no idea what psychoanalysis has to do with what I posted!

There is one basic thing you should remember when you say "Very little of what I've written has been interpreted by the readers in the same sense in which I wrote it.", It is almost always the fault of the writer when things are not understood by so many people.

You should never get upset with the person who reads what you write and does not understand what you meant! Look at what and how you wrote what you are trying to express and then apologize and correct to make it more easy to understand.

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 23:32:47


This is what I'm talking about with "psychoanalysis":

"How can anyone explain fact and fiction to a guy with your religious conviction? Religion is faith based, not fact! And that is you in a nutshell."

In the first place, I doubt that your knowledge of the Church and its doctrine is any better than DA's, and hers is pretty sloppy. Very early when religion first entered the discussion, I said I'd had experiences which removed all doubt. This was promptly lampooned, but it's still true, and you may believe it or not as you wish, but I've been party to some FACTS that none of you would believe.

But in the second place, you're trying to tell me how I think and why. That belongs to the psychiatrists.

eurotourist - 5 Sep 2007 // 06:59:19


I hope I don't offend you but I choose not to believe you. Along with all the loonies that claim to have been abducted by aliens.

resipsaloquitur - 6 Sep 2007 // 18:37:30

To Bill:

I supported you in your analysis of the murderer`s intent as I studied
American Criminal Law in Berkeley and I know the definition of the crime of murder.

Now...there are different degrees of homicide,some of wich do not have the element of DELIBERATION AND PREMEDITATION AS E:G: SECOND DEGREE MURDER.

In such cases THE ACTUAL INTENTION TO KILL could be implied,even if there is NOT a malice aforethought.

If death is caused by an act that discloses such a reckless state of mind as to be equivalent to AN ACTUAL INTENT TO KILL,then the verdict of a second degree murder could be also pronounced.

TRhis is a case when the defendant shoots into a crowd...he does not have the intent to kill a specific person...but he takes in consideration that he might kill a uman being as a result of his/hers reckless behavior.

Bill - 6 Sep 2007 // 20:12:24


What you've just posted is correct. I've been writing indictments (at least before my retirement) for longer than my critics here on the forum have been alive--at least I presume so, because I've been doing it since 1954.

What you're referring to is known as "lesser included offenses", i.e. offenses whose elements are less than those required for the major charge, but of which the accused may still be found guilty because the action proved fulfills the elements of the lesser charge, whichever one the court decides has been proved.

That's why I said "at least" four lesser includeds when murder is the major charge. In this case as we've been permitted to see it, the necessary element of specific intent is absent, so murder is out of the question as the major charge.

Now whether there's an offense on the Bulgarian books which specifies killing with a motor vehicle is something I don't know. To my knowledge, no American jurisdiction has enacted one, but I've been out of this work for several years, now, and one may have been enacted somewhere that I don't know about.

This is why I'm interested in following this case. It'll be educational ri see how Bulgarian courts will handle it.

I do think that doing this sort of work, with the detailed knowledge necessary to do it properly, is somewhat above the level of "idiot", though, don't you?

Bill - 7 Sep 2007 // 16:10:58


We're in agreement on this, all the way.

resipsaloquitur - 7 Sep 2007 // 16:34:44

Hello Bill,

DA and the WICKED WICH name you an "idiot" ...guess why?



sagen die Deutschen.

Now...stpo palying "the beleidigte Leberwurst" and tell me what do you think about the McCANN case?

Bill - 7 Sep 2007 // 17:17:11


I really don't know much about the McCann case. I haven't been following it, because it's primarily a British case, although the "Tatort" is in Portugal. I saw an item on tonight's news (ZDF) to the effect that the Porgutuese authorities ae now looking at the parents; something about the girl's blood being found in the parents' car, but that's all I know.

Bill - 7 Sep 2007 // 17:20:36


"DA and the WICKED WICH name you an "idiot"

That's what's so funny about their postings. They are all upset because they say I don't like women who stand up for their rights. It looks to me like they can't stand a man who stands up for his against their domination. Funny, isn't it?

DA has already referred to her fiancГ© as "Mr. DA". Not a single sign of "Mrs. Cuban refugee".

Devil's Advocate - 7 Sep 2007 // 17:31:46

Who is a Cuban refugee?? you are making $hit up, b/c no one I know is a Cuban refugee... My fiance is from America, born and raised! He is 3rd generation American, so why make $hit up that YOU know NOTHING about!

God you are an idiot!

Bill - 7 Sep 2007 // 17:40:44


All I know is what you posted. You said he fled Cuba, didn't you? Or have I misread it? I'm not going to go to the trouble to look it up, because it's not that important.

But you rose to the bait nicely, thank you.

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