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Commenting article: Total Goofs: Bulgaria Youth Hate Books, Best Versed in Pop Folk

Bill - 3 Sep 2007 // 23:39:27


False statement 1: When you called me a liar about my operation.
False statement 2: When you accused me of condoning rape.

So it all started with me?

False statement 3!

When I said I quit, I meant I quit arguing over a woman's actions bringing on an unwanted situation. PERIOD. You folks refuse to believe a known fact, so why bother trying further to convince you?

It's your continuous calling me and my statements stupid, moronic, etc., that's the SPAM on this forum. NeГ­ther are stupid just because they don't coincide with your preconceived notions.

Devil's Advocate - 3 Sep 2007 // 23:47:04

WhAAAAA! Bill is whining and crying again! What a surprise!!!
Again I hear your whining all the way on this side of the pond!

I knew you where going to react the way you did!

You are predictable!!!!

BTW, you condoned rape. The PROOF is in the threads on SNA. YOU would be found guilty in a court of law if you even TRIED to prove otherwise. We know what you said, but you can NEVER admit your mistakes!

(Now I am expecting another Bill-SPAM post filled with more whining and self justifications. Really there is no need to read his posts anymore!!!)

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 00:00:51


"We know what you said"

No, you know what you THOUGHT I said. NOWHERE in my postings is any condonation of rape. Quite the opposite.

But then you're so blinded by outraged feminism that you'll never believe that anyway.

Devil's Advocate - 4 Sep 2007 // 01:57:06

Like I expected more Bill SPAM!!!!

The record on SNA clearly shows that you do not admit you made a mistake and that you blame victims for causing violent crimes. You cannot prove otherwise. You condone the rapist. You are sick. You support drunk drivers... there is no end to your stupidity. The worst part is that you do not ADMIT you made an error or mistake!

Devil's Advocate - 4 Sep 2007 // 01:59:23

sorry it is late.. You condone rape (not the rapist.)

viking - 4 Sep 2007 // 02:17:22


Opinion, opinion,opinion!
Now it becomes fact?

"You folks refuse to believe a known fact"

It is your opinion and it happens to be wrong!

There are opinions and facts and you should understand the difference!

You must NEVER think just because it is your opinion, it is a fact!

just me - 4 Sep 2007 // 02:28:19

Just a quick reply, since you directed a comment to me. I've been out of town.

I didn't take half a second to count your words. I noticed how lengthy the post was, more than an entire screen, so I pasted it into MS Word, where the words were counted automatically for me.

But please leave me out of this. I haven't even been here for days. Nobody else's spam takes as much space as yours, that's all. I wish you and everybody here the best.


just me - 4 Sep 2007 // 03:55:22

Hi viking-
I thought of you this weekend. We were at a nice little resort in Door County and there was a BULGARIAN WAITRESS!! She was from Varna; and in a week she will return to start med school! That's pretty exciting. It's funny that you are the guy I associate with Varna, but true. ;)

just me - 4 Sep 2007 // 04:02:58

Forgot to address the venom-spitting. You do as much venom-spitting as the rest of them, only... well, you initiate it with your sweeping moral generalizations most of the time; and you respond to it with equal venom-spitting every time, so... I guess that means you do more venom-spitting than anyone else. If only you would consider... once in a while... oh forget it.

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 05:34:36


I do hope you've noticed a slight difference, though. Their venom spitting is offensive, while mine has been defensive.

Perhaps it was wrong to go down to their level, but every time I try to explain quietly it's called "crying".

Just look at the last couple of posts. I showed DA where she had been wrong three times, but she comes back to the attack. Why? Because she loves arguing and taunting. It's like talking to a wall. If it doesn't fit her concept, it has to be wrong.

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 05:36:16


The FACTS came out in courtroom testimony. It's more than just my opinion.

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 4 Sep 2007 // 08:28:34

Billy Bones: "... When I said I quit, I meant I quit arguing over a woman's actions bringing on an unwanted situation. PERIOD. You folks refuse to believe a known fact, so why bother trying further to convince you?"

Oi, eejit Billy Bones! It's not 'PERIOD'. It's FULL-STOP! Now, there's a fact you are in urgent need of becoming au fait with, ya stinking meff!

FULL-STOP... not 'period', ya eejit! A period refers to a time span. A full-stop refers to that dot you place at the end of yer sentence, ya eejit!

FULL-STOP, me ol' china...

Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 08:33:58


You speak British English. I don't. A PERIOD in American English is the British FULL STOP, but that doesn't make it wrong!

You also say "zed" where we say "zee", but that doesn't make that wrong, either.

And, frankly, I think calling a woman a "bird" is somewhat insulting.

Bloke from Alrewas off the A38 - 4 Sep 2007 // 08:57:40

I call me Sarah a bird and she loves it. I do it affectionately. It's an English thing. We are informal and friendly... especially us Scousers!

Sarah is originally from Cambridge and has a PhD from Cambridge University. She's fifty-eight (twenty-three years my senior) and she loves being called a bird by me. She calls me BABE. I keep telling her to book an appointment with DOLLOND & AITCHINSON for I am hardly a babe (I am as ugly as sin, to be fair... George Clooney might be a babe... Ralph Fieness as well... I guess but I look more like yellow turd on a stick but what do I know?)... Sarah and I still call each other 'bird' and 'babe' respectively and it can hardly be construed as offensive in any shape or form! I call her 'sweetheart' and 'honey' as well. In fact, we call each other (irrespective of gender) 'sweetheart' and 'honey' as well as 'love' in England even if we are complete strangers.

Nothing nicer than opening doors for females and saying, "After you, love" and their response being, "Ta, sweetheart'. You might never ever see that person again but the cordial ambience remains with you for life. I have to assume that in your 'Elephant Man' world this kind of interaction is an anathema, you boring old fogey!

Oh, and it is still FULL-STOP, end of! Live with it, plonker!
Sir Nutmeg Professor O'Chav

Bill - 4 Sep 2007 // 09:29:32


No, it's not anathema. I do it regularly. I always treat a woman like a lady until she gives me a reason not to do so. Here on the forum, one has actually expressed pride at not being one.

I hold doors for women. I allow them to enter elevators (lifts, to you) first, and all of the normal formalities; even giving up a seat on the bus!

But I'm told here on the forum that all this is fossilised, old-fashioned, terribly out of date, uncool, and downright ancient.

You can't win either way.

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