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Commenting article: Total Goofs: Bulgaria Youth Hate Books, Best Versed in Pop Folk

just me - 31 Aug 2007 // 12:47:28

Let's see...
Five hundred ten words, just a bunch of emotional outcries and self justification. If it's not SPAM, it's a misplaced journal entry. Perhaps you should write a book so I can choose NOT to read it! Honestly! Why bother?!?!?!

Devil's Advocate - 31 Aug 2007 // 13:00:42

Spam repeats info just like a certain someone on here. ... IMO, he is a spammer. Doesn't really matter though, even if he posts his journal entries the info in them is not worth reading, so I don't read it. I honestly think that no one else reads it either.

George Zheliazkov - 31 Aug 2007 // 16:20:17


“Is this limited only to the country that everyone loves to hate?”

NO the answer is no, I’m doing very good business with US, lived there, worked there almost every week I’m in there etc. The very sentence you wrote up there comes in my opinion from the extreme diversity of the US. US is a world on it’s own, it has people from every country; ethnicity and race, very decentralized judicial structure and so on. This in turn creates lots of contrast and controversy in almost every possible issue (economic, political, educational, medical, etc) and triggers endless debates. So don’t take it as verbal assault against you or US and if anything it’s a point of view, which intends to pinpoint some of the negatives in this extremely diverse society (as a major player and a leader we tend to refer and compare with it pretty often). Realistically America made a HUGE contribution to the world and humanity, and life would not be the same without it.

BTW I did like Clinton way more as a president, indeed I think he was one of the best presidents ever in US history (BTW in 1997 I worked for his security, I don’t even want to go there and talk about it, you would never believe and/or understand it!). So I do really hope that Hilary Clinton will win the next elections and bring back some of the more positive American values.

George Zheliazkov - 31 Aug 2007 // 16:21:57

Just Me,

“In Canada, running a company (100% Canadian owned and operated, it says... I thought he was Bulgarian...) that repairs "cirquit" boards!!!!!! Wouldn't you love to be that smart?”

My capital and the people involved are Canadian so the company (share wise) is 100% Canadian.

First of all we don’t service only circuit boards and then every technical person will tell you that the today’s electronics are probably the hardest thing to service. The industrial electronics today are loaded with all types of integrated circuits, microprocessors, memories, software and custom chipsets, which communicate with industrial networks and equipment like PLC’s, Robots, Drives and so on. Industrial equipment/electronics manufacturers do not share their information on design, software, and hardware etc., which complicates the service of equipment enormously.

Anyways it will take you quite few years of education and experience to understand and realize what I’m talking about.

viking - 31 Aug 2007 // 17:01:42


Some good points!
You surprise me with your positive feelings about Bill Clinton! He was a very popular and lucky President, but a vote for Hilary can not bring back that era.
I really do not know if I would vote for her, but I really dislike the negativeness from people because she is;
1) a she!
2) a Democrat
3) a Clinton
I could care less about any of those things and just hope we can get people who vote to stop listening to the likes of Karl Rove! These spin masters have taken over the election process and this is wrong!!
It is our system and it got us into the "fine mess" we find ourselves in!

just me - 31 Aug 2007 // 17:14:06

"Anyways it will take you quite few years of education and experience to understand and realize what I’m talking about."

Thanks for the insult. That's a good one! Well YOU are FAT and your mama dresses you funny! ;)

I was just pointing out that you're pretty high and mighty about being Bulgarian and being here to contribute information to help Bulgarians, but obviously when it comes to business you are more than happy to sell out and call yourself Canadian.

With regard to your circuit board venture, I don't really care what you do for money. I was just pointing out your misspelling. It is a very simple word for someone who criticizes the youth of today for their lack of intelligence or education and for someone who presumably knows something about circuits themselves. BTW, it isn't customary to capitalize a word like circuit (or cirquit, as you prefer) in the middle of a sentence. If I were a potential client, I'd wonder about your company's attention to detail with that level of editing on your web site.

Like to take shots at everyone, don't you. That's sad.


George Zheliazkov - 31 Aug 2007 // 17:15:52

No reason to be surprised at all, Bill Clinton was and still is a great president/person. I do firmly believe that Hilary Clinton (with all her experience and Bill’s help) will make another great president. I think that she is also very intelligent and capable leader.
I really don’t know who else from the candidates could do such a good job like her.

Devil's Advocate - 31 Aug 2007 // 18:38:43

I found this link:

I think it describes some of Kolega's actions and of course you can see Bill in it...



just me - 31 Aug 2007 // 19:21:41

Hi DA,
Funny stuff and very colorful writing, e.g.:
"Your basic conservative male (Ann Coulter, for example) is a boiling cesspool of repressed urges."

jm :)

WickedWitch - 31 Aug 2007 // 21:28:00


Bwahahaha! My supah mad computer skillZ, eh? Dude, I just googled you. I do have some real research skills but this stuff hardly taxed them. As for info on your company, I could have used SEC's EDGAR if it were in the US, not in Canada but there are still resources. They give you little info but enough.

They teach us good stuff in schools nowadays.

Devil's Advocate - 31 Aug 2007 // 21:33:05

This link (from the article) was also interesting and disturbing...

I like the opening statement "Myth: Republicans value sexual morality"...

Uchak - 1 Sep 2007 // 03:36:22

George et are right, talent and economic development are flattening outbut I'd argue emerging markets will only have pockets of excellence surrounded by basket case poverty, corruption and stupidity..
like India, high tech centers but 70% popultion can't read living in Stone Age villages....
As for WW points, true almost required to have a degree or apprentice training in something in a developed country for a decent living- of course still good paying jobs available like car mechanic....where high school dropouts can fleece their university educated peers....(*from recent bitter experience)
but value of unskilled "muscle" work in developed countries really on decline
But popular culturem especialy in USA, ridicules intellectual work, can you imagine high school football player discussing Pythagoreon theory-his airhead cheerleader gfriend would complain-and that would end the scholary adventure!:)

Robin - 3 Sep 2007 // 15:26:58

"well, what comes after is the system created by folks raised and educated before so these 2 things - the work environment after education and the education itself are closely related"

I don't entirely agree with this. It's true if you don't suffer the "brain drain", but in the case of Bulgaria the creme-de-la-creme is being siphoned off by richer countries, which means decisions are made by those less able, which is always a recipe for disaster. I would say the current BG employment system is some kind of hang over from Communism.

Bill - 3 Sep 2007 // 20:02:00


Been re-reading old posts. Noticed yours. If my posts are so offensive to you, why did you take the time to count the words?

WW and DA keep making the same accusations over and over, and I keep giving them the same answers. Yet DA says I write repetitive SPAM. Why is it that HER repetitiveness isn't SPAM while mine is?

The answer appears obvious. Whatever disagrees with them is SPAM. Their venom-spitting isn't. Simple, eh?

Devil's Advocate - 3 Sep 2007 // 22:29:05


I thought you said you quit. Nice to see you don't follow through with what you say.

>WW and DA keep making the same accusations over and over, and I keep giving them the same answers. Yet DA says I write repetitive SPAM. Why is it that HER repetitiveness isn't SPAM while mine is?<

First you make the same stupid statement (SPAM), we respond and you spam by repeating your self again. It all starts and ends with you Bill. You are the consistent factor. I laugh at the way you try and blame others, including victims- try being a man and taking responsibility for YOUR own actions instead of blaming us for them.

(Now I am expecting another Bill spam post filled with self justifications- funny that he has to justify his stupidity...or maybe I will get a Bill-whinny crying response. Doesn't matter - his responses are all repeats so no need to read them!)

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